Queen’s Medicine Interview Video 2018

So I guess you’re wondering why I’m such
a hot mess. As it turns out, today is sort of a big day. Why do you ask? Despite my scattered appearance in this moment, I’m actually on my way to my CaRMS Interview. But the real question is, how did I even
get here? You mean how did we get here? Oh right. You’re here too. Very funny. Let’s just start from the beginning. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa David wait. What? David stop! Too far back David. That’s too far back. Oh, sorry. Do you remember interview day? Nah, not really. Do you? Today’s the day David. Today’s the day. You’re a monster. You’re an animal. They haven’t seen anything like you
before. You’re capital P. Perfect. And this tie? This tie says it all. It says it all. There we go. No, no, no, no, no this tie is all wrong. What are you doing with this tie? I’m never wearing this thing again. Dude, how many ties did you go through? Only a couple. Like one, or two? Guess this is it. You’re gonna crush it today. All right. Today let’s float like a
butterfly, sting like a bee. Okay David we get it. Can we move on to
the actual interview? Yeah, fine. Do you remember what was going through your head? All these other interviewers are smiling and happy. They’re trying to throw me
off my game. No way. I’m not gonna lose my cool. I’ve got my game face on. That’s right. You can’t fool me. Oh hey. Look at this guy. Tall. Buff. That hair, that suit, that shirt. Those shoes! This guy looks like
he’s got it all together. My god he’s getting in for sure. He’s probably got a 4.0 GPA. 528 MCAT. And an amazing ABS. Crap! He’s looking at me. Who does this guy think he is anyway? I look alright. It’s not all about… Oh! I’m sorry. I’m such a klutz! That’s alright, don’t worry about it. Yeah right, you better be sorry you- My name is Rachel. I’m David. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Are you interviewing today as well? Yeah, I’m at 10:18 exactly. Oh cool. Alright, everyone interviewing for Queen’s Medicine. Those interviewing at 10:18, please follow me. Well I guess that’s us! Catch you on the flip side! Yeah, good luck. Thanks! Please enter the room. Do you feel nervous? Yes. Good. We’re gonna sting you like the bees on your tie. What is the reason you are
here? I… Do you even deserve to be here? Did you read Doing Right? Ummmm Uh Ok you’re obviously exaggerating. I am absolutely not. How did yours go? Can I offer you tea, hot
chocolate, coffee? Oh sure I’ll take a tea with two lumps of sugar and milk please. All right. Coming right up! So, if you were a color what color, would you be? Oh! That’s a tough one. I’m going to have to go with yellow. Actually no, red. Oh actually,
scratch that. Blue. Definitely blue. So you mean, tricolour? Exactly! Oh! good answer! Did you actually volunteer 430 hours? Well… I…. I think you volunteered 427
hours. Yeah, more like 425. Yeah you don’t look like the kind to do 430. So…. How many letters are there in the
word “doctor”? Take your time, I know this is a tough one. Okay, so that’s D-O-C-T-O-R. That’s six! Yeah! Great answer! Well, this kid thinks he’s getting into medical school…. Hahahahaha So… We’re going to need a stress test, complete blood count, urine sample, stool sample, your grade six report card, and a note from your mother. Today, by midnight. Got it? Okay stop. You’re exaggerating way too much. Yeah, and they really gave you tea and cookies and a trophy? So you’re trying to say that everyone’s interview experiences
are gonna be so different and that one’s perception of how their interview went
may not be reflective of the real interview performance? I guess. We both still
got accepted. Yup Oh yeah. You know, speaking of getting
accepted, my finger was literally glued to that refresh button! Come on…. Refresh…. Refresh… Oh, I didn’t get in. I didn’t get in. No, no, no, no. There’s no way. I killed that interview. Refresh, refresh. I’m a solid…. ….maybe. Aha… I got into Queen’s!! Nice! Here! Here, Sarah! I got it! Oh wait, guys! NICE! What is it? What’s up? I got into Qmed!! That was honestly the best day ever.
I know! The park was really fun! I…actually meant getting into Medical
School Well…yeah, that too. Why were you wearing your winter jacket
anyway? Umm…it was cold in May, okay? Yea, I’m sure it has nothing to do with us
having to film this video in late November weather when it’s minus 20
degrees outside. What?
What? Oh hey!
Hey! You’re Rachel, right? Yea! And it’s…Daniel? David. Oh sorry! I always do that.
That’s okay. Ready to meet the rest of
our class? Yeah, let’s do it!
Let’s do it! Let’s get down to business, to become MDs. All you naive premeds, with your fresh degrees. Not the smartest bunch we’ve ever
met, but you can bet before we’re through, rookies we’ll make MDs out of you. Trying to find your purpose, pretty soon you’ll know. Once you light your candles, and recite the oath. An ambitious, fresh, determined lot, still you haven’t got a clue. Somehow we’ll make MDs
out of you. This thing is never going to float. How did they get so much duct tape?! It’s all about the teamwork, you don’t have to win. So we’re all getting in this boat? Hope we didn’t pick the wrong shape. Now I really wish that I knew how to swim. Be MDs! We must be skillful communicators. Be MDs! And be efficient collaborators! Be MDs! We’re all still learning the other CanMEDS, mysterious as the quest to get MDs Orientation week was a blast! It really was! And the next four years kind of just flew by. Come on, come on.
