Pre-Ride Nutrition | Emma’s Carrot Cake Porridge

(guitar music) (knife chopping) (sizzling) – How would you like to make
porridge that tastes like cake? Yep, this is the next in the
series of nutritional videos of oat cuisine, based on oats. This is gonna be carrot
cake porridge, yum. (relaxing music) This recipe is super
simple and easy to make. You need a carrot, an orange, some oats, some currants or raisins, or even chopped dates if
you don’t have currants. Some lowfat milk. You can use a vegan
alternative if you like, but it will have less protein probably. Some ground cinnamon, some ground ginger, tiny bit of vanilla essence, and some lowfat and if
possible high-protein yogurt. And a grater, which is great. You should start by grating about 1/3 of a rind of an orange. More or less, depending
on how much you like the flavor of orange. And finely grating a carrot. Now, the size of the carrot is important. It should be around 100 grams, which I reckon is about
an average size carrot. If it’s a bit more or a bit
less, doesn’t matter too much. But if in doubt, go for
100 grams of carrot. (grater scraping) Now I’d just like to say here that I am a strong believer in
using this kind of grater to grate citrus peel, not this one because it’ll get stuck
in the grating holes, and then you can’t use it. So I go for this one, other people believe differently, I know. (grater scraping) Now the carrot should be finely grated. Because although it is
carrot cake porridge, don’t really want chunks
of carrot in your porridge. Grating the carrot and the orange peel is absolutely the toughest
part of this recipe, so once you’ve done that,
you are over the mountain, and it’s plain sailing all the way home. I’m just gonna shove a load
of ingredients in a saucepan. So carrot and orange peel. Trying not to spill even more of it. To the carrot and orange peel, we add about 90 grams of
oats, which is about a cupful. And 50 grams of currants. If you don’t have currants,
use sultanas or raisins, any kind of sweet dried fruit. 250 mils, which is a
cupful, of lowfat milk. A few drops of vanilla essence. Half a teaspoon each of ground
cinnamon and ground ginger. Now, if you happen to
dislike cinnamon or ginger, just don’t put them in. Once you’ve got everything
in the saucepan, super simple, just heat it
really gently for five minutes. And if you don’t have a stove top cooker, you can simply do this in the microwave. Or in fact, you don’t
even need to cook it. You can just leave it in a pot or a bowl overnight in the fridge, and the oats will soak up all the fluid. While it’s heating, you should
stir it occasionally, gently, but you don’t need to go
crazy with the stirring. With all the oats and
carrot and the currants, this recipe has a great mix of complex and simple carbohydrates. It’s also got 24 grams of protein in, so it should keep you feeling
full for a lot of the day. With all the fiber, however, from the oats and the
carrots and the orange, it’s probably not ideal to eat straight before really hard rides. It’s fine before a long steady ride, but not straight before doing any tours. (electronic synth music) (spoon banging) Once you’ve heated it for
about five minutes gently, it should’ve thickened up
into a nice gloopy porridge. If you’re using a microwave, try not to boil it because
that really ruins it. Tip it out into a bowl because
this is a single serving, and you won’t want to share
it because it’s too delicious. Now, if you like your porridge hot, at this point you should add 50 grams of high-protein lowfat yogurt. If you wanna eat it cold, let it cool down before
you add the yogurt. Just dollop it on top. (spoon clanging) If you want to make it look fancy, you could add some tiny
little shreds of carrot. Can you tell I really like carrots? There you go. Mmm, carrot cake porridge. Mmmm. Now, if you want it a bit
sweeter, you could add some honey, but I think it’s pretty sweet already from the currants and the carrot. That’s delicious. If you liked this video, and you found this recipe delicious, then feel free to give us a thumbs up. And you might like to check out the first recipe in this series, which is also cake for breakfast. Banoffee pie overnight oats.

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  1. Emma, you do realise that not only do plant based milks have as much protein as dairy, they also contain less fat, zero sematic cells (puss cells from cow mastitis) and zero cruelty. Plus, milk doesnt give you a massive amount of calcium and is actually bad for bones. The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are those with the highest rate of dairy consumption.

  2. That great Emma's porridge recipe powered ???? record breaker Mark again….

  3. Someone needs to buy Emma a cheeseburger. Poor thing is going to waste away to nothing eating rabbit food.

  4. Any chance you could break down the nutritional information for us? By the way, love the cooking videos Emma!

  5. The 'low fat milk' fad is a con – It's a ploy by the industry to flog milk that has had the fats and solids stripped out to make all their other dairy products. How to sell chalky water with little food value? Stick the whey protein in it left over from cheese making and promote it as 'healthy' low fat milk. The other point is whole milk is already low in fat, 3.5% compared to 1% – the difference here is about 6 grams more and it tastes way better.
    The other issue about this neurotic approach to fat content is soluble fats are very important in processing protein. One of the reasons endurance supplements like Perpetuem by Hammer include them.

