Quick Overnight Oates Breakfast Recipe: doTERRA Wellness Wednesday

– For those of you who
think you need bacon, think you need eggs in the morning to get your protein in, you got a full protein
powerhouse right here. Throw it in the refrigerator overnight, wake up in the morning, good to go! (light music) Hi, this is Tim Hightower, NFL veteran, I’m gonna share with you
recipes, nutrition and tips to help you be your best, I’ll see you in the kitchen! What is goin’ on, it’s Tim
Hightower here in the kitchen, we have another edition
of, my favorite recipes, this is quick again, if you
don’t have a lot of time, you wanna be effective,
wanna have great, nutritious, balanced meals, overnight oats! Yes you’ve probably heard of them, they’re popular, we’re gonna
do overnight oats my way. I’ve kind of taken and tweaked my, you know, I gotta give
my wife some credit, she taught me the recipe
but I made it my own, that’s the great thing about cooking. No further ado, let’s get goin’. All right, overnight oats! Very very quick, a half
a cup of coconut oil, again I don’t do dairy,
if you do dairy, fine, you can use any type of
non-dairy milk, it’s great. A half a cup of non dairy milk, a half a cup of overnight oats. We’re gonna put it here in the mason jar. Side note, this mason jar
was formally a spaghetti jar. You don’t have to go out
and buy fancy jars, reuse, recycle, you have a lot of
things, lot of equipment at your disposal! So I pour my half a cup in there. Chia seeds, why are chia seeds great? First of all, the overnight oats, what’s different about
them, we’re not cooking, we’re not heating them up, we’re putting everything in a jar and we let them sit overnight. That helps in digestion, helps you absorb a lot of the nutrients, not
as rough on your stomach. Chia seeds are great, powerhouse protein, but they also really help you digest food, so I love incorporating chia seeds, really brings out the overnight oats, allows them to kind of rise overnight. So, about a tablespoon, if
you want a little bit more protein in there, you can
opt for two tablespoons. One of my favorites, date, I like having a little
bit of sweet but again, a good non processed sweetener. Just put a little bit of date in there, little date sweetener in there. All right! Last but not least, the last two things, vanilla extract, about a
teaspoon of vanilla extract. A little bit of cinnamon,
gives a little bit of flavor. Teaspoon, two teaspoons, however you like. I’m gonna add one last thing to it, for me I’m always looking
for a lot of extra protein before you work out or just in the day. So, I like to add a little cashew yogurt, there are lots of it, you can use coconut, yogurt,
again if you’re not dairy free, then just use some of the
yogurt of your choice. I usually add about a fourth,
a fourth a cup in there. It just kind of gives it a good flavor too when you mix it all together. Adds, increases the protein, side note, with your oats,
do not use quick oats, the consistency is not the same. You wanna use old fashion oats. I like to use gluten free rolled oats but just don’t use the quick oats, it doesn’t work as well. The protein content, you
got protein from here, my oats, I got protein from my chia seeds, I got protein from my cashews, what’s great about this,
you can use that same ratio, half a cup of oats and half a cup of milk and if you wanna make it
for two or three days, for me I make a lot for
my family, for my kids, it’s quick in the morning,
you can increase that ratio. So now you have a few, you
may have three of these jars and you can just pull from them all week. So, it’s quick, give minutes on the go. Throw it in the refrigerator overnight. Wake up in the morning, you
got breakfast on the go. You got protein, you got your carbs, you got energy, good to go! Okay so, just took ’em
out of the refrigerator they’ve been sitting in there overnight. They look great! You got ’em sittin’ overnight, there are a few different
variations that you can add, just on top to give a
little bit of flavor. I figured since I kinda
borrowed her recipe anyway, I might as well go ahead
and bring my wife in, Rikki and just show, she has a
few different variations that she adds and that I like. So, what you got? – I feel like I totally just
got called off the bench, like I’m not a starter. – You know, hey, it happens like that. See that’s, that’s, when you
have a good coach, you know, teachers only as good, or what is it? Students only as good
– Uh-huh! – As the teacher, somethin’ like that. – Uh-huh, uh-huh, that’s
okay, that’s okay. I come off the bench ready! – All right.
