Promoting Physical Activity

Keeping children active is really important
for their growth and development. The Early Years Learning Framework and Foundations for Success talk about children being healthy and safe through physical activity, and having a strong sense of physical wellbeing. With young babies, this starts with developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Give them lots of different materials and
objects they can play with and manipulate. They don’t have to be fancy. Simple things from nature and home work really well…….containers, spoons, bowls, baskets. This will show your understanding that children are competent and capable, and have been learning since birth. As children get older, think of ways you can challenge them to build on the skills they already have. How can you encourage them to go higher, run faster, reach further? Incorporate the activities they’re already
interested in through their family and community. If they love football, let them kick goals,
and see if they can kick further, or higher, or get more goals. And also give them access to materials they can use to create, build, paint or draw. The options are endless. Keep trying new things. Think about physical activity in your every
day planning. But also find spontaneous ways you can share the skills of the learning community to extend and challenge the children throughout the
day. Time and space are also important, allowing children to develop and challenge their own, and others physical being. Document the stories of learning, to track
and support growth as children become stronger, more capable and more confident.

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