RBC Insurance Wellness Program

Imagine a program designed
specifically for you… helping you stay motivated
and to live a healthier life. Our digital wellness program
does exactly that – and it’s part of your RBC Insurance Group
Benefit Solutions. This Wellness Solution,
powered by Lifeworks, can be accessed through the
RBC Insurance My Benefits app on your phone or
our online portal. The program will help
you identify health risks… and provide personalized
recommendations to support you. Maybe you want help changing
your “habitudes”–habits like… going to bed too late… drinking too many sugary
drinks… not taking time to unwind…
or skipping a daily activity. Individual, team and corporate challenges
encourage you to build those healthy
behaviours by focusing on one or
two habits that you want to change. You’ll even earn points you can redeem for
exciting rewards! Plus, you can sync your
wearable fitness tracker to monitor your activity. So you can see where
you’re doing well… and where you might
want to improve. It’s almost like having
a personal coach… helping you get what you
need when you need it most. Your financial well-being is
important too and this program also provides you access
to discounts at your favourite retailers, saving you money! Access the digital wellness
program today… and reward yourself
with a healthier life. ♪ (Music) ♪ (Music Ends)

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