Ralph Smart Diet – "Why I Only Eat One Meal A Day" and foods you've been eating wrong

a lot of you wonderful deep divers keep asking me Ralph have you had breakfast yet no deep divers I still haven't had breakfast yet spoiler alert he sent Finnick waters diving deep once again beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby I hope your day is going good now deep divers we got birds up there by the way and they are singing songs like it's the seven day vegan challenge today that's right deep divers it's that time of the week where we talk about how food let food be thy medicine deep divers health is wealth eat to live I'm just whoa breathing in that good aspirin a baby sending you tons of fruits take those bananas take those grapes and take those pests deep divers in this video I'm gonna talk to you about why I only eat one meal a day that's right why I only eat one meal a day and how this has changed my life forever I'm also gonna talk to you about peculiar food habits that I have that have changed my life for the best and also you guessed the deep divers you have been eating wrong your entire life that's right and Wayne even had breakfast yet can I get a hello so wonderful deep divers now I can't tell you how the plant-based diet has changed my life while I can because I'm gonna tell you the plant-based diet has changed my life I'm healthier happier I've got more energy and I've been a vegan for over 14 years 15 nearly 15 oh my gosh and deep divers I only one meal a day and I've been doing this for the last few years now and this has changed my life now what is the science of only eating one meal a day you see there is something called intermittent fasting which I also practice deep divers but we have been programmed in this matrix to overeat and that's why so many people are ill and sick and not well and when I started to experiment eating one meal a day I'm like oh my gosh why didn't anybody tell me this because when you are only eating one meal a day what's happening there's less food in your body so now you can flush all the toxins and mucus out of your body and it's a form of fasting right because one meal a day it's not a lot you look at your plate and you're like is that all but what this subtle form of fasting is actually doing is that it's triggering a metabolic pathway called a tougher G which actually removes waste and toxins from your body hmm slow motion this side mmm right so anytime you're eating one meal a day it's removing waste from your body through a tofu G and what am i eating what's my meal plan like well this one meal a day would include for example it could be an avocado salad avocados brown rice asparagus and that's it that's all I'm eating and then I'm flushing my body out with alkaline water pH 10 and I feel fantastic now you see deep divers I was programmed in this matrix to eat a three-course meal and before I was plant-based I would wake up eat sausages scrambled eggs toast hours just for breakfast and then lunch have a massive lunch and then have a massive dinner and through this over eating you're actually taxing the body hugely and therefore it's hard for the body to eliminate waste and toxins from the body so one meal a day has changed my life it's the key in my mind to longevity now eating habits did you know deep divers that we are one of the only species that eats and drinks at the same time and someone has asked me about this they're like Ralph you need to tell these deep divers about why you don't eat and drink at the same time you see any time you are eating and drinking at the same time deep divers what's happening you are diluting the hydrochloric acid inside of your body therefore making it hard to digest food you don't have to eat and drink at the same time because guess what deep divers grapes over 90% water cucumbers alkaline over 90% water strawberry strawberries over 80% water blueberries over 90% water so the best water you can drink is actually already inside the food mmm slow motion this side mmm so that's why deep divers I eat then I eat when I drink then I drink I don't eat and drink at the same time because that messes up your digestion no other species on the planet does that we do that because we have we have the privilege to do that right what is another peculiar eating habit that has changed my life become your greatest version deep divers health is wealth now our body our mouth is like a sink and this is huge deep divers you see a lot of us we want to be healthy but we're not eating the right way you've been eating wrong your entire life this is what I found out as soon as you wake up let's just say you eat a doughnut okay and then you eat some french fries and then you have an apple now I'm not gonna judge what you eat that's your business but if you can realize what happens deep divers if you put something huge inside your sink it blocks the sink well it's just like the human body you are eating a heavy meal as soon as you wake up you are blocking the sink and it doesn't matter if you eat some blueberries afterwards full of vitamin C they aren't gonna get digested because your sink your body is already blocked mmm slow motion this side mmm so what's helped me along this food journey deep divers is to always eat the most nutritious foods first because that goes into the sink down the esophagus and it gets digested assimilated into the bloodstream and now I'm healthy and that's why I can say can I get a hello there right so whatever you eat first gets digested first deep divers what is another great food habit I have adopted that's helped me along this food journey when I'm eating I'm only eating I'm focused on what I'm eating that could be a whole bunch of grapes I'm only eating a whole bunch of grapes but how many times deep divers do you tip do you pretend that you're actually eating but you're not actually eating because you're texting someone right now you're like and then you're thinking of various other things therefore allowing yourself to be disturbed you see most people are not eating even though they think they're eating deep divers when was the last time you actually ate some food I mean really focus on the food have a holy communion with your food and this is a subtle art form I've practice the art of mastication not masturbation masticating your food and that's the art of chewing your food and when I'm chewing my food when I'm really focusing on eating this Apple eating these dates I'm just having this meditation time with my food blessing the food because the attitude you have towards the food is also part of your digestion what slow motion this side say it again Ralph the attitude you have towards your food is also part of its also part of the digestion so a lot of the times a lot of the times we have a bad attitude towards what we're eating and therefore we don't feel good within ourselves so anytime I'm eating deep-dive is a great habit I've adopted is to always see my food in a positive way always have a good-ass attitude towards that good ass food ok and really bless your food that's where it comes from in ancient times they realize that when you send good energy to your food that also helps you to heal yourself because you can eat the most nutritious foods but if your energy is bad you're not going to benefit from those foods but if your energy is good even if the foods aren't so good you can become an alchemist and turn that bad food into good food because of your attitude deep divers what is another great food habit I've adopted that's helped me along my food journey to be grateful for the food some people didn't wake up with food to daily divers at least I woke up with a whole bunch of grapes in my mouth life is good like here right now all of us deep divers we're living pretty good you got a roof over your head you can eat so I'm just grateful that I can eat any food right now and once again deep divers this video is really all about why I only one meal a day and how it's changed my life just experiment deep divers realize that if you change certain food habits like not eating and drinking at the same time and also blessing your food also having a good attitude towards your food that's all part of health and realize deep divers we are not only what we eat we are what we feed all of our senses that's what I've realized along my journey we are eating through all of our senses what are you listening to what are you looking at all of that is part of nutrition and once you realize that deep dive as well we'll just say feels so good to be a live baby can I get a hello beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby health is wealth eat to live we're just whoa breathing in that good ass prana baby oh you like the shirt Oh shout-out to everybody who's been getting the amazing good oz prana shirts deep divers check them out and get them a Ralph smart dog come slash clothes if you think you've got what it takes to be an infinite waters model add me on Instagram and tell me why got a question add me on instagram at infinite waters check out the new amazing book for information like this feel alive by Ralph smart deep divers have a beautiful day infinite waters diving deep once again stay well stay healthy peace you every 35 days your body makes new cells from the foods you are eating you are literally what you eat [Applause] [Applause]

