Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Joel’s Meat Diet

Joel: Somebody mentioned Ally McBeal earlier. I was a waiter on Ally McBeal. and I got to the point where I kind of knew Lucy Liu and I kind of knew Portia de Rossi and we started a conversation or whatever. At the time I was on the meat diet And I think Portia de Rossi was a vegetarian. And were sort of going back and forth, we were talking about it and whatever. It’s like very dark on that set and they had uh- wheeled out like a uh- a potato bar? I’ve already told the story wrong, I’ve already ruined it I’ve already told the story wrong Gavin: Aaand cut! [beep] Joel: They wheeled a taco bar it had like lettuce and sour cream and all this stuff… Gavin: [laughing]
Burnie: But you said potatoes the first time, What happened to the potatoes? So, I’m on the fucking meat diet. so it’s like “You know what I am just going to get a fucking motherfucking bowl of fucking ground beef I do not give a fuck, and I just talked to them and they were watching me unload this giant bowl of just ground beef into a bowl and I’m thinking to myself: “Oh they’re vegetarian, they propably think I’m like an… asshole or whatever. but it’s like “You know what? Fuck them! I’m on a meat diet I’m gonna fucking eat meat” and I get a fucking big, heaping, table spoon of ground beef I put it in my mouth… It’s bacon bits. Burnie: Oh gross! Gavin: [laughing] Joel: It’s fucking synthetic… Gavin: [laughing] Burnie: Baco bits!
Joel: and fake and everybody saw me fucking walk over there and make Gus: [laughing]
and everybody saw me fucking walk over there and make a giant fucking bowl of bacon bits and now I’ve got to make a fucking decision… I fucking ate those fucking bacon bits Burnie: You did not! Joel: I went to the bathroom 27 times that day.

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  1. "I already told the story wrong… I already ruined it.. I already told the story wrong.." Holy shit that made me laugh for like 10 minutes. 

  2. he's a man's man, once you've dug the hole for yourself, just keep digging, trying to wuss out just makes it so much worse

  3. I hope in the near future rooster teeth interviews Lucy  or Portia (just for the hell of it, no reason in particular) and asks them if they remember this happening.

  4. I once got a huge plate of those Mozarella cheese sticks at a shitty non-authentic "chinese" diner and covered it with what I thought was marinara sauce. Turns out it was cocktail sauce. Not the worst, but… You know. Not the best, either.

  5. Reminds me of this one time at scout camp, they had a salad bar, this one kid would make the same thing every time. I don't remember his name, but say it was Kyle, he would make what we came to call a "Kyle Salad" and it was literally a cereal bowl of bacon bits with French dressing on top. That's it. Bugger loved it.

  6. once i went to a buffet and saw a tray of shelled eggs out for people. So I assumed "well the eggs out in the open, I guess they are hard boiled." They were raw. I cracked one open at my table and raw egg yolk went everywhere. It was never explained why they had eggs sitting out on buffet but i never seen eggs out in that place ever again.

  7. So i was half asleep once and my grandmother was making bagels. So i took one, and put some cream-cheese on it. I thought it tasted a little funny at first but i still finished it. I didn't realize that what i actually put on it was Crisco until my sister burst out laughing.

  8. It's not Bac~os it's POISON. Ugh I too fell for the 'fakeon' bits once… didn't notice they were unnaturally red.. and I load my potatoes up with lots of actual bacon bits too.. took one bite and bluuugh. had to finish it though.. it was at a family function.

  9. Has Joel ever talked about the time he was on "Friends"? I'd like to know what his thoughts are on the Ross and Rachel bullshit…

  10. >be me
    >used to love to put sugar on my french toast
    > wake up one morning
    >mom made french toast
    >take huge bite.
    >not sugar
    >still ate it.

  11. When I was younger- a holiday resort had an easter buffay thing. I didn't like the look of anything except for the chocolate minieggs. I was on holiday, my child brain was all for a mountain of chocolate so I filled my plate with the stuff. After hiding in the corner, I remember trying to open them- eventually deciding the entire thing was edible for some reason. So- I just started jamming them into my mouth.

    Turns out, they were just out for decoration. I literally got a bowl of coloured rocks.

  12. When I was a kid I loved to put way too much sugar on my cereal (I think as most kids do). So one morning I wait for my dad to walk back into his room, so that he's not watching me, and I dash back to the kitchen to grab the thing of sugar, you know the glass ones where you just kind of pour it out the top. So I just unload on the cereal and then sneak it back into the kitchen, then sit down like nothing happened. First bite of my cereal? It was salt. I wish I could have seen my face honestly.

