Respite and carer wellbeing

Libby, earlier we talked about John and his
reactions and feelings to what’s going on We haven’t had a chance to talk about you
as his carer How are you going? Look, your advice Sam was so helpful and things
are a lot better with John but I am just tired, exhausted, but things
with him are a lot better that’s good to hear So, being a carer is more than a full-time
job isn’t it? It’s 24 hours a day and it’s emotionally draining and physically
draining Have you thought about things that you can
do to take care of yourself? Not really It’s really important that you have time to
yourself because if you become unwell you won’t be able to care for John and I’m sure you’d like to continue doing
that Of course So it’s important we look after you and important that you look you so that you
can continue to do that and to not feel bad about that to take time out to take help from other people to ask for help and people want to help have you noticed? Yes People will be dropping around meals or saying “can I drive you to an appointment?” So it’s important that you take those offers
up and take care of yourself There’s another organisation I would like
to refer you to with your permission called Carer Respite and Support Services They can offer you carer counselling, emotional
support, as well as other practical support ideas like fuel vouchers or a massage Goodness, that sounds good Does that sound alright? Yes So, have you been taking regular breaks? I do get an afternoon off, a girlfriend just
keeps an eye on him What do you do with that time? I might go to a picture, go out for lunch
with some girlfriends, things like that Oh that’s good Have a bit of laugh with your friends Oh yes, you need a laugh you do Humour is a normal part of life, as is being
unwell, as is any of those things so it’s important that you continue to have
a bit of a giggle when you can And I think John likes it when I do go out
and have a bit of a laugh Yeah, it’s better for your relationship because you come home more relaxed and happy and able to cope Yes that’s right

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