Queen Latifah – Work Stress

What? My mind is just doing a million things at once. Work stress. We know it when we see it. And because we work everywhere, we see it everywhere. Yep. Okay. Um. We all know the feeling In fact, one third of U.S. workers report high levels of stress at work, which, in addition to impacting productivity, and presenteeism, has been proven to negatively impact a person’s physical health. because, well, the body and mind are more connected than you think. That’s why I’m partnering with Cigna Remind your employees to go in for their annual check-up and make sure they remember to check in on body and mind After all, happy, health employees are more productive, present, and focused. which saves your company money on health costs. Hi, this is Queen Latifah Yeah, sorry. It’ll have to wait. She needs to go in for her annual check-up.

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