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Hey everyone, its Natasha of Natasha' Today we're making a fresh and wildly delicious avocado tuna salad.
This recipe is so easy, let's get right into it. Slice one large English cucumber
and transfer it to a large mixing bowl. Next the avocado, you can use 3 medium or
too large avocados, the more the merrier. Slice those up and add them to the bowl.
I love the avocado here because it gives the salad a healthy creaminess. Drain and
break up your tuna with a fork. Now, I'm using 15 ounces of tuna because it gives
the salad a nice amount of protein. Now peel and thinly slice a medium red onion
and add that right into your bowl. Now chop half of a small bunch of cilantro,
you should get about a quarter cup. Add that to your salad along with 2
Tbsp of fresh lemon juice and the cilantro and lemon give this salad
amazing flavor. Finally add 2 Tbsp of extra
virgin olive oil and a tsp of salt then we add some fresh black pepper. Toss it together and that's really all there is to it. Oh, it's lunchtime! Now you can serve this
for dinner as a side salad but it's also a really satisfying lunch because it's
loaded with protein from the tuna. I think it's time for a taste test. It
smells good too! YUM!
Get a little bit of everything on that fork full – mm-hmm. The cilantro and the lemon give it so
much incredible fresh flavor and then you know it doesn't have any mayo. I'm
not against Mayo but the avocado makes the salad so creamy that you don't even
need it in this recipe. Wow! This is so easy and so delicious.
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46 thoughts on “Salads: Avocado Tuna Salad Recipe – Natasha's Kitchen

  1. I just made this salad. and OMG it’s DELICIOUS! It was so good! Definitely recommend this! I can’t get over how yummy it was! Thanks!

  2. This is a version of the original…however if you mix the tuna in with the quac and season to taste…it’s so good.

  3. I don't have any English cucumbers I only had Mexican cucumbers but Donald Trump deported them and built the wall now I have no cucumbers😥😥😥😥😥 and the only Oil I have is not virgin no not by any means it's actually completely slutty whorish to be honest

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