Physical Therapy Doctoral Degree at D’Youville College

I’ve been teaching since 1998 so it’s been a while and I still consider myself one of the newbies because so many other faculty have been here. We have, in physical therapy we have what are called clinical specialists and we are board certified in certain areas of our specialty. And there are 7 specialty areas and D’Youville faculty in PT represent 5 of them. Some of the programs, they have faculty with limited clinical time and they’re very knowledgable in their area, but not so much experienced in the clinic. So that’s a bonus for D’Youville, I think, how many clinical specialists are represented on the faculty. Another difference with D’Youville’s graduate is the way we choose the clinical rotations. We don’t do a lottery system, we do a matching system. The market is rising for physical therapy. The students are prepared when they graduate. They are prepared to be entry-level therapists which means that they can take a job in any of these varied environments. A lot of our grads, where do they end up working? All 50 states. Many of them go back up into Canada. Many of them open up their own clinics.
. The environments for physical therapy are varied, so sports sidelines, schools, hospitals, outpatient clinics, research. A lot of the students who succeed are the students who are compassionate, caring. They are students who want to give back to community. What makes D’Youville’s physical therapy program special or department special I think is that we hold a small place in a college that really values family and values intimacy in terms of getting to know people. Getting to know faculty. Faculty getting to know students. So it’s a very close-knit college community.

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