Put your stethoscopes on. It’s Wednesday night and it won’t be long. Gotta get my badge, put my white coat on. Prepped all week, now it won’t be long. Til I try to palpate, try to auscultate. I’m percussing now. He ain’t got chills. Sir does he take pills Sir put on your gown Just you and me Maybe I don’t need any notes for this history We love Clin skills! Maybe I know I can put an end to this mystery We love Clin’ Skills! Peer feedback is all I need More than cartilage, more than bone Expectations to succeed Got to maintain professional tone Physical from head to feet More than cartilage, more than bone As long as I can hear the beat Got to maintain professional tone Me and you doc You and me Head to CTC and make me see your energy because’ Me no play no hide and seek Put it on me chest and listen carefully for heartbeat Cause any time I feel it rushing Ima thinking to myself; is it a palpitation? Me no sitting in the tripod position You look like the one who needs to take an inspiration Clinical skills was always my favourite part of the week Personally, I always liked dodgeball intramurals but clinical skills was pretty fun too I’m not sure I remember there being that much much singing though listening to the rhythm of the heart dancing to the rhythm of the music it’s all about finding that beat that was so corny! let’s just move on I’ve been staring at this page for an
hour and I still can remember never really knowing why I wish I could be the perfect doctor and I’d know all the answers I won’t even have to try every word I read, every page I turn every test I take, every slide I learn,
every time I yearn to where I cannot go where I long to be see the place where the patients they go, it calls me No one knows How far I’ll go to be there, to be great, to be free,
it calls me one day I’ll know just read one more page, there’s only 57 to go I know, everybody in the classroom seems to
be getting all this histo everything is looking fine I can’t tell between this epithelium and this connective tissue I just need a little more time I can sit in class, I can do my best I can pump that cuff, I can work that steth And the voice inside, it still calls to me it’s where I belong See the place where the patients all go it calls me And no one knows How far I’ll go to be there, to be great, to be free, it calls me One day I’ll know what this diagram means what I’m supposed to be See the place where the patients they go It calls me no one knows how far I’ll go to be there, to be great, to be free, I
see me One day I’ll know How far I’ll go Wow you know it’s really hard to believe
how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned since we first interviewed here
at Queens yeah at the time I had no idea how far I’d go now you’re the one being cheesy I prefer the term punny all right let’s move on The aud isn’t the best place to do my learning, so the lab is where I go Me and my group at the table love anat but we’re not sure about histo it’s all pink! Come on over and look at this anatomical model and just trust me, give it a glance I put my hand up but all the tutors are caught up, giving other groups a chance and I’m singing like dude you know I need your notes trying to figure out what all this means how do I look at this slide I’m going crazy, don’t mind me Say prof, where’s the lingula? Pick up the left lung look anteriorly I love the laboratory I love anatomy I’m in love with the shape of you cause it’s the shape of my body too Push and pull like the muscles do I’m in love with the body and last night I was in the lab Trying to locate the thyroid gland every day discovering something brand new I’m in love with the body What’s that? (x4) I’m in love with the body What’s that? (x4) I’m in love with the body I take back what I said about dodgeball,
anatomy lab was my favorite part of the week hey Rachel, what did the femur say
to the patella um David, bones don’t talk! he said I kneed ya, get it cuz it’s the
knee joint you’ve always had a weird sense of humor anyway, I’m pretty sure
that brings us up to present time whoa that was a close one you couldn’t have been on time just once nothing’s changed in four years and you’re chronically early so nothing’s changed with you either come on let’s go David and Rachel Right this way we go in! I’m gonna miss QMed so much yeah me too it feels like yesterday when we first
started I just got into Queens med let’s do it Upper years be like what up, what’s your interest? and I’m like honestly I don’t
know nothing about med school so they said I got the one for you
follow me oh it’s too good Joining more groups than I ever thought I could ten minutes in a seat, a free pass for my meals student loans deep that’s a hell of a deal I’m heading downstairs cruising the past the lobby Rec lounge! Gotta stop in for some foosy snapped up, I’m climbing up the tally, 10
points for my main man Rawy Dope Hippo is here, mouth sounds make music to my ears Got Dhruv in the tens, Shubs in the bass
so many things to do man I love this place I’ma throw that, catch that, do a
dance, beat that any intramural, put me on stat! Dope Hi Dr. Sanfilippo Hey, you guys looking for something to do? there’s a cardiology interest group
we’re serving a five course meal, come on down killing the game, bout to catch some free Chinese Orthopedic group got me feeling all boney, metacarpals, pubis, cranium,
radius, clavicle, too many bones to count up in this body, I’ma keep it hella tight
pick up a new hobby head into the simulation lab and stop a heart from dying I be shocking everybody Hella strong, don’t touch the body I’m so good that Gilic got me ambu-bagging everybody my time is precious, all right I’m lying got plenty you still need ideas well damn got 20 you don’t need a gym when you got
the arch pumping iron then hit up an evening talk we got radiology and diag
imaging, emergency, FrancoMed and health policy Junior medics, QMR, Women’s Health. Reads for Paeds run for student council if you’re ready take a lead QMed (x4) we’ve got something for everyone You won’t be at a loss of fun If you’re a rookie or a pro Just get involved, come on let’s go You don’t need no sleep, boy get up off your seat, boy come and follow me this is your QMed What you learn is what you get, girl Don’t ever forget, girl Ain’t seen nothing yet until you’re QMEEEDDD I’ll take it in but don’t down

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