Rick Guice – Willis-Knighton Fitness & Wellness Member Story

Well, I was exercising at the Willis-Knighton health facility here in Bossier and I begin to experience severe
burning in my sternum area, kind of like real severe indigestion or heartburn. I
was beginning to sweat profusely like somebody had actually poured a bucket of
water over my head. He was sweating profusely. He looked very pale. He was tired and we could tell definitely something was
going on. He sounded confused and he just said Paula I don’t feel right, something’s
wrong with me. I saw Rick coming up to the front desk and tell him Paula that he was
starting to have a few symptoms and I saw him hold his chest so I didn’t sit
him down or anything I heard him let’s go over to cardiac. So
they walked me back around there went inside and the medical staff was still
there and they took one look at me and said you’re having a heart attack. And
they called 9-1-1 because after they did the EKG over at
cardiac rehab they saw that they was he was having a heart attack. And they took
care of him but he was in pretty bad shape . They rolled me out to the
ambulance. We had to go I guess about 250- 300 yards from the health facility to
the ER and they rolled me in and I coded seven times so they hit me with the
paddles as I understand seven times and I was unconscious. If Rick had not been at this facility Rick would have probably died. And so we went to the cath
lab and they put the stent in because I had a hundred percent blockage of what
they call the LAD which is the main artery that brings the blood supply back
to your heart and as I have been told by numerous physicians I am very lucky to
be here because most people do not survive that. I felt good that I was able to help and I was a
reliable person for him to take care of him. If I had not been at Willis-Knighton Fitness Center which is a such good proximity to the hospital, if the staff
there had not known what to do, if the cardiac rehab medical team was still not
on site I would not have made it. The only reason I am alive today is because
I was exercising and am a member of the Health Center at Willis-Knighton.

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