100 thoughts on “Pressure in the fitness industry, relationships + life update

  1. Hey my friends! Sorry for crying a couple of times on ya ☺️❤️ Thank you so much for the amazing suggestions, you're the best.

    It was fun talking about relationships, the fitness industry and more personal things, so I really hope you enjoy hanging out with us 😘

  2. I just freaking love you!!!! You are so real and down-to-earth. Your knowledge about things always inspires me and keeps me watching! Much love from NZ, hope to meet you one day xoxo

  3. I freaking saw you at Hyde park!!! I cycled past you but didn’t stop, kind of regretting it now😩💓 I was like omg omg I know her!!!

  4. You should definitely do more videos like this, I really enjoyed it!! All your videos are so different and refreshing☺️ keep it up girl💞

  5. Natacha you are so beautiful! I love your videos! Glad to get a chance to learn a little more about you! 😍

  6. Thanks for keeping me company while I get ready this morning. You truly bring a smile to my face every time I have the pleasure of watching you xx

  7. I really love your videos. I think you show us the truth : not only "fancy fitgirl moments"! you're honest with who you are and I love your personality. I think your content is always so instructive… Anyway, just wanted to tell you some reasons why I appreciate you so much !

  8. Yay come to Australia! I saw you in Barcelona about a month ago.. outside a resturant..i smiled with slight shock! I wished I had the courage to say hi!

  9. I’m crying because you’re crying because you’re so happy for the other couple. Oh man!!! Love these videos, you’re such a gem.

  10. Lol you so sweeet and i love your relationship with Mario, you are both such goals hahaha…what i do want to know though is your brother's instagram handle *wink 🙂

  11. Omg, it's so awesome to see another scientist that's really into fitness. What was your research on? I work with eating disorders (fMRI scans) and blood work.

  12. Love how much effort you put into this video! So much more interesting watching you wander around London and take us with you, while answering all these lovely interesting questions! Also love it when Mario joins in yours vids! Such a beautiful person! 💕💕

  13. I never laughed so hard than at the last part of the video omg please do more of these!! Loved the papandoniou part hahahaha

  14. I just recently started watching your videos but I love you views and positive attitude! Also I have the same piercing you got, I love mine!!

  15. Hey Natacha!I recently cane across your channel and i absolutely LOVE you already!Im currently trying to recover from my eating disorder but am having an issue.I still feel like i need to lose more weight although I've lost almost 10kg in less than a year and people have told me that i look sick and starving but im just not satisfied.I've lost fat around my face and chest but not where i initially wanted to,my belly area.My belly is the main reason why i started being restrictive because it just bulges out and i hate it so so much.My whole family has been telling me to stop because of the side effects but i just can't put myself to eat more as I'm too scared to gain weight and i won't stop unless my belly gets flatter.Untill I'm only eating less than 1000 calories a day and haven't got my period in months and i fear sugar a lot untill i cry whenever i eat something with sugar.I reall don't know what to do anymore

  16. Your favourite book is the Shadow of the Wind?!? It's my favourite book too!! Aha. Also, really enjoyed this video 😄

  17. Always so nice to watch your vids, you're truly one of the most whole hearted and inspiring people I've found on youtube! 💗

  18. Hi Natacha, I’ve just started a training plan for triathlons. I don’t want to do a full Ironman but I want to be able to complete Olympic distance. Can you give me some training and nutrition advice if you have time? X

  19. Can you PLEASE PLEASE do a video about workouts at home for people who don’t go to a gym??? How to build muscle at home??

  20. You’re just such a wonderful person!! May I ask, if you’re French, what is your accent? I have a bad ear, haha.

  21. I love how you do theses videos, makes them so much more interesting to watch!! Love your videos and you as a person! x

  22. ugh i miss London so much, started tearing up a bit while u were at the Camden market because I used to live right near there

  23. Your're such an inspiration Natacha! I love how much passion you got in life – both with love, your training and your happiness. Can you please do a gym music playlist? (Also, I'm single🙈)

  24. what is the name of the beach where you jumped in the water? I'm going to Cyprus tomorrow and I'd really like to jump from there

  25. Natacha I'm just a fan and i'm very upset that you blocked me because you are my idol please unblock me on instagram, my ig is ruxandrafierascu. I love you <3

  26. I loved the bit at the end with Mario. Sometimes I wish we saw his face more because he’s so beautiful!! I love your videos Natacha, always so energising and encouraging to watch.

  27. Hey! What are your plans for Kenya? Are you doing a meet up? You honestly would have an amazing reception in Nairobi. I'm quite active on the fitness scene here and can easily let you know about the best gyms/places to train/hike/outdoor activities! Karibu Kenya! x

  28. Interesting hearing you talk about having to make thumbnails look a certain way, make them 'clickbait' essentially so that people will watch the video for the attention-grabbing thumbnail but then you hoping they'll stay for the more science-y, knowledge-based stuff. I actually was put off by your thumbnails at first because I thought they were too clickbait/mainstream. But after finally clicking on one of your videos, I've been very impressed with your content, knowledge and personality. So I guess I'm a weirdo!

  29. I don’t even watch YouTube, but your videos! I proper get excited when you post something ahah and I LOVE the non standard exercises that you come up with. 10/10 video!

    Was that pond in London? If so where? 😍

  30. I really appreciate the point you made about how it's so easy for us as viewers to think you're always training at such a high intensity 6x a week. I honestly thought that was the case until I watched this video. I hit the gym and train quite hard 4-5 times a week and I'd always feel slack if I didn't feel like going on a particular day (usually after a long day at work), so it's really nice to know that even you allow yourself adequate days off without beating yourself up about it.

  31. You are one of the sweetest, most genuine, and kindest youtubers I’ve ever seen! I have no idea why you don’t have millions of subscribers!! But at least I can say I was one of the OGs 😉

  32. You're such a nice an humble girl. I really love watching your videos ! Keep going the way you are. Hope I run across you some time 😁 (low chances though haha)

  33. I didn't know you spoke other languages. Maybe I just missed the video about it, but I would l love to hear you speaking about languages

  34. Hi Natacha! I love your videos, your Instagram posts, and I can't wait to get you'r musclle building pgm! I am super curois to findn out how did you get all of your practical knowledge about athletics, fitness and sport? I'M sure your University study helped, but it wasn't direct and practical regards to sport. Did you read certain book? Did you go on some course? what was your way to achive all of these massive valuable knowledge?

    I am doing some fitness guide course right now, and I feel like it is very theoretical and won't really prepre me for my dream job.

  35. I have 1 piercing and two tattos right now, but that number will increase 😀 made multiple plans for new ones already

  36. I've watched so many of your videos and this was something so different.. seeing you cry at things that touched your heart was just amazing! Thank you for sharing your sensitive side and being real! Just another reason to like you and your channel!

  37. Hi so I’m binge watching your videos and love them 🙂 I thought you were crying because you had no more food for the ducks and thought yeah I would cry if I couldn’t feed them anymore 😂😂

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