Polar Ignite | Fitness watch with GPS and heart rate | Become your potential

Willpower. A strong word loaded with potential. Willpower gets us up and about. It takes us running in the rain
and makes us do an extra 20. Or 30. It enables us to exceed our limits. It pushes us to continue when
the lights are about to go out. Keeps us going when it already
hurts and our body wants to quit. But willpower can be deceptive. It can make us do things the wrong way, the hard way. It can make us push when we should pull. Make us go harder when we should slow down. We all need guidance to get things right to become our true potential.

15 thoughts on “Polar Ignite | Fitness watch with GPS and heart rate | Become your potential

  1. I hope the OHR sensor works beter than Vantage V. Looks the same. In this moment i think OHR have problem with soft. Sometimes when shaking hands the HR going up aprox 30bpm. Polar service answer – use HR belt. Wait new update and currently run with H10 sensor.

  2. I am really happy/ excited that you're going to add the features of the Ignite to the Vantage watches.
    Do we also get more Information about our HR?

    For example the average HR while sleeping/ through the day. The progress of the average HR and so on? This would be great!

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  5. Has anyone ever merge two same trainings in Polar Flow? I would like to merge two cycling trainings. I have found some instructions on Polar website (https://support.polar.com/en/support/tips/How_to_Merge_Exercises), but I cannot find »Exercise comparison« button at the bottom left part of the Open Exercise dialog.

    Can anyone help me with some more specific instructions?

  6. Nice! Came across this one myself, trying to get some ratings on in. Anybody familiar with this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyFef7eXXJA

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