100 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Talks New Music, Mental Health, and Finding Happiness

  1. she's so genuine you can tell by the way she talks, she moves, and the way she acts so interested in every conversation

  2. Hi I’m Selena fan for Pennsylvania she is the most talented woman in the entire work please can tell Selena hi I will always love your song my dream is to see her but I no that I will see her one day

  3. I am living for her new teeth!!!!! She is loving to smile so much more now!! Before she would always close her lips right after a smile and now she doesn’t !! So beautiful ! Before and now !! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌

  4. „There are kids that don’t even know they’re in pain“ I’ve dealt with depression since I was 12 and back then I didn’t know it and people around me made me feel like i was crazy.