Physical Therapy Yoga Poses – Ask Doctor Jo

Namaste everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m
gonna show you some of my favorite Yoga poses and Molly and Bailey decided to join cause
they heard there were going to be some upward dogs and downward dogs. Alright, if you’ve
ever been to Physical Therapy, you know that we don’t act like that! But Yoga is a great
way to get stretched out and get you going and it can stretch a lot of different muscles
at the same time. So let me show you my favorite poses. The first pose we’re gonna do is the
child’s pose. And it’s a great way to stretch your upper and mid back. You’re just gonna
start off on your knees with your feet kind of flat underneath you, and then you’re gonna
take your arms right in front of you and just go down and stretch out as far as you can,
pulling your fingers away from you kind of climbing away from your body, and just relax
it. Take some nice deep breaths and get a good stretch in there. You can hold this stretch
if you want to for about a minute or so, just depending on your comfort level. You know
this is to stretch and relax at the same time. And then I’m gonna come up and go into a downward
dog. With this one, you want to bring your hands out in front of you. And you want to
get up on your feet, and if you can, bring your heels flat down and push your bottom
back. That’s really gonna stretch out those hamstrings. Some people might not be able
to get their heels down all the way, so you might be up a little bit, but the goal is
to get your heels down, and really push your bottom back. Molly likes to do this one in
the mornings, she’s really funny when she does it. This one is a stronger stretch, so
you might want to only try 15-20 seconds at the beginning. And then you can kind of come
back down and then push yourself back up. It gets those hamstrings nice and stretched.
I can feel them burning good right now. And then you can drop down into an upward dog.
So you’re gonna come out, Molly likes to flatten her toes, so that’s what I do. Drop your hips
down. Bring your back up. It’s really good to stretch out your hip flexors, your core,
the more you bring your chin up and look forward, the more of a stretch your get. You can come
up higher on your toes. Some people do this, some people do this. Some people even drop
their legs down a little bit. That’s gonna me a little bit easier if you can’t come up
like that. So the next pose is the chair pose. This is pretty much a squat, so you’re gonna
make sure that your form is correct on this. You want to really stick you bottom back behind
you, so aren’t straight in front of your toes. So you’re going back like you’re sitting in
a chair, and you’re gonna bring your arms up as a balancer. So you’re really kind of
holding this pose, not with your knees in front of you, but with your bottom stuck out,
your chest slightly forward and your arms straight up. So this is really working your
hamstrings and your core to keep you from wobbling all around. Now if this is hard to
do, you can spread your feet out just a little bit and that will give you some more balance.
But keep working your foot in so you’re really working those muscles in there. That last
pose is gonna be the tree pose. This is probably one that people see most often. It really
challenges your balance, and it’s gonna stretch out your adductor muscles, so you’ll want
to do it on each side. Many times people are only gonna be able to start off about right
here. And it’s gonna be hard enough for you. But eventually, you want to bring, be able
to bring your foot up as far up your thigh as you can. If you get this mastered, then
you want to add in your arms. Deep breath in, deep breath out. If that’s not challenging
for you, then you can try closing your eyes as well and continue to do some deep breathing.
So there you have it, those are some simple Yoga poses but it’s a great way to get everything
stretched out, get your hear beating, get that blood flowing first thing in the morning,
or after you get home from work. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments
section. If you’d like to check out some more videos, please go to And
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

7 thoughts on “Physical Therapy Yoga Poses – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. very beautiful posture Moon prayer cobra pos.same pos i all so doing evey day thank you verry much. yoga. shiva  (  country       ceylon)

  2. Holy shit, now this is yoga I can actually do. A++++ content and delivery, thanks for being exactly what I didn't even know I needed!

  3. Thank you! Just watched your video on how to walk with a cane and then I saw this video. I had a slip and fall, hurting my head, neck, lower back, and hip all on my right side about 2 1/2 years ago. Besides 12 physical therapy sessions a little over a year after the fall where they did not do much, nothing has really been done to help me. I now walk with a limp because it hurts, and I am always afraid of causing myself more pain or falling (has happened a few times.) Just recently I started using a cane, so I felt more comfortable getting out and around. Hence why I watched your videos on walking with a cane. Yes, I was doing it wrong. They had told me to try yoga but did not even give me a clue what poses to try or what ones to avoid so there were a lot of failed attempts. I tried these moves while watching the video and they felt good.

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