Resveratrol shown to have positive impact on brain health (or in Alzheimer’s Disease prevention)

– [Dr. Patrick]: A couple of studies, as you
know, there’s phase one and two clinical studies on Alzheimer’s disease where they were given
500 milligrams or 1,000 milligrams of resveratrol a day and both of these studies found that
there was a reduction in amyloid beta 42 in cerebral spinal fluid. There was an improvement in cognitive function
and a couple of other parameters. So it was kind of interesting because I recently
had Dr. Dale Bredesen on the podcast and he has this whole protocol where he’s able to,
with certain, you know, diet and lifestyle factors, you know, improve cognitive function
and also by MRI, like, have shown to, like, reverse some of the atrophy in the hippocampus. And so resveratrol was on his… He’s got this long list and I kind of like,
everything in the kitchen sink where I was like, “Geez, like, what is all…” And resveratrol was on there. I never really knew why until I, very recently,
was reading a little bit of the clinical studies. I thought that was super interesting as well. And then the other thing that was interesting,
as you know, was the autophagy because resveratrol seems to be activating autophagy and I also
interviewed Guido Kroemer on the podcast. – [Dr. Sinclair]: Oh, you did? Okay. – [Dr. Patrick]: And he talks about these
three signals that are important for autophagy, and one of them is the increase in protein… Oh, wait, decrease in protein acetylation? – [Dr. Sinclair]: Yeah. – [Dr. Patrick]: Yeah. Because sirtuins are histone deacetylases. So that would lead to, right? A decrease in protein acetylation. – [Dr. Sinclair]: That’s exactly right. So that’s how these Pac-Man enzymes are working. And one of the enzymes that they work on is
an autophagy protein that goes and destroys bad protein. So it’s perfectly reasonable to think that
if you take resveratrol, it might be clearing the body of those proteins. – [Dr. Patrick]: Yeah. I have seen the study with resveratrol, so
that’s… – [Dr. Sinclair]: Yeah, Richard Turner, I
believe. That’s the study I think you’re referring
to and it looked really promising. And he did what looked like a very convincing
study, but he actually is still trying to raise the money to do his larger trial. And I’m trying to help him with that, but
I would love to see that repeated in women and more people.

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