Quick Cycle Training Tips – Improve Your Fitness Fast

In this video, I’m going to talk you through
three training systems that I’ve used during my time as a professional rider. The first of those components is the sprint,
and that’s not just used in the last 200 metres of the race as you might expect. It’s also
used as an effort coming out of a corner when the bunch is going really fast, attacking
from the bunch or even getting across to a breakaway which has already formed. The best sprinters on the road are of course
people like Mark Cavendish and Andre Greipel. For the best riders in the world at this kind
of effort, the short sprint effort, you’ve got to think of the likes of Chris Hoy and
some of the other world-class track riders. In fact, some of the best riders in the peak
powers that have ever been registered in the sprint came from BMX riders. I’m going to pedal as hard as I possibly can
for about 15 seconds – that’s going to really work my sprint. The second component that is vital for all
endurance road riders is anaerobic capacity, which is an effort of about 30 seconds up
to 3 minutes. It’s the sort of effort that you use at the end of Fleche Wallone, up the
Muy de Huy, for that short, sharp climb. Again, thinking about the best road riders
for this. In fact, some of the sprinters are good at these short 30 second to 1 minute
efforts. People like Gilbert of course – really good on those short steep climbs. But again,
to look at the best riders in the world at the power output for that sort of duration,
you’ve got to look at the track. The third component is VO2 max, which is an effort
of about 3 to 8 minutes long. Again, looking at examples on the road for the riders that
are really good at this sort of effort – for a bit of a crossover we’ve got Phillipe Gilbert
who is great on climbs of that distance. Joaquim Rodriguez is also fantastic at efforts of
those durations. But also track pursuiters, both individual and team – they’ve got amazing
power at about that 4 minute area. We can think about the likes of Bradley Wiggins when
he used to do the pursuit and was World and Olympic champion. Also Geraint Thomas and
a few of the other British riders. Want more? Subscribe to www.youtube.com/globalcyclingnetwork.

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  1. Is this interval training ? 3 – 8 minutes – that's quite a range. 15 second sprint then what ? Then what ? Warm up ? warm down ? What rest period ? how many times ? What cadence? At what effort ? HR ? What gearing ? Most people don't have power measuring on Turbos or power meters so graphics with 700.1100 watts mean nothing and are no use to most viewers.

  2. can anyone write the training? i don't understand! because i'm italian!D:
    A little explication would suffice..

  3. The best thing you can do is also to test yourself at peak like 1min 5min and 20min/TP then you set your training intervals

  4. The best thing you can do is also to test yourself at peak like 1min 5min and 20min/TP then you set your training intervals

  5. Sprint – 90-100%
    Anaerobic – 80-90

    VO2 Max – ???

    I had to go back to the start of the vid and see what the power output was at 100%, and figure out the difference from looking at the power output during the VO2 max segment, and do the math to figure that VO2 max is about 40%. Nothing "max" about it and it would have been better to have seen the percentage.

  6. Watts has to be measures to weight or watts training has to be matched to individual┬┤s FTP. In this case VO2max is somewhere at 106-120% of FTP, anaerobic at 120-150%, sprint is max in any scheme.
    Listed 700w for 30-180seconds and 450 for 3-8 minutes are completely out of window as the first one is connected to FTP 510w, while the latter to 400w.
    Not even supercharged dopers had FTP of 510w (70gk rider) while 400w is possible at the top level.

  7. basicaly rest periods are twice the interval, but after maximum effort much longer are required. Cadence may vary and it produces different effects, you can do vomax at 100 as a cadence training but also at 60 at a power training both with similar effort. Generaly 4 intervals are recommended, ahorter intervals could be repeated after 20-30 minutes of easy ride. Vomax effort measured to your HR is a bit tricky to define exactly, even when you know your thresholds.

  8. They are training 3 zones. 1 Sprint 15 sec. 2 Anaerobic for 30-180 sec. 3. VO2Max for 3-8 minutes. All Maximum efforts for those times.

    They are very good : 1. 1000W 2. 700 W (maybe only 30 sec – 1min). 3 400-450.

    What can you do ?

  9. ive just got in riding this year as a hobby
    and for fitness…

    but im starting to notice that riders generally all have horrible and funning bodies..

    big legs… (not huge like body builders) and very small shoulders and skinny arms.

    i guess this helps with unnecessary weight for the bicycle.

    but its just a shame..

  10. If they are all done at maximum effort for a set time, 15 sec 30-180 sec and 3-8 minutes, why does the wattage change? if you are supposed to do each zone at maximum effort, 450 watts compared to 1000 watts isn't maximum effort.
    On another note, how do you know what your watt output is?

  11. If they are all done at maximum effort for a set time, 15 sec 30-180 sec and 3-8 minutes, why does the wattage change? if you are supposed to do each zone at maximum effort, 450 watts compared to 1000 watts isn't maximum effort.
    On another note, how do you know what your watt output is?

  12. I use the stationary cycle at the gym periodically to see if I'm improving. I can hold 330 W for intervals of 3 mins and was doing 260-300 W for 6 mins when I was tired the other day.
    Otherwise you need a power meter on the rear hub or crank.
    If you can't do that, see if the climb speed on different hills you know can improve, maybe you can climb at 22 km/h all the way up a hill, and next week you can do 23 km/h if you improve your watts/kg. Go to the burn point and back off a touch.

  13. The average watts change for the different time intervals, for what you can sustain for those times.

  14. Can someone better explain how to increase your VO2 Max? New to cycling. I took a VO2 Max Test on a cycle back in January and my result was 31 ml/kg/min.

  15. Hi Flash. Yes, I know, but I was looking for something specific to train smarter for the test. One website said to pedal your hardest for 3-5 minutes, then go a regular pace for 3-5 minutes. You would do about 4 cycles of this. I'm gathering information at the moment.

  16. at that level pretty much any training you do will improve you.But a good start could be something like 2 days of endurance rides + 2-3 days of interval work per week. and depending on time throw in some easy rides as well.
    1 interal session could be the Vo2 session with interals like you described. another with longer intervals at just below threshold something like 8-15 min with a quite short rest (2-5 min) and the endurance rides are typically below 75% of max. Cheers

  17. Thanks ecke. Since I wrote that a week ago I came across something called "The Ultimate VO2 Max Training Session." In a nutshell: 10 min. warmup, 2 min. VO2 max, 8 min. threshold, 10 min. easy strolling, then repeat once. I don't have a power meter, so I'm going by heart rate. For the anaerobic threshold portion I go 80% of my maximum heart rate. And for VO2 I go about 92%. I keep looking back and forth at my heart rate monitor. Not optimum, but it'll have to do.

  18. just get out on the road and smash it as much as you and as far as you can in terms of miles , find roads with hard climbs and smash them in a hard gear. or get a single speed in a hard gear and just don't stop. simple

  19. Are those average watts the same type of wattage measured on a spin bike or cycle ops machine? I have fairly strong legs and I am lucky if I can max out over 420 on those things.

  20. So…. when You doing Your VO2 max intervals at 450W(omg!) it means that You can easily pull over 500W at maximaml 5min effort. ┬áThats a world class score, get back into peloton !!!Now!!┬á

  21. Do you have any tips on how to train when one has asthma?  I've been talking with my primary physician about it so no worries there that I'm not having detailed conversations at length with a medical professional about how to stay safe.  But do you know any other cyclists that have had to push through that?  It makes hard climbs even harder and overall is so not fun when my legs have so much more give but my lungs begin to stop.

  22. I think those power figures might be a little exagerated or on the road numbers, that did not look like 1200 watt ­čśë
    Nice video!

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