Pumpkin Soup Recipe-How to Make-Dishin' With Di Recipe-Video #6-Diane Kometa

I'm dyin Kamata and today on dish' with daya I'm gonna show you how to make pumpkin soup this is a really easy recipe perfect for a weeknight but so delicious you will have no problem serving this on a holiday your friends and your relatives are going to be really impressed so let me show you what you need and you can get started you're gonna need some chicken broth some pumpkin this is canned pumpkin not the pie just the packed pumpkin garlic onion maple syrup heavy cream nutmeg cornstarch hot sauce this is optional salt and white pepper you also need some olive oil the first thing I'm gonna do is take my onion and garlic and I'm gonna put that in the food processor now if you don't have a food processor just take it and chop it up really super fine this is a really quick cooking recipe so part of the reason that it cooks so fast is because the vegetables actually the onion and the garlic are cut up so small so I'm just going to turn this on and chop this until it's really nice and fine okay that looks good and now what I'm just gonna take this and go over to the stove and we'll get everything started I'm adding oil to a pot that I've heated over medium heat and now I'm going to take my onion and garlic and I'm putting that in I'm just gonna saute this for about five minutes or so until the onion gets nice and soft this has been about five minutes and now what I'm gonna do is add in my chicken broth and this comes together very quickly so add the chicken broth and the cornstarch in and we're just gonna give this a whisk around just to combine the cornstarch and that's your thickening agent here and now we're gonna put in the heavy cream so it's important that you put the heavy cream in right now because you don't want to wait until that broth gets hot and then put the cream in because that will curdle and we're just going to give this a whisk around to combine it gonna add the pumpkin in now and that looks good I'm just gonna give this a stir around and we're gonna put the rest of our ingredients in now as well and believe it or not we're like really close to being done this comes together so fast and you definitely can make this on a weeknight because I've done it already now here comes the rest of the ingredients the maple syrup just adds a little bit of sweetness and it's just enough where it's not too sweet at all I mean it's just like in the background and then the hot sauce now this be very careful with I am measuring this usually I just squirt things in but this is one thing I will measure because you don't want it to be too hot especially if you're serving it during a holiday now I'm going to add a little dash of white pepper and then some grates of nutmeg so fresh nutmeg I find works best I like the flavor of it and also add salt to taste too so I'm just going to give this a whisk around okay the soup is come to a boil now and I started a few times as it was heating up and now I'm going to reduce the heat to medium-low and I'm gonna let this cook for about five to seven minutes and it's gonna get nice and thick and I'll show you what that looks like and then there's one more step before we eat all right this has been I said five to seven I meant seven to ten sorry about that and do stir it as you go along you don't want it to stick even if you have a nonstick pot so it's thickened up and I'll show you it coats the back of the spoon all right I'm just gonna give it a little taste needs just a little bit more salt and this is all to your liking just putting a little bit more in I'm gonna whisk that through and it tastes beautiful already very smooth the sweet and the hot come together nicely now interesting what we're gonna do is I have an immersion blender here and if you don't have an immersion blender then just use a regular blender and you would you know obviously have to take it off the heat with a regular blender and this pour it in and this is optional if you want to just you know leave the little bits of onion and garlic in there you can but I like it to come out silky smooth especially if you're going to serve this during a holiday this is a nice option for you so here we go use my new power tool and just put that in there first I'm going to put this on just combining everything and it's taken those little bits of onion and garlic pulverizing okay that should be good and now I'm gonna show you how I like to serve it up right so it's done and you see how fast that was I'm telling you less than 30 minutes I've made this during the week no problem just real quick so you could do it you know if you have a little Halloween party coming up or better yet I would you know definitely try making this for the holiday so here's what I like to do at the end alright so I have my fresh croutons here just have a few just put those on there looks nice and pretty and this is you know what I'm gonna make for part of my Thanksgiving meal and just put a few grates of fresh nutmeg on there and then I'm gonna give it a little taste how to get one of those croutons I love croutons in my soup I like getting that little crunch in there but other than that silky smooth if you don't have an immersion blender or you don't even have a blender you could also strain this if you want it to or you can leave little bits in there it's not bad but absolutely delicious came together in less than 30 minutes so you can do this and you can put this on your table for Thanksgiving like no problem I have to go back in for more the recipe the full recipes on my website edition with DICOM and as usual I hope I made your life a little easier more enjoyable and delicious don't forget to subscribe bye-bye you

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  1. Diane Kometa i try recipe pumkin soup is super delicious and my family is realy loves for Diane Kometa recipe thank you !

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