Research Spotlight: Physical Internet Center

[up-tempo techno music] At the Physical Internet Center,
we’re about the physical internet. So this hyper-connected
global logistic system that is aiming to get
much more seamless, very efficient,
flow consolidation using world-standard encapsulation,
modularization protocols and interfaces. In this research,
what we work is at four levels. First we work
at the conceptual level. So this is where we shape
what is the physical internet. How does this deal
with the big challenges that we have right now
for omni-channel or very fast delivery? So what we do
is use a combination of analytical models,
optimization, and simulation to be able to assess
at the priory what’s the potential. What we’ve done is simulate
the impact on France with our two top retailers
and over 100 of their suppliers. And with this, for example,
we show that we will be saving over 30%
of all the induced costs. We would be able to reduce
the greenhouse gas emission by over 60%
while making the life of all the truck drivers
across France much, much nicer, getting them home everyday
and also being able to deliver on time. So this is the kind of study
that we’ll do for assessing the potential.

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