Refried Beans Recipe – Mexican Cuisine

welcome to show me the CARICOM i'm HIPAA i'm Anuja and since we're living in texas we thought we will show you some tex-mex food actually because really Texas is so influenced by Mexican food that they have their own little category tex-mex so we're going to show you how to make refried beans which is the basis of a lot of other dishes so let's get started and here's what you're going to need two 16-ounce cans of refried beans 1 tbsp oil 1 medium onion chopped green chilies finely chopped to taste 1 tbsp taco seasoning or to taste salt and lemon juice to taste okay we have a medium-sized skillet on medium heat and it's already a couple oil in it and it's heated up so we're going to start by adding the onions green chillies the green chilies are of course optional but if you have us over for dinner you have to put them so just a note adds a lot of fun to your plain regular refried beans so it really gonna show you it's a good flavor and we're gonna let the onions cook until they're slightly Brown you know Mexican food is so popular and it has a lot of flavors that Indian food has I think we Indians tend to you know draw towards Mexican food that's got cumin and it's that coriander and a lot of different flavors tomato is a love yeah a lot of use of tomatoes we love it we just absolutely love and it's it's pretty healthy beans you know it's your great source of protein one thing we want to mention about buying canned beans like this is if you're vegetarian they're not always vegetarian beans and that they tend to make them with lard which is you know an animal product so if you're going to buy these beans be sure you look for fat free beans or vegetarian beans and those we made with pure oil and vegetarian of course right and the other thing is we've using cans because there's abundance of cans over here you know the in Texas we get any store even like a 7-eleven or a gas station you carry these so it's so easily available and very inexpensive if you have to ever make these at home you can just buy some pinto beans they kind of look like rajma little smaller and they're not ready yes and you just soak them overnight just like rajma and with water and salt and just pressure cook it i think a couple of whistles and you're ready to go so basically you want it the texture should be kind of a little pasty so that's what you're looking for so they're very easy to mash it looks fantastic got a little bit of color but rug burnt so this is the perfect time to add taco seasoning now this is a combination of spices if you don't have taco seasoning don't panic you can make your own at home it's basically just paprika chili powder garlic powder onion powder and a little bit of cumin yeah so if you don't have this you know feel free to make it at home and this is also really to taste if you like really intense flavors you can add as much as you like there are dishes that need a little softer refried beans so if that's the case then you can put in the water and we're also adding with water in there just so then the spice mix doesn't burn and once it's mixture we can add or be perfect solid mess and then get all your muscle far out and start mixing now we mentioned that this is used for a lot of dishes so just to name a few there's enchiladas there's Mexican pizza nachos nachos tacos so I think this is pretty much the basis for or even with seven led tip which is like so popular and so delicious it's like one of those perfect things for parties or people yeah so excellent and of course vegetarian all vegetarian is very versatile so once it's all mixed in and it's heated up all the way through got the last step we're putting a little bit of salt but our taco seasoning usually has a little salt in it so be sure you try this out and see if you need the salt and if it needs it you can add some in otherwise leave it out and finally we have lemon juice or lime juice to taste okay it's all mixed in we're going to wait for it to boil turn off the stove and it's right so it doesn't look very pretty though does it – no but it tastes awesome it's not a very pretty dish not only does it taste awesome it's filling and it's healthy and it tastes great so enjoy the refried beans and look out for some great Mexican recipes from us and join us again another episode of show me the CARICOM adding a pinch of spice to your life you

21 thoughts on “Refried Beans Recipe – Mexican Cuisine

  1. Looks wonderful I just love Mexican and indian food but of course I am of indian descent. I love crisping some bacon in the skillet and add a little chopped garlic then my refried beans. I love refried black beans. No its not healthy with all of the bacon I use but once in a while its worth it.

  2. i pressure cooked soaked beans and then mash them with the lid off after they are fully cooked and add Onion powder, garlic powder, Cumin powder, salt and pepper and a bit of butter. When its all done and ready to eat, i add a bit of hot Queso or Monterey Jack or PepperJack cheese on top of each plate that has a serving of beans, it melts on the refried beans and is heavenly!!

  3. Honestly, not mean to be rude but why not just eat out of the can without the effort of frying! To cook beans from scratch, you don't even have to soak them overnight, just boil for about an hour with a little bit of salt. Then you can manage them the way you want; fried, whole, in soups… whatever, but canned food, not my type of food. I love cooking from scratch and do not eat canned food of any kind-unhealthy. I am Mexican, by the way.

  4. Seriously, your recipe is use canned refried beans? Stick to canned curry. Might as well tell people to pick it up at 7-eleven. Duh!!

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