Rural vs city health + the dental divide between rich and poor – Health Divide Pt 3 | 7.30

11 thoughts on “Rural vs city health + the dental divide between rich and poor – Health Divide Pt 3 | 7.30

  1. 90% of modern lifestyle chronic diseases are preventable. Government is spending already too much on Medicare. Prevention is better than cure. Stop eating processed food and stop eating too many times. You won't get any disease. Problem is people are too attached to food, it becomes an emotional issue to them. First world problem.

  2. It's unfortunate but it is an inevitable part or living rurally. There just isn't the concentrated population to justify the high cost of facilities as well as the issue of staffing the facilities. Rural cities need more funding, paired with more funding for RFDS/Air Ambulance/Road transport. It may be harsh but if you live rurally and have a chronic condition you should be considering moving closer to the services you're going to rely on more and more.

  3. Too many people entering Australia illegally welfare system being abused by many including single mothers having extra kids for child care payments time to stop the rot Australia.

  4. My father was told he would have to wait up to two years in the city but if he was a refugee or aboriginal he would only have to wait two weeks !!!
    That's the thanks he's gets for getting up everyday to work in the most toxic industries over the years conditions that are totally banned these days

  5. That dental isn't covered is almost criminal.
    For instance having bad teeth increases the risk of a heart attack dramatically.

  6. Even health Canada doesn’t cover dental. I’m in the US, but live on the border. In the US, private medical ins doesn’t cover dental. It is a separate insurance that has to be purchased. Most major US company’s offer med and dental insurance to their employees available to be purchased through them, because they get a group rate from whichever insurance co they deal with. Maybe Australian company’s should offer something like that for dental. Just a thought.

  7. National Health Care=Bad or nonexistent health care….when you cease to be a consumer/product you are expendable. EVIL.

  8. Australia needs a two state solution. Ruthless cosmopolitans are to busy with their want to control imported people to worry about Traditional Australia, incredibly sad

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