  6. That's a single serving? Dang, I'd need a nap after that. Thanks, Emma
    Check out stroopwafels but put in a baggy before pocket

  7. Another movie sequel was just announced: "Julia, Julia, Emma". This could be a profitable path for Emma, especially if the BBC debuts "The Great British Pre-ride Cook-Off".

  8. Great recipe Emma, I sometimes finally chop a green Beet leaf or spinach in my soaked oats for breaky before my ride, with half a banana and half my spoon of honey on top.

  9. Way too much work to prepare breakfast. The carrot grating alone is very good to lose weight too, meaning the skin and some meat id lose from my finger if i do that in the early morning.

  10. Oh my… You ride a bike, speak fluently in gazylion languages and You know recipes that i don't know. I am loving You already 🙂 Thanks for this video.

  11. Nutritional information:
    Energy 531 kcal
    Proteins 24g
    Fats 10g
    Net carbs 76g
    Fiber 14g
    Sugars 23g
    Magnesium 200mg (40% of RDI)
    Potassium 1200mg (25% of RDI)
    Iron 5mg (50% of RDI)

  12. The science glasses are missing, they would add a je ne sais quoi…

    Superficial? What do you mean, superficial?

  13. The myth of not getting enough protein continues. Has anyone ever heard of someone diagnosed with protein deficiency? The milk and meat industry brainwashing campaign has done well.

  14. "Super tasty, Emma, thank you…" aaaand…. I actually made this 🙂
    With some modifications, but following the framework concept: oats, carrot, milk in 1/3 of regular porridge volumes, citrus, berries, Gluewein spices.

  15. I made this tonight with no ride out in sight! I went mad with orange and not mad enough with the carrot, regardless, it is really very good! I'm inspired to mix up some more 'Oat cuisine' again soon. It's generally quite inexpensive and really very filling!

  16. So I just made this today to fuel up. Was better than I was expecting, I'll probably make some minor changes but I'll definitely recommend it.

  17. One tiny protein remark in the video and a thousand subsequent angry comments about it. Vegans are surely an edgy bunch. Eat/drink what you want fellows. No one is forcing you otherwise. And you certainly don't need to advertise about it.

  18. Not sure if I would be able to eat all of that in one sitting. That's a lot!!

    That said, is it possible to get nutritional info from your dishes? Not sure if it's really that possible, or even worth doing.

  19. Don't use low-fat products, they put something in it to make you eat more! The percentage of fat in full-fat milk or yoghurt really isn't that high!

  20. I will try out this recipe for sure. I also want to thank you for this type of content. I think almost all amateur athlete takes seriously his food and cooking. Easy recipes with common ingredients like these one help you get out of the monotony

  21. Blimey these portions are massive… You will need to spend hr's on the bike to burn it all off. I guess there is less sugar than the last one.

  22. Can't believe some of the negative comments from semi pro wannabes 🙂 Looks delicious and I am gonna try it.

  23. How did I miss this!? I specifically waited for Emmas next cooking video after the Banoffee. And I just ate dinner! Tomorrow, for sure!

  24. Are these all your own recipes, Emma? They are very good, it's been brillaint alongside the commuter training videos!

  25. Emma, Amazing! I made this but cut it by 2/3 just for me since I'm over 60. Didn't have an orange so I grated in a small Apple and added 1/8 tsp lemon extract along with the vanilla. IT WAS AMAZING. Hope there are more to come. Thanks.💙💚💛

  26. Emma please peel carrot first it could contain insecticide and soil other yhan that great recipie chefcyclist

  27. perhaps my favourite argument from the anti milk people here.

    "dairy milk has more fat then."

    Considering a ride can burn anywhere from 700-5000 calories, I am sure that the last thing a cyclist cares about is reducing fat (Same goes for carbohydrates btw) in pre long ride meals.

    Note* this differs from pre-race nutrition as intensity is significantly higher then in long rides.

  28. Emma is a huge blast for the already brilliant channel! Keep up the good work, lady and gents! btw I changed my breakfast habbits due to her videos and I am enjoying porridge now several times a week. You're really addicting… 🙂

  29. Hi
    Really looking forward to trying this recipe but I was wondering, why does it have to be low fat yogurt and low fat milk?

  30. Emma, can you please learn the difference between vanilla essence and vanilla extract, they are NOT the same thing. They have different strengths. You tell us to use one, and then use the other in your videos….

  31. This is a great recipe! I make it for my wife and I twice a week, definitely our favorite! My wife is Chinese and couldn't believe carrot can be used in a cake so this weekend I had to make a carrot cake to prove that point. Great recipe, easy to follow instructions! Hope to see another porridge recipe!

  32. Is it possible to pour everything together and eat it without cooking or heating it? It's proven that oats lose some of its properties when heated. Thanks!

  33. Made it yesterday as a sugar-free dessert and it was GREAT! NOM. definitely gonna do it again, thank you! Cheers from zurich.

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