Running for beginners – Top Nutrition and hydration tips by experts

Hi folks, I am Shrinivas from Runner’s High
and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about nutrition and hydration for a runner. Now, when it comes to nutrition in general, the purpose of concentrating on your nutrition is to stay athletic, to stay fit because a very important aspect
about running is that you need to be fit to run. to make sure that you are free from injury
and you actually enjoy the sport. The purpose there is to have all the ingredients in your
food, in your daily food, to contain, you know the right proportions of carbohydrates, proteins,
fats, vitamins, minerals which without getting very technical, basically says that you need
to have a balanced diet. Not to forget that you need at least two to three liters of water
everyday, to make sure that you have the body salts as well as the cooling aspect of water. Coming to nutrition and hydration related to the run, let us say that you are going to do your run in the morning, it is very important that you never go out on a run on an empty stomach. It is like when you are going on a long journey it is very important that you need to first tank up your fuel tank and then you need to make sure that you’ll
be able to get to a petrol pump as you go along the way at some regular interval, depending
on your milage. It is very similar to this when it comes to your own running. Make sure that you have enough reserve energy in your body coming from some small meal before you
start running. Maybe a banana, maybe a sandwich, maybe a few biscuits, a cup of tea or coffee.
You need to have a little bit of water before you start running. Not a lot, but a little
bit of water. And as you go along your run, it is important that you hydrate yourself
with water, maybe, with a little bit of salt added to it, or salts in the form
of electrolytes. In case you are going to be on the run for durations longer than an
hour, a little bit of food along the way, very light, something that you can digest
quickly, which will give you glucose as you go along.

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  1. hello, I'm from Mumbai, is there any WhatsApp GRP for runners in Mumbai, pls send the link, thanks for the video

  2. I m beginner… How should i start… I have To clear rpf si running 1600 mtr in 5:30 minutes…. Approx 4-5 months Are left… Plj help me

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