Ralph Smart Diet – 7 Alkaline Drinks That Will Flush Toxins And Mucus From Your Body

I still haven't had breakfast year deep divers but I'm cold because I've been playing this fun drinking game all day what you gonna do deep divers is take a shot of water that's right every two hours so you can stay healthy hydrated and glowing are you ready let's take this shot right now that's good peace and Finnick waters diving deep once again beautiful deep divers we are out here in nature baby another glorious day little windy we're just breathing in that good ass prana baby sending you tons of bananas figs apples dates and cranberries take that take that take that if the seven day vegan challenge deep divers is that time of the week where we talk about everything food health cuz health is wealth and nutrition seven alkaline drinks that will flush mucus and clear toxins out of your body forget about eating to live it's time to start drinking to live are you ready deep divers yes Ralph so is the cat down the road and we an even had breakfast yeah can I get a Hello so wonderful deep divers let me share with you wars help me along my journey seven alkaline drinks that's helped me to flush mucus and toxins out of my body really cleanse the blood first and foremost let me give a huge shout out to doctor say be my food mental who really helped me learn about the importance of eating to live now what color is your piss deep divers if it's bright yellow uh-oh your urine your urine should be crystal clear it should be so clear the cat down the road can see through it okay that shows you've got a very good pH level zero on the pH scale is highly acidic seven is our body 14 is highly alkaline we need to be drinking more alkaline drinks to really stay at a good pH level internally and this promotes good wellness and health inside of our body the first alkaline drink that will flush mucous and clear toxins out of your body is water got water yes Ralph so do I wait a minute so does seven billion people on this planet over 70% of it in our bodies that's pretty cool but not all water is good water deep divers some water you gotta be like ain't nobody got time for that tap water ain't nobody got time for that full of fluoride ain't nobody got time for that so what water do I drink that's alkaline fresh mountain spring water a high pH this keeps the body alkaline it helps to flush out mucus from the body it cleanses the blood it's got all the vitamins and minerals you need now I'm drinking about one gallon of water every single day that's also what doctors say be recommended to me and ever since I feel healthier clearer skin more confidence more energy now the reason why mountain spring water is so powerful is because boiling water okay hot boiling water the temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit okay a hundred degrees Celsius spring water is coming out of the ground at 200 degrees Fahrenheit 200 degrees Fahrenheit so it's purified it's clean it's healthy and this is why it's so good for us all so I'm drinking water pH 9 and pH 10 you see the problem with tap water is that it's highly acidic mainly because of the water passing through the pipes picking up bacteria along the way and it gets to your glass and you're like oh what is this just throw it away cuz it's no good so fresh mountain spring water is a good to go and alkaline water pH 9 and 10 is fantastic okay what's the second deep divers alkaline drink that will flush mucus and clear toxins from your body kale and watercress my two favorite word's right now okay a kale and watercress green juice smoothie okay kale packed full of vitamin K vitamin C vitamin A watercress packed full of magnesium good for your central nervous system okay but not only that they help to get rid of mucus out of the body they are blood cleanses now dr. save me often often would tell me Ralph the biggest cause of this is this ease in the body is mucus the more deep divers you can start eating and drinking foods that can help you clear the mucus out of your body the more you will heal yourself and kale and watercress are powerful together like they got to be together okay and all of a sudden they're alkaline you feel well what are we what are you doing Ralph put some lemon juice inside there put some lemon juice inside there and some lime inside there as well okay but their acid Ralph no lemons and limes actually have a logic acid high in vitamin C too once they come into contact with the body they actually become alkaline hmmm slow motion this side and also you can put lemons in water and that's also a fantastic choice okay what's the third alkaline drink that will flush mucus and clear toxins out of your body green tea packed full of all the vitamins and minerals you need but also it's alkaline let me repeat that green tea is alkaline so once again if you are eating a heavy acid diet you need some green tea right now packed full of antioxidants okay green tea is 99.5 percent water so you are definitely going to be hydrated its detox time it's detox time anytime you have a green tea okay it's super powerful so if you are somebody who has a lot of inflammation green tea is anti-inflammatory Antivirus antifungal it's got everything