PTSD | Stress | Anxiety FREE! Effective Guided Meditation

Find a comfortable, quiet space and close
your eyes. To begin we are going to arrive into the here
and now and to call in our senses. We are going to start inhabiting our awareness
and the sense of presence by breathing and scanning through your body, the breath will
be your anchor into your here and now. The goal of this meditation is beyond the
breath, it is to cultivate your awareness of your emotional and physical body in the
here and now. If the mind becomes scattered or if it starts
to project any past or future, which can create an emotion or reaction, in that moment please
use your anchor, your breath or anything else that may help you to come back into the present
moment. It happens to all of us – the mind projects
and the body reacts. What you are learning to do here is to practice
to notice a trigger happening and then practicing to seize the reaction by understanding this
whole process between the two and with that you will deepen your awareness and notice
what is happening within you whilst being nurturing and kind towards yourself. Begin this inner exploration by taking a one
deep breath in through your nose and sighing it out loud out of your mouth. A cleansing breath like this is a really effective
way to let go of any tension held through the body. Go ahead. If that breath felt good feel free to take
another one like that. Arrive into your here and now by returning
to your natural breath. Start by bringing your awareness to your breath
and just notice how it feels to breathe right now? What is the map of your breath? Notice where the breath begins, where it is
in the middle and where it ends. Observe the temperature, the depth and the
texture of your breath. Observe its calming energy that’92s being
flushed into your being. There is no need to fix, change or force anything,
just notice your breath. You are not making your breath happen, it
happens by itself and you are receiving the breath, just like you receive a gift; so relax
and receive… As you continue to receive your breath in
your body, begin to also allow for the body to sink and to connect to the Earth through
Earth’s pull downward towards itself. Feel your body relax and at the same time
see if you can get a sense of your weight being supported by the Earth and also see
if you can feel the effect of grounding. If you are sitting, then from that grounding
place, see if you can straighten your spine and sit up even taller and if you are laying
down then from that grounding place, see if you can let go even further. Surrender to the Earth’s pull, receive the
gift of breath and enjoy the space in which you are safely suspended as you let go. Any information that will be present during
this spoken meditation – just let it go through you like a breeze or a gust of wind. Listen but you don’t necessarily have to identify
with the information or make it fit and you don’t have to analyze anything, simply hold
the space, for you. Let your consciousness be like the fertile
ground, let the information be like the seeds and the music like the rain drops. Whatever ideas and thoughts will resonate
with your being, it will sprout as a new life within you and something beautiful will grow
in the future. What will not get observed by your consciousness,
at this time, it can come to you at another time when you will listen to this meditation
again. Your being is intelligent and it knows what
it needs and when. When we go through trauma and long time after
it, consciously or unconsciously we are left with an internal alert and therefore it is
important for us to begin to learn about it and to want to understand our own mind, its
reactions to any external triggers that can cause emotional responses, which are called
emotional flashbacks. Let’s check in with the mind and the body
and observe on the scale of 5, how connected do you feel with your emotional body? 5 – feeling very connected and 0 is feeling
disconnected and even anxious. Do not shame or blame yourself, simply observe
as you breathe. Emotional states change like seasons and any
tension is completely temporary. Notice what is it like to have a mind and
body that you have right now. Breathe and observe… breathe and observe… Normally body scans start with the head first,
but today let’s reverse this and move away from the head and maybe even from the tension
of thinking. Let’s start your body scan with your feet. If you would like clench, stretch and then
relax your toes and ankles a few times. If it cracks, let it crack, appreciate the
elasticity of your skin. Notice the flood of fresh blood and oxygen
coming into your feet and ankles. Now connect to your breath and simply observe
what it is like to have feet, what kind of sensation is present in your feet right now? Can you reach your breath into your feet? Is there a mood or an emotion within your
feet? Notice your heels grounding and your feet
being completely supported and held by the surface. Notice that the more you let go, the stronger
