8 thoughts on “Raw Dog Food Diet- Let’s Talk About Our Dogs

  1. Very cool 😎 loved seeing the pups down all in unison! What brand of raw food was that you were feeding?

  2. hey kayl if you dont mind me asking but what is the powder in the green container called and where would i be able to get it from!? and how often would you put that supplement in the dogs food?

  3. Hello! I was wondering where you got the red martingale lead that you're using on Beeline near the end of the video?

  4. I resorted to a limited ingredient kibble due to my dogs allergies but its not helping so im thinking of raw food diet only issue is most vets say no

  5. That raw looked like a boneless mince? Dogs need 80:10:10 (meat, bone, offal) to stay healthy and need at least couple different protein sources for variety. Hope it just looked funny on the video πŸ™‚

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