PiYo Base Moves Tutorial with Chalene Johnson

Some of my favorite piyo moves this
first one is called the piyo cross so I’m rounding or flexing my spine and
then extending the spine and as I round my back I’m going to separate the
shoulders as I extend the spine I’m squeezing the shoulder blades together
this movement is very dynamic so you’ll notice I’m using my legs almost like in
a moving plie so I’m rounding my upper back and then
extending and what we’re doing here is warming up your core and your legs at
the same time now this next position is called the piyo flip you want to start
in a push-up position lift one leg and then take that foot and position it
quite far over your body so you kind of flip your leg over you pull this closer
as far up towards your hips as possible then once you’re inside plank you lift
that arm extend it out to the side and then slowly push your hips all the way
up to the sky so if I was to label this in steps it would be first to start in
push-up position and then lift one leg flip the leg over you’re landing on the
ball of your foot hold side plank for a moment and then step four is to push
your hips toward the sky balancing weight in equally equal distribution of
your two hands and your one foot now let’s take a look at the piyo flip from
the front angle so first you can see I lift my foot up and then when I take the
foot over the further you have it over and the higher or closer to your head
that you place your foot the easier the piyo flip is so here I’m going to show
you how I’m demonstrating it with kind of a narrow base and I don’t know if you
can tell but I’m really off balance that I’m about to fall in the pool but if you
take your feet really wide if you think about when you do that flip and here it
is modified if you take the foot as far over as you can reach you’ve got a wider
base which gives you a better center of gravity and makes it really easy to push
your hips up toward the sky now in the modified position this is better for
someone who doesn’t yet have the arm or wrist strength to support all of their
weight while they’re in that transition position so you can practice that by
starting on just one knee and then once you get strong enough you’ll be able to
do the whole thing on your toes if I have just one tip for someone learning
the piyo flip it’s to get that foot you’re flipping over is far forward in
as far to the side as possible because it
really helps with your balance to call this exercise the runners pose and what
you want to think of this is similar to a deadlift so it really works your
hamstrings and your glutes without placing the same kind of strain on your
hamstrings or your lower back so it’s a very dynamic exercise and it really
builds strength and balance it looks like I’ve been drinking doesn’t it but
you can see my balance gets better as I start to focus on just one spot so you
want to practice that one now the Beast is a pretty simple position that you
start on your hands and knees and you just lift up onto your toes but what
most people don’t realize is that your hips shouldn’t move at all
so as you notice I start on my knees and then as I press back into the balls of
my feet the level of my hips relatively stays the same I’m really forcing myself
to engage the core to hold that position and stabilize this is one of my favorite
moves in piyo it’s called a kick through and you first want to master Beast
before moving on to the kick through now this looks a lot harder than it is but
if I walk you through this I know you’ll be able to master this move so we start
in beast and then you’ll notice that I lift the arm that’s closest to the pool
and I kick the opposite leg through and then back to beast kick the opposite leg
so when I lift one arm the leg that’s on the opposite side of my body kicks
through and doesn’t touch the floor wave for beginner to master this is simply by
kicking that leg through but just letting it rest on the floor now for
those of you who think you’ve mastered this move here’s what I want you to
remember if your head is pointing at let’s say 12 o’clock then you want to
work to get your foot to kick through at about two o’clock not three not four not
five but think about the dial on the clock of your head is at 12 and your
feet are pointing at six when you take that leg through and in front of you I
want you to aim for about two o’clock I hope you’ve got crazy abdominal strength
you’re going to be able to take that foot almost up to say twelve thirty or
even one o’clock there’s your goal everybody needs them
and we we get better by practicing this exercise we do a tuck and then extend
now you want to resist the temptation to open up your hips or
point your belly button to the side and when you extend the leg up you’re
getting a hamstring stretch by pointing your belly button straight down so try
to keep hips level this exercise works the ABS and the core as you tuck the
knee in and of course the shoulders and triceps are getting an incredible
strength workout while at the same time you’re stretching the hamstring of the
supporting leg this exercise is called a connector and we connect the ankles and
then extend one leg up I love this exercise so much because it’s total body
you’re going to get so strong and flexible all in one movement so what I’m
doing is connecting my ankles and each time that I do that and I lower myself
I’m trying to handle more and more weight in my arms so as I get stronger
I’m going to go lower by bending my elbows and doing a tricep pushup
so my thumb and my index finger are kind of pointed at each other and my elbows
are pressing out now for beginners the way you modify this is by simply not
going as low you don’t put as much weight into your upper body instead you
bend your knees a little bit more and keep the weight in your legs but as you
gain upper body strength you’re going to feel how strong you are and how much
more weight you can transfer forward onto your arms onto your hands and of
course as with all piyo exercises not only you’re getting strong but you’re
getting a cardiovascular workout and you’re getting flexibility training that
hamstring is getting work overtime each time you extend the leg up and at the
same time we’re moving so it’s very functional it’s very fluid and this is
the way we love to get flexible strong and cardio all in one workout

68 thoughts on “PiYo Base Moves Tutorial with Chalene Johnson

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