the support and grounding. Stress can be present consciously and subconsciously,
it can be seen in our reactions and it can be felt internally, within our bodies. Even when you are relaxed your mind or body
or both may still be on an internal alert. And that’s ok; it can be changed, at any moment,
even right now. It is very helpful to become familiar with
the map of your emotional body and its emotional responses to the external factors such as
smells, words, locations, tone of voice, etc. which can trigger an emotional flashback. By practicing this meditation you can get
to know the map of your emotional body and also in time you will uncover what triggers
you to have emotional flashbacks. When you practice awareness using meditations
as this you become familiar with your emotional responses to the world around you, you can
then break the cycle of unconscious emotional responses and instead to become emotionally
grounded, emotionally focused and deliberate. Move your attention to your calves, shins
and knees. Observe and feel the air just outside of this
part of the body. If your skin is in contact with any clothing
material, feel the connection between the skin and the material and maybe even the thin
layer of air in between. Tune in. Can you sense the pores of the skin on your
legs? Can you feel the skin wrapped around the muscles
and the bones? Curiously check what emotions reside there? Connect to your breath, receive your inhales
and exhales just like a gift without any force or control, inhale into your calves, shins
and knees, exhale and let the muscles relax so much as if it is sliding off the bone and
as if it’s being caught by the skin. You have the ability to observe your own mind
and you are also able to connect to it and to understand it. You don’t need to be run by your thoughts
and emotions that trigger reactions, you can choose your thoughts and you can choose how
you want to feel. You can choose the flexibility and freedom
by simply being aware more with each day… Return to your inner vision and move with
it onto your thighs and also onto your pelvis area – your hips, your reproductive organs
and your buttocks. Your pelvis area is the center of your identity,
your beliefs, personal survival, confidence and your security. If our lives are run by fear, this is where
the fear lingers and as a result certain organs and the lower backs may feel this stagnant
energy. As you inhale with your breath, probe each
tissue and release any fearfulness and any insecurity with your out-breath. Picture your pelvic bowl like a clam, your
hips being like the two shells and these two shells are more less half way open. For that you can even bend your legs. Pull and connect your focus to this area and
feel the energy that resides there. As you inhale, inhale into the thighs and
the area of your pelvis and then exhale gently and slowly, releasing any stagnation, any
sadness or any fear out of your pelvis. And with the last one of those exhales, relax
and let the knees and legs fall to the sides, just like the two shells, opening up, feeling
bold, feeling free, feeling relieved, feeling poured out. You may even say to yourself in your mind
or out loud ‘I am ready for a positive change in my mind, my emotions, my body and in my
life’. Any time you are touched by an emotion that
creates a discomfort, it is worth questioning this emotion by checking in with yourself,
locating the discomfort within the memories within your body. Do this curiously and really lovingly towards
yourself and towards your experience. Do not run from the emotion, but give it a
moment and give yourself space to understand this emotion. It can not kill you, it is only an emotion,
a response to an external trigger which is then related to a memory followed by a reaction
and it all happens in a brief moment, which you will learn to recognize as you become
more aware of this emotional process. Each time you experience an emotional flashback
you will get more aware and when you will get more aware, you will gain more control. When emotional reaction happens – remove yourself
into a safe place where you can take a moment to understand yourself so you can then move
forward. Take a breath and follow the emotional trail. Once you feel a shift, give yourself a peaceful
moment and then choose to move forward. Always choose to move forward. Take a breath in and out. Let’s pull your internal gaze close into your
torso area, your belly, your lower and your middle back. Funnel and observe your breath traveling through
your nose, into your throat, then the upper cavity of your chest and finally into your
belly. Through the awareness of your body, observe
your ribs expand and shrink silently as you inhale and exhale. Now send and observe your breath traveling
through your nose, into the back of your neck, down your spine, through the middle, then
the lower back and finally into your kidneys. With each breath out, vacuum any effort, out
of your back muscles, which are holding you up even when you are relaxed. Your adrenal glands are found just above the
