Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

hello everyone I am your produce guy today we're going to cook up some Brussels sprouts now these little cabbage leg guys are just loaded with nutrition they're a powerhouse loaded with antioxidants vitamins including an excellent source of vitamin C B vitamins vitamin A vitamin E fiber all kinds of stuff are contained in these these ought to be part of your diet and they're on in the winter time that's when they they flourish and so they should be in your markets can use them as a great holiday side dish or just a regular side dish in your meals and that's what we're going to do today now I've prepped a small bowl full of brussel sprouts here I have done them up by peeling back any yellowing or dried leaves trimming off the ends of them and then cutting them in half and so now we're ready to go we're going to douse these guys with a little bit of one of my favorites some olive oil just put a little bit on there and there we go just eyeball that don't put too much on I've got some balsamic vinegar and we're going to lay that in there pretty nice and then some salt and pepper now I've seen recipes where you can add some bacon to this or even create a balsamic reduction and throw that pour that over the top once they've come out of the oven and add some dried cranberries – that sounds really delicious but we're going for the pure stuff today now we're going to shake these around a little bit get that olive oil and balsamic on there and then we're going to actually let these set for about 15 minutes let those flavors can get into the sprouts right now our sprouts have been sitting in this mixture here for about 15 minutes so that is ready to go I've got a small baking pan here I've lined it with a piece of parchment paper and like that makes for easier cleanup of now we're just going to pour these out and real quick just lay them all down on the cut side okay I've got all my sprouts arranged with the cut side down on the tray I've got a 375 degree oven right behind me I'm going to pop these in they're going to bake for 20 minutes we'll roast them for 20 minutes with the cut side down at 20 minutes we're going to flip them over and let that cut side B up and finish cooking those that way so I'll pop them in we'll see what happens this is so simple I'm excited this is great I love these things so here they are the final product right out of the oven look at the dark crust on those guys that's partly from the balsamic partly from roasting all these things smell wonderful – oh boy I can't wait well now that couldn't be much simpler could it while sonic vinegar olive oil salt and pepper some Brussels sprouts in the oven for half an hour what a wonderful little dish this is side dish to go with a holiday meal or just an everyday dinner you could dress these up but I love them simple just like this lets the flavor come through and as I mentioned earlier these are powerhouses of nutrition so I hope if you hadn't tried Brussels sprouts before that this will be an introduction for you if you haven't had them like this before you need to it changes the way you'll perceive them thanks so much for being with us we appreciate your support we look forward to seeing you next time here on your produce guy and as always fresh is best we'll see you we got a real treat here today in addition to the green asparagus that most of us are used to we've got some white asparagus here now this isn't some strange different variety of experience of the spíritus this is simply created by

30 thoughts on “Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

  1. did I miss something?  you said twenty mins preheated then turn over, so assume ten mins on next side at same temp?  got a few pounds from my garden ready to go, thanx …great job

  2. That looks so delicious!  Thank you so much for your videos.  I recently have become a vegan and appreciate any recipes I can get. 

  3. Thanks Produce Guy, I never knew I'd love cooking but as I grew up I do understand not only the importance but also the obvious benefits considering cooking is a gift that feels amazing to share with others. Bless.

  4. I've lived my whole life suffering through brussels sprouts, literally gagging when try to eat them boiled or steamed. God help me, I just couldn't eat them. Today, 32 ripe years into my life, I had my first roasted brussel sprouts. I ate a ton of them. THANK YOU for this video, Produce Guy. I have a new-found respect for the brussels sprout.

  5. I made these last night and it was the best. I love that it was so easy. I didn't cut enough of the bottoms off and so that part came out a little tough. Next time I know to cut a little more. I am going to add this to my recipe box for sure.

  6. i will be getting brussel sprouts on my next grocery trip so i can make this! Simple, easy, and looks delicious.

  7. I'm weird I have actually always liked brussels sprouts and broccoli, this recipe will make brussels sprouts even better! Thanks!

  8. Another way to cook brussel sprout… i love them. i never thought to roast them. they look very tastey. i must try ths recipe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. I remember, as a kid, sitting at the table for four hrs with my Dad refusing to eat brussel sprouts. After seeing this video, it is the first time ever that I am considering trying them again.

  10. Great idea YPG, I have never thought of roasting Sprouts. It's one of those vegetable that kids don't seem to like but I have to say I love them.

    Now this is just another method of cooking them I can add to my repertoire . Thank You.


  11. well i love your video really interesting , i never get a roasted vege before.
    sadly i never seen a brussel in my country..
    hey mr produce guy, could you make a receipe for a vege called 'peria' or it called 'pare' in my country..
    it good for nutralize diabetes, its got a very bitter taste
    but it taste quite good when cooked

  12. Just had this for Thanksgiving the other day! Really tasty! but I didn't think to add any balsamic vinegar. May try that next time.

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