Physical Therapy Restores Walking After Stroke

Ready now we’re going to walk straight back to your chair. Right foot tighten, and bring your right foot out a
little bit, good. yeah yeah Frees going to make sure your steady
on top and I’m going to just work on your right leg. Tap, very nice, that was better okay.
Bring it back up to the floor. Good Now hold on,
come on up again, good. Now come on up, easy, and up again, good. Okay, hold on, bring the leg out to the side, good,
and now left, there we go, and come down left leg, there we go. Good, good, come have a seat. Alright, we are going to go up the stairs one right after the the other. We are going to do left then right, and when you are on that right, I want you to push through, straighten it, and then follow. Do left, right, past it, all the way, press through,
straighten out the hips pass it. There you go. Right foot all the way up, good. There we go. Joe: Stairs bother me less then regular walking. Therapist: Then walking, you do very, very well. Shift your weight to the right line, squeeze and tighten, your going to step over with your left. Make sure you bend and bring the right one through. Shift to the right and tighten that right leg. There we go. Bend the knee, bend it, bend it, then step over. Excellent. OK. Left, squeeze. Good. Right foot over. Joe: Right foot over. Therapist: Exit softly, then step through, good. Joe: Am I actually tightening that up? Therapist: Yeah,
you want to squeeze right here. Joe: OK. Joe: Here we go. Therapist: One foot right after the other. Even its a little harder. Cause you’re standing on your right leg for longer too. Joe: Yeah. Therapist: Feel it? Feel it now? Like you feel it stronger now. Joe: Kinda. All right. Therapist: Ok you are going to turn and have a seat. yeah Right foot back.

40 thoughts on “Physical Therapy Restores Walking After Stroke

  1. Sorry, but Im not agreed with the video. Walking upstair for a stroke patient is : step up with the non-affected leg, and step down with the affected one. Another issue: it has be done step by step.


  3. i am amazed at how much physical therapy one receives in other countries. not in f-ing trinidad! i suffered 2 strokes in 2012 and i am still the same way! free therapist, don't know [email protected] and those you have to pay for are not affordable!

  4. How can my mother get a hospital service like this in Indonesia?, this very good to have a professional therapist for stroke.

  5. …Another idiot "Physical Therapist" NOT using a Gait belt…ESPECIALLY on those cement steps…OUCH !!!

  6. … glad he made it out in one piece he has 50 pounds on the physical therapist and I’m sure she is not super woman… There are very wide gait belts available with large loops on them and it doesn’t take long to attach a gait belt
    Invest in one as your own personal equipment…
    No excuse for not using one…

  7. To those people getting mad about the gait belt situation: use your common sense!.Not all patients require a damn belt..Ofcourse if your patient is a fall risk, then use you clinical judgement and use one!.And some areas (US), consider it as a restraint..In this video, the therapist clearly knows her patient well and understands the risks..

  8. Daddy had a stroke 5 years ago. He slept in the hospital for 10 days. Then he was put in rehab. When he was only 55 years old, he was put in an old people's home and all the residents there were so much older than him. 55 years old is pretty young. Daddy is almost 60 years old now. Mommy has to work hard every day to take care of Daddy. Sometimes me and my 6 little brothers help her with taking care of him. When Daddy had a stroke, me and everybody in my big family and our friends prayed for him to get better. And now he can walk, but he has to use a cane and a wheelchair and he can talk, but his favorite word is change. And Mommy always calls him dude. Daddy needs lots of therapy like speech therapy and physical therapy. Sometimes, the boys take him out for walks when it's nice out. And sometimes, Daddy's friends from his work come to the house. Like when I told my little brothers to take Daddy for a walk outside, they were sleeping. All of them were sleeping.

  9. This is a really good video with great exercise ideas that I'll be definitely getting my Arni stroke rehab trainer to include in my homework when she next comes to see me.

  10. This is a really good video.I love my stroke recovery exercises from the UK charity Arni. Some great tips here that I will do too.

  11. Very very good style to teach pt how to move…..and that and all vedio bis Very helpful for enhance his professional skills……as physiotherapist …….
    Thanks so much making video ……..

  12. Iam left sided Hemi since 8 Years and know,what a great Job you are doing . Hope, Joe is ok, and I find my way with a E-Trike —>, thank you from Germany and please have Atentions to the Shoulder fixation after Stroke , thanks

  13. yes i do remember the dreaded stairs, going up was not bad, going down was scary , i had left side lameness therapist are the best. right mcva

  14. Hello everybody it’s the first time I’ve seen those exercise he has been doing he was doing a really good job, specially those little hurdles I need to do it is hard for me I haven’t seen that before

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