Private Health Insurance: How It Helps You

♪ Music ♪ Narrator: Providing VA with your
insurance card is vital to improving healthcare services. VA is required by law to
supplement funds from Congress by billing Veterans’ outside
health insurance for non-service connected care. So, do your part and show
your insurance card. Morning…
Good morning, thank you. You’re welcome. I served in
Afghanistan… and I show my
insurance card because
I know the money collected stays right here at my
VA Medical Center for treatment, supplies, and equipment to
improve care for me and other Veterans. I served during
Peacetime and have
health insurance coverage through
my spouse. I provide my insurance to VA because money collected
offsets my copayments. Take a deep
breath for me. Meaning my first party bill is
much lower or covered in full. Plus, my insurance applies VA
health care charges towards my annual deductible. I’m a World War II
Veteran, and I share my Medicare card
along with my Medicare supplemental plan. I know VA only bills my
supplemental policy and I’m not responsible for any
unpaid balance my insurance doesn’t cover. I’m a Veteran, too, and
happy to share my
insurance with the VA because it helps me
and it helps my VA
Medical Center.

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