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  2. hello Ralph, thanks for sharing. I've been sort of practicing on and off intermittent fasting and OMAD.

    Also, I felt that it was my responsibility as a Deep Diver to offer some input for the merch:

    When it says,

    I feel like you could ever so slightly change it to this:


    That way it's "good-ass prana", instead of "good ass prana"

    just an idea of many

    Lots of love and respect,

  3. Damn Ralph ! 😁 laying down the truth .. sharing the secrets ! Amazing video my brother 👌 Peace & Love

  4. 9:50 to 10:05 and repeat 9:50 to 10:05 and again 9:50 to 10:05
    repeat it the most times you can and you will understand that what you are saying is a contradiction!
    and i tell you this to clarify…if everything is energy, whats the point to eat the best foods if you are in low frequencies? :):):) you said it right, everybody we are alchemists and please understand that most of the people can't buy the avocado the grapes or all the fancy fruits you put in your mouth, so please watch what you are about to put out in your videos, cause you are not helping but making the transition to the 4th dimension more difficult.
    Eating whatever you like but watching the right amount of calories depending of you weight and activities, doing exercises, living in joy and happiness will increase your frequency more than a ton of grapes or all the good prana you can breath, and yes! you can control what happens in your life! it is called individual responsibility!

  5. 60% of Americans are at least pre diabetic. We consume way too many carbohydrates. We evolved on fats, That's why runners eat nothing but fats and proteins. Bread is really cheap to make its not like its healthy. Our bodies store fat as a source of energy when we can't eat. We are meant to burn fat as energy. Intermitten fasting is how we all actually eat. But guess what? Insulin is 10x the price in america then any other country. No coincidence we are all pre diabetic. We are farm animals. They make us fat and unhealthy so in the late stage of life all our savings are spent on hospital bills.

  6. How many calories in an avacodo salad i would be starving but u seem strong and healthy, i geuss theres someprotein i. Greens but not much. I bought spirulia cuz u said its a good sourcd of progein but every batch has like 2Gs per serving

  7. Ralph, you got really emotional about how blessed us are for having food to eat and a roof to stay under. Thank you for reminding us. I will change my eating habit since I do eat a lot these days and my stomach is upset with me now.

  8. This is 100% true. You never cease to uplift my mood. Even when I'm running on 1 hour of sleep and have 9 hours of score writing to do.

  9. I’ve been eating one meal a day since last week b/c I’m trying to lose weight but that one meal a day be over 1200 calories. I fix a lot of food at one time but maybe I should kept that down

  10. i disagree with the eating a meal once a day because i eat 5 meals throughout the day and i am fit and healthy and it works for me. to each their own.

  11. Ralph I've been eating one meal a day for years and people look at me like I'm crazy but I agree with you and been saying people are OVER eating. I've been in the best shape and health of my life and feel so much better than when I was eating breakfast lunch dinner snacks etc.

  12. I think you should invite people to send you pictures of themselves in your shirts that they have purchased! Then put those pictures in your website put them on this channel. We are a tribe 🙂

  13. What if you have GERD & IBS really badly? I fast a lot and it causes complications when I go too long without food.

  14. Spices is reason for drinking water after meal. Too many salt or sugar, unnatural off course. Not sugar from fruits.

  15. Ralph this is a great idea, but I’m always hearing that as a vegan we’re not eating enough protein! How do you get yours with one meal a day? Thanks!

  16. That's why you look so young and you're skin glows babe. 😘 I'm always hungry how do I stop eating boy. It's all mental mind over matter.

  17. wow the universe really does the job when it comes to sending messages bc I definitely had a donut for breakfast yesterday I'm shook like what are the odds

  18. im not going to judge you for what you eat but youre disgusting for eating frenchfries for breakfast lmao

  19. OMAD.. More energy than ever before.. I feel much better now.. I'm so happy you touched on this Topic.. Have a wonderful day

  20. I am, Screaming, Awesome, Video like Always, love, Diana Lipski 💕, thank you for all you Share here, Awesome 😍

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