100 thoughts on “Road to the Arnold — 2020 — Mikhail Shivlyakov

  1. I love how the strongmen improvise their implements being slightly different in different places! Hyped for the upcoming Arnold!

  2. Hey Rogue, will you live stream Rogue Strength Stage events? Or just the Strongman Classic? There will be lots of strongwoman, powerlifting and weightlifting events in the Rogue stage, live coverage of these events as well would be insane

  3. I'll never forget that elephant bar deadlift in 2018 when he was shaking all over, blood pouring out of his nose, and he still finished the lift. Legend! Pound for pound, he could be the strongest guy at the Arnold's and he oozes class when he competes too!

  4. I always love Shivlyakov: his attitude, his optimism, his heart… and not to mention a sense of humor! I actually have him as my 3rd favorite Strongman, and would love to see him go head to head against my other two favs: Martins Licis and Mateusz! I do hope Mikhail works on his joint stability though: I always see him shaky on the stages of lifting, even though he often gets the lifts, but at his age, I just want him to be safe so that he avoids injury! This guy is the Siberian Express: I hope to see him compete well into his 40s or 50s! Love ya Shivlyakov!~

  5. I got a pic with each athlete after WUS Dubai last year. Mikhail was one of the only guys with a big grin on his face for my photo. Such a cool, friendly guy. Deserves every victory coming his way.

  6. Good luck Misha! You always light up competitions you are part of! Your heartfelt thanks and salute to the crowd is always a highlight to see!

  7. What a great man. Notice how he cheered the Hulk statue as “Hafthor” ahah also wearing the legend Dan Green’s hat and brand. What an easy-going cool guy. Mad Respect for him and his beret

  8. Редкий случай, когда за страну не стыдно, а берет гордость! Михаил, мы верим в тебя!
    For English speaking: it is a rare occasion, when I'm not ashamed of my country, but rather proud of it! Mikhail, we believe in you!

  9. You’ve always bin a top favorite for me your a great athlete and always put in a show your my top choice for the Arnold keep strong and give them hell praise all the way from Utah!!!

  10. Will Rogue Fitness allow us to see this man abuse himself with steroids? Can we see these competitors stabbing themselves with needles?
    The Arnold steroid festival has no age restrictions.
    Will Rogue Fitness be held accountable for all the kids who are influenced to use steroids and other dangerous, illegal drugs?
    POYS, Protect Our Youth from Steroids, is going to try.

  11. eminds me of a German Doc who is maried to a Russian woman and who told me that by nature the strongest connection there could be of a 2 nations combo is and for centuries would have been Germany and Russia. (I like USA anyway)

  12. He is easy to be overlooked among those who display more (melo)drama. As the silent force in the room he has steadily grown a place in my heart. He should have his own channel… we would watch him as much as we do Martins, Hafthor, Brian and Eddie, wouldn't we!

  13. this guys a big teddy bear.. but he is arguably the most deadly strongman due to his military training so.. also a grizzly bear lol

  14. That was awesome! It was great to see a little of how and where Mikhail Shivlyakov spends his days training and working! More please!!!

  15. Crowd favorite who will never get the ultimate spot light. I would love to see a contest prep or at least a few segments of his training, recovery, and diet. Salute!

  16. I don‘t know why but the „road to the arnold“ videos about eastern european guys are always the most interesting. It really feels like taking a trip to a different world. Awesome job.

  17. i really like this guy because he has seen death during war he has a greater appreciation for life i also hope he does well keep it up Mikhail.

  18. Been a fan of him since he started competing at the Arnold. Glad to see him geting the attention and recognition he deserves

  19. What an absolute badass. I also love that Rogue's doing stuff like this, almost like the Player Profiles that Valve does, but for Strongman. Epic 💪

  20. Genuinely one of my favourite strongmen over the past few years, always gives 110%.

    Also, i love these videos leading up to the arnolds, brilliantly edited👍

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