Play Strong | Using Exercise as Medicine

Three, two, one, go. The play strong
program is a physical activity program trying to change the habits of kids. They
may be coming to us recovering from a condition like cancer or they may be
living with condition like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or obesity. Okay guys I’m scooting them a little
closer. I know we can make it. It may be simply they want to play tetherball at
recess or they want to lose weight or they want to get back to a sport or join
a sport for the first time. We do our treatments and exercise and it’s
disguised as playing games and the kids don’t realize they’re getting better. A lot of these kids are coming to see us because they need
movement in their lives. They need activity in their lives. It’s all
about little changes. You can’t go from 0 to 60. We’ve got to make little changes here
and this is a great place to kind of get started, get more confidence. What we’re gonna do is help to work through the kids goals,
walking them through the process, set smart goals as we go. We have roles for the
parents because coming in here twice a week isn’t what’s going to get it done.
So the adults in their lives have a large part because they’re the ones that
help to help change these behaviors for the kids. We’ve had a lot of kids but
just at the end of everything seeing how happy they are and seeing we’ve
had a lot of changes in a lot of patients and it’s really fun to work
with these kids. We understand that we’re working Nationwide Children’s Hospital
and our goal is to get these kids the best quality of life they can. It’s a
passion for all of us.

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