you need to be in optimum health and it smells fantastic what's the full alkaline food deep divers that will flush mucus and clear toxins out of your body ginger got ginger yes I used to take ginger beer Ralf so did I all the time but ginger root ginger is so powerful the benefits of ginger is that ginger has vitamin C it's got all the antioxidants you need it's also anti-cancer did you know deep divers that you can use ginger as a natural aspirin hmm slow motion this side because it thins the blood it's anti-inflammatory once again it helps you to remove that mucus oh you sometimes do that Deep Diver when you got a cough when you got a cough or cold right know take some ginger and it's gonna be like oh it just came out of me Ralph exactly it gets rid of all of that junk all of that mucus inside of your chest and now you're good to go it's also a blood cleanser okay so ginger tea is fantastic what's the fifth alkaline food that will flush mucus and clear toxins out of your body oh baby my favorite burdock root burdock tea is fantastic okay burdock packed full of antioxidants one of dr. Sadie's favorites too packed full of all the vitamins and minerals you need but it's the blood cleanser it helps to remove toxins out of the blood it helps to remove toxins out of the blood okay it helps to remove mucus out of the blood antiviral antifungal anti-inflammatory start drinking burdock tea and tell me how you feel afterwards I feel so alive Ralph I feel so I feel so good to be alive well it feels so good to be alive Ralph and it's alkaline okay what's the sick alkaline food that will flush mucus and clear toxins out of your body beets got beets I'm not dr. Dre but I still got beets baby beetroot juice okay packed full of vitamin C vitamin A packed full of antioxidants okay beetroot juice is so good the cat down the road drinks all the time okay it will help to cleanse your blood it's so red Ralph exactly that means it's good for your blood okay it will help to get rid of all of that mucus okay and it's not that expensive for what it can do for you full of anthocyanins which actually help to prevent cancer it's a good to go so it's alkaline as well it's a great choice of drink instead of soda what's the seventh alkaline food that will help you to flush mucus and remove toxins from the blood and the body coconut water got coconut water I do now Ralph so do i okay coconut water I thought that's acid Ralph no it's not once it comes into contact with a body once again because of the logic acid it turns alkaline coconut water is healthy packed full of potassium packed full of magnesium okay potassium actually helps to lower your blood pressure magnesium is good for your nerves but also coconut water is packed full or acid lauric acid actually helps to boost your immune system once again fighting off dis ease it's a blood cleanser helps to get rid of mucus and once again deep divers is alkaline so there you have it deep divers seven alkaline foods no Ralphs seven alkaline drinks cuz we ain't even had breakfast we're only drinking right now water spring water and that's why we're just saying feel so good to be alive baby can I get a hello beautiful deep divers would just whoa breathing in that good oz prana baby health is wealth shout out to everybody who's been rocking and getting the amazing good oz prana Shutts Ralph smart dot-com slash clothes if you want to be a model add me on instagram at infinite waters got a question add me on instagram at infinite waters check out the new book deep divers for information like this feel alive by Ralph smart on Amazon have a beautiful delicious daily divers drinking all of that kale juice please infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy peace you after I drink some kale I'm just like peace because it's just like so full of goodness

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  2. Yes my urine is extremely clear. I drank water like it’s going out of season and every hour on the hour I am drinking water to stay hydrated. I remembered when I was a teen I ran so much water before I did my high school medical, my doctor sent me to the washroom to get my urine sample, when I returned and handed it to him, he was looking at it all weirdly. Then he asked if that was my itinerary or water. I said it’s my piss! He said “ did you add water to it, lol.

    He actually sent me to do it over with him standing at the outside door lol. It was the same. I am too young for my piss to me orange, yellow and smelly. No way, gotta take care of myself.

  3. 1. Water mountain spring 1 gal a day ph 9 & ph 10.
    2. Kale & water cress add lemon or lime smoothie.
    3. Green tea.
    4. Ginger root/ Ginger tea
    5. Burdock tea.
    6. Beats juice.
    7. Coconut water.

  4. Dr Sebi was able to spread his message without the help of the “powers that be.” Herbs are for the healing of the nations.

  5. Ralph is so damn fine. I’m trying to listen to the message but can I say why am I so distracted? 😂

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  7. Love this video so much! You are amazing Ralph; I’m so grateful for your energy. Stay blessed my friend. 🙏💜🌈🌅💚🏞🥥🥬🍇🐈🦋🎶

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