Pooled or Reallocated Applications at Cambridge and Oxford. Stepping Further #56

– For Oxford and Cambridge, you apply directly to the college. But the colleges are very, very small. They may only have one or two spaces for each course, each year. Now, if you’re an excellent candidate, but there are more excellent candidates at that particular college, then you may get sent
to a different college. (“Something Elated” by Broke For Free) If a college thinks you
are an excellent student, and you’ve only just missed
out on a place there, because of the large number
of excellent students applying this year, but on any other year they
would have accepted you, because you are excellent, then at the Cambridge
they’ll put you into a pool or at Oxford it’s called reallocation. Colleges that have spaces, or feel that the people that
applied directly to them weren’t quite up to standard, can look at pooled or
reallocated students. Because what each college is looking for are the best students for them. Not ones have that have
necessarily applied directly, not ones that necessarily
chose that college. They would rather have a better student who applied to a different college, as opposed to somebody who
applied directly to them but didn’t quite meet
up to their standards. Oxford and Cambridge do
their initial interviews in the first few weeks of December. Now, if a college has a large number of really, really good
applicants that year, or doesn’t think you are quite
the right fit for a college but you would fit in
really well somewhere else, then they can choose to send
you to a different college. Oxford and Cambridge choose
ever so slightly differently. Oxford do everything in one day. So, if you go for an interview at Oxford, you might have an interview
at the college you applied to and then you might have an interview at a different college, as well. So, all of the Oxford interviews, the initial interviews and then
the reallocation interviews are all done in one day. Cambridge do things across two days. So, they have the initial
interviews in December then applicants go into a pool, and then in January, beginning of January, students might be get called back for a second interview
by a second college. Cambridge send about a
quarter of its applicants to the pool and then
about a quarter of those end up getting a place
at a different college. If you get sent to a pool, or if at Oxford you get get
sent to a different college to be interviewed for reallocation, you may get an offer from
your initial college, you may get an offer from a new college, or you may get rejected. And there is absolutely
nothing you can do about this. You don’t get a second choice of college, you don’t get, say, oh if I
don’t get into this college I would like to have these other colleges. I’m afraid that just doesn’t happen. You have no influence over which college gives you an offer. You can state your
preference when you apply, but it is just a preference. Ouch. This is why in some videos I
have unexplained scratches. (“Something Elated” by Broke For Free)

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  1. I think the process at Oxford has changed. Myself and all of my other friends who have interviews have been asked to stay drown there for generally 3 days and may be called for reallocation interviews until we are told we may leave.

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