kidneys and it’s where a lot of uneasy emotions get stored. Emotions are energy and unprocessed emotions
in the body can actually become stuck and affect person’s entire system. All of the organs, tissues and cells in the
body have an energetic frequency. Negative emotions and negative thoughts have
a different energetic frequency than healthy cells and tissue. If you do experience any mental tension I
would like to invite you to release any stored emotions of fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, feeling
unsafe, worthless, helpless, criticized, feelings of shame and any other uneasy emotions that
you can sense within your body. I want you to just take a minute to locate
any these emotions if you can… Now send a signal to your body that it is
safe to let go by making an intention which you can say to yourself out loud or in your
mind – ‘I am releasing all stagnant and negative emotions from my body now’. ‘I am now open to replace the space with emotions
of peace, self acceptance, trust, love and safety’. Next time if and when you experience an emotional
disturbance, soothe yourself by giving yourself time to understand your body and mind, just
like you would help a loved one to resolve their emotional hurdle, you have to dedicate
that time to you as well. Every time. And when you do that, each time it will take
less time and less intensity, as you will become so familiar with the map of your emotional
and physical body. Breathe directly into your heart. Allow for the breath to flow in smoothly,
allow for the breath to be calm and soothing. Remove any restrictions while you are flowing
the breath in and out, let your chest expand out with an in-breath and let your chest drop
with a relief as you exhale all the air out of your heart. Check for any emotion residing within your
heart, whatever it may be. It is safe and it is OK for you to feel any
emotions you are feeling as you breathe and look curiously within your heart space. It is safe for you to get to know yourself,
all you have to do is look, curiously. Take a few more explorative breaths into your
heart and let the breath to be natural and soothing. Soften your shoulders; relax your neck and
your arms. Scan your entire face for tension; notice
if there is any gripping in any of the face muscles. Relax your jaw, let it part slightly. Bring your awareness into your eyes. See if you can relax your muscles behind the
eyes and let your eyes to just rest in stillness. When the eyes are relaxed then you truly invite
for the mind to be calm also. Let your forehead to become soft. Let go of the gripping in your temples. Relax your breath; let your breath to be soft
and natural. Let your lips become light and relaxed. Any time you notice tension creeping up into
your face, especially the jaw or the back of the neck, invite those places to soften
and release. Give your whole body the gift of complete
stillness, not through force but from a sense of softening and surrender. Stay present by watching your body breathe. Feel the weight of the whole body sinking
down into the Earth; feel every muscle, every bone, every tendon and every ligament relaxing
and letting go. Seek your emotional freedom through developing
your intuitive understanding about your suffering and about your happiness. When you begin to recognize that your sense
of overwhelm arises as a normal instinctual response to your trauma, you will begin to
shed many beliefs about yourself such as that you are crazy, hopelessly oversensitive or
incurably defective. You are not these things. You are simply responding to trauma and your
current environment. Take a deep breath in and out and with that
go ahead and release the inner critic. Inhale. Exhale. The goal is not about feeling good or bad
at the end of this meditation, it is more about the understanding and a resolution within
you. If you feel good that’s great if you feel
bad, that’s maybe because you are on your way to resolving emotions within and connecting
the dots sometimes can be painful. So let’s check back in with the mind and the
body and observe on the scale of 5, how connected do you feel with your emotionally body? 5 feeling very connected and 0 feeling completely
disconnected. Anything you experience during this meditation
is completely valid. The experience will vary with each time you
practice your meditation and with each time you dive to look within. I understand, looking deeply within yourself
can be a daunting experience, but I can promise you, that it will become less uncomfortable
with each session and you will reach some type of resolution each time you listen to
this meditation. You are absolutely whole and worth every second
of attention, care and love. You are the important part of this large community
on this planet, playing your important role and being a beautiful thread within the colorful
tapestry of the collective consciousness. I send you a big LOVE and hope to spend time
together again soon.

51 thoughts on “PTSD | Stress | Anxiety FREE! Effective Guided Meditation

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