SCIENCE BEHIND CRYSTALS 🌜w/Hibiscus Moon (Health & Wellness)

how they they’ve benefited me is that
I’m more easily tapping into intuitively tapping into the past that will lead me
in the right direction and certainly this has led me in the right direction
and then they’ve allowed me to do certain things you know like manifest
certain intentions and focus me on certain intentions and you know I
started doing crystal grids to do manifesting and using certain crystals
daily throughout my everyday you know routines and how everything just started
really becoming almost effortless you know and and showed me the path you know
and I always feel like when I’m working really closely with my crystals I’m
never wondering what should I be doing these types of things just naturally
unfold you know so I am just so grateful for this path the crystal path and see
the thing that I love so much about crystals is the science because people
when they hear that you know I you know I’ve heard I’ve seen people on YouTube
even making fun of people that believe in crystals they’re just like oh my gosh
like that’s so out there and like no there’s science behind it you know this
is legit stuff it’s not just like if you believe you know like some people think
which I do believe so much in the power of the mind and the law of attraction
but some people think that oh whatever that’s so like mystical type stuff you
know well that’s the nice side effect of that science brings is that it does open
the door for the skeptics it’s certainly not necessary to understand the science
knowing the science behind why things work or how things work doesn’t appeal
to some people and they totally don’t need it they’re like I don’t need that I
know it works and I’m doing my own thing over here and that’s great but for some
people that feel like they would have more confidence in what they’re doing
and that would help them along and empower them on their path then it’s
great to have the science there I have so many Stu
who come to me and tell me that they were hesitant on this path because they
couldn’t explain it to others and their family and their friends they were being
ridiculed they were being made fun of but once they understood the science and
could explain how and why they work their confidence felt so just boosted
you know and they were like I could answer any question I could stand up to
any skeptic and that made me feel empowered and that made me better with
my crystal work or as a crystal healer or whatever it is that they’re trying to
accomplish yeah exactly it is nice to know that science for the skeptics like
you said and to kind of give you your own confidence in it you know not just
thinking is this real is this just the placebo effect which it’s funny I think
the placebo it’s funny when people say it’s just the placebo effect I’m like
well if it works who cares you know if it works it works exactly that’s what I
say all the time and I go and your point is what’s wrong with the placebo effect
isn’t everything a placebo effect if it’s working that’s all that matters
it is your goal for something you work then that’s all that should matter the
understanding the how and why behind it yeah that’s great but if if it’s working
let’s keep on keeping on right exactly yes so give us the this science behind
it can you explain that our body has an average vibrational frequency but it’s
based on all the different parts in our body like our brain has one average
vibrational frequency our heart has another or liver has another all
ourselves and so on and so forth we’re partially made up of liquid crystals we
have some solid crystals but mostly the molecules in our body are randomly
placed they’re not in a repeating pattern so that makes our various
vibrational frequencies not very stable in fact it’s easily influenced by all
kinds of things that we encounter throughout the day so it gets out of
whack really easily especially when we experience any kind of stress
and unfortunately in this day and age that happens quite often you know it’s
not just us being chased in the plains by a lion who wants to eat us anymore
it’s like every little thing stresses us out you know all the time and puts us
into fight-or-flight mode even when it shouldn’t
so crystals are different and I’m gonna explain how they’re different than us so
I just described how we’re all random and why we’re so easily influenced by
other things crystals are mad nerd just like everything else which equals energy
MP equals MC squared and so that’s just the formula for energy equals matter
matter equals energy vice-versa and crystals have vibrations just like
everything else does different forms of matter and energy vibrate at different
vibrational frequencies and those specific frequencies depend on different
variables like the crystals specific molecular composition its size its
thickness its exact color color is just another word for light frequencies now
what actually makes a crystal a crystal is that it’s molecules are arranged in a
fixed regularly repeating geometric pattern so I’m right now holding up a
model of a sodium chloride molecule which is table salt okay and you can see
you can even look at it when you look at a little grain of salt
they’re little cubes all right and then if you go even smaller if you were able
to use a microscope and go even smaller you would see the individual molecules
are actually a cube but you can see that they’re very ordered there’s a repeating
geometric pattern so since they’re so geometrically perfect which is very
unlike us like I described before they have the lowest possible state of
disorganization and they very easily maintain their vibration unlike us okay
so that makes them very different than us so crystals have that special
difference so they have this unique ability
because of that organization to influence energies around them okay well
so interesting yeah and they they can act as guides and tools that actually
support and amplify and clarify your intentions and it’s all based on that
geometric perfection at the atomic level at the molecular level wow that’s so
cool and different kinds of crystals are there I mean I just started learning
about like the basic ones that I’m just oh my gosh this goes on and on forever
yeah it could blow your mind there’s over 4,500 different minerals
they don’t all look like perfect crystals so we we mostly know about the
very sparkly ones with the beautiful facets and points on them they don’t all
look like that but there’s quite a bit and there’s more being discovered all
the time in the geological community so we have a lot on our planet we like you
can’t go to Mars and find so many beautiful crystals or planets very
special because of the oxygen and the living things on our planet it’s kind of
a symbiotic relationship so because of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide it
causes oxidation of different elements and those elements start to grow and
crystallize and have created all this beauty the 4500 plus minerals that we
have on the planet it’s unlike any other planet in our solar system it might
exist in other solar systems but we don’t know that yet tell me more about
like all that you offer you have an incredible website that has so much so
many resources available for people who want to really dive into this yeah I
have a lot on there because I’ve been around a while now I guess in internet
years it’s kind of getting into Cretaceous periods or something but um I
you know I just try to keep it simple for people that just want to start off I
start out or maybe how to create a sacred space to you know kind of embark
on this sacred path and use crystals to create a sacred space
have a place to agree to go and just be happy and feel really good and feel
peaceful I have a little eat kit that’s free well it’s kind of big actually
there’s a lot of stuff in it but if you go to hibiscus moon gift calm
I have a private tour of my own sacred space and how I use crystals in an
e-book on step by step how to create your own sacred space and the meditation
to do with your crystals and sacred space

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