  13. One time I got a big chunk of pork and when I bit into it the whole thing was just fat that had been cooked enough to look like burnt meat and I wanted to d i e

  14. I once went to a buffet with my family. There was a giant bowl of ice cream the size of a dinner plate next to pies and cakes and other desserts, so I got half a plate of ice cream. When I took a bite, it was butter. I still don't understand why there was a giant bowl of butter on the dessert table, but I ate that butter.

  15. When I was like 7 or 8 my dad called me and my brother into the kitchen and handed both of us vanilla ice cream cones and we both went to eat it and it turned out my dad took ice cream cones and put big lobs of lard and gave it to us.

  16. I was at a nice restaurant and after our meal they brought out ice cream, I put what I thought was whipped cream on mine but turned out to be sour cream left from the meal before. It was delicious.

  17. It's 11o'clock at night, my parents are in the other room and I am about to cry I'm laughing so hard and I don't even know why

  18. I had a similar dilemma where during Christmas time, I was at my aunts house and I was going to mix milk and eggnogg, but the yellow carton that I poured into my milk wasn't eggnogg. it was half and half. even worse, she saw me and asked if that was good. I Had no idea whether to explain it to her or just say it tasted good. (what would you do) in the end, I just decided to tell her it was good. :/

  19. When I was 5, my family and I went to a buffet restaurant, and there was a server making fresh waffles, I got one and looked down and saw what looked like vanilla ice cream, so I got spoonfuls and spoonfuls of it. When I got to my table, my sister then told me that what I actually got was butter, and the guy who was making the waffles looked at me funny when I was getting just giant spoonfuls of butter.

  20. Today I weighed inside the balance and i also saw i lost another pounds. In general I buried 21 pounds with all the diet I'm doing. The diet plan will be here

  21. Lots of stories about people eating butter. The lesson of the day is that restaurants and buffets need to stop making butter so fancy looking!

  22. My grandma once made a large cake, it had a nice smooth layer of what appeared to be vanilla icing and I thought "Oh hey, this cake looks pretty good" and so i get a piece and then I realise, it's not white icing, I don't know what it was but it tasted horrible and had the consistency of licorice. That wasn't even the worst part, it was a fruitcake and I have no idea what they are supposed to taste like but it did not taste like fruit let alone cake.

  23. one time i saw a tube of white stuff, i thought it was frosting and ate it. it was glue. i didnt tell my parents. (i was 6)

  24. The worst i've done if when I was little I made of a bowl of cereal and used buttermilk instead of normal milk because I didn't know there was a difference. since it said milk on it.

  25. In the nearly four years I've watched and rewatched this RTAA, I've never thought to ask this question, but: when he shoved that spoon into that bowl of (at the time) ostensibly ground beef, was it not at all suspect that it did not feel moist, meaty and mushy and instead felt like he was scooping mulch? Or was Joel just all in on that "show 'em how meat eaters do it" hype?

  26. One time I was at a movie theater and halfway through the movie I decided to put some salt on my popcorn and I put a lot of salt because it was a large bag and it turned out it was sugar so I had to spend the rest of the movie eating overly sweet shitty popcorn

  27. This video has been out for four years now and I still wonder the same question: What kind of taco bar has bacon bits and not have ground beef??? What kind of taco would that be? Who made that taco bar? They need to learn how to taco.

  28. Wait, why did Micheal say that Bacon Bits were gross? They sound delicious. Anybody wish to elaborate on this mysterious animosity that he holds towards them? That will be greatly appreciated.

  29. I was at a pizza restaurant with some friends when I was young. At one point one friend and I has a competition to see who could have more salt on their pizza then eat it and both our slices were covered almost completely in salt. Then we went to take a bite out of ours we spit it out and ran to the bathroom to get the salt out of our mouths. And that is why I have never used a salt shaker since.

  30. When I was a little kid one time we went to a fancy restaurant and they gave us bowls of soup and I went to drink some and it was finger dishes

  31. I was probably 7 during this time.

    I was on vacation once and I really like soy sauce. Every restaurant we went to always had condiments like vinegar, soy sauce, tiny chilli pepperd and other things like that. We get breakfast at this restaurant in a hotel. I get scrambled eggs and fried fish. I poured what I thought was "thick" soy sauce on my eggs.

    It was worcester sauce.

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