– All right. Let’s go for it. Let me help you spoon it out a little bit. – [Tim] Ah that looks good, creamy! Looks good, okay! All right – [Rikki] Top it with your chia. – [Tim] Hemp seeds, I
like to add a little bit of hemp seeds on there
– [Rikki] Hemp seeds not chia. – Extra protein, again,
before I’m workin’ out, just throughout the day,
these are protein powerhouses. I think there’s like six or
eight, 10 grams per serving in the hemp seeds, so you got
hemp seeds, you got chia seeds you got oats, for those of
you who think you need bacon, think you need eggs in the
morning to get your protein in, you got full protein
powerhouse right here. – [Rikki] Yeah, for sure! So I’m just gonna go ahead and
start this while you tell ’em more about fancy protein options. – [Tim] Those fancy, yeah
those fancy protein options. – Speakin’ of fancy– – This looks fancy, that’s
why I’m consumed with how in the world, this mango– – [Rikki] You gotta make it art, that’s what makes it fun, right? All right, now this is the best part, we’re gonna flower it. Dun dun!
– Look at that – Come on, that look
good, do you wanna eat it? Right! All right, so this just makes it easy, you totally don’t have
to do it this way at all but if you do, you will impress your friends,
or your breakfast guests. And then, so we’re gonna shave it off, we like to get every
last drop in my house. – [Tim] That looks good! – So, my boys will
literally eat the mango meat right off of the skin, this
one could get a little bit riper, if you see on this
side, it just looks almost translucent the yellow color, that’s when it’s like perfect. If you like yours a little
more tart, like I do, then you’re cool with the whiter side. – So the mangos, don’t
they help with like– – Yeah, they help with digestion. So, some people may think
that’s a lot of sugar and the mangos but the fiber
really helps with digestion. Anyone who has any tummy issues, unfortunately I do, this
really helps to jumpstart my system in the morning so that’s great. – So you got you protein,
you got your fiber, you got your carbs– – Mhm, mhm! – Little, little taste, you
know you got your sweeteners in there
– Yeah, it’s perfect! Wanna give it a try? – Stir it up, oh definitely
wanna give it a try! – Go for it. – All right, let’s see.
– Tell me how it tastes. – Let’s go, ladies first,
I’m a gentleman, I try to be. – Oh no, you can’t feed me on TV. I didn’t even let you do the
cake tasting at our wedding. – Let’s see, all right
okay, well I’ll try it. – I have like this thing, like this weird thing like
if someone is feeding me I’m gonna do something
wrong like choke on it. – That’s good. – Good?
– That’s good. – Okay, so if this were my bowl, I like to add some unsweetened
coconut flakes to mine. I have this weird like
textural thing like I know a lot of people don’t like
oatmeal because it seems kinda like mushier like gelatinous. So, if you add as much
like crunch and toast power as possible then it
totally changes the texture for your palate! Now, this one I’ll eat. – Now that is a power breakfast. Simple! – It’s so good. – And you can have this, took
you five minutes to make, the refrigerator did all the
work while you were sleeping. – Imma take one more bite. – You take it out, you
got breakfast on the go, for your kids, for you,
before you work out, before you go to work,
whatever you’re doin’. – Yeah
– There’s no reason you can’t get it in, try this recipe, let me know what you think,
add whatever variables. – I mean, you like to add sun
butter to yours sometimes. – You can add sun butter,
you can add raisins. – Any type of nut butter. – Cranberries, dried
cranberries, dried raisins. There’s so many different things, add it, make it fun, enjoy! But just eat it. Try it! Whatchu got! – Nothin’. – Thank you for hangin’ with us today. More to come, we love you. – All right
– All right Hey thanks for tuning in, please hit that subscribe button and let me know below, give
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to help you be your best and accomplish your wellness goals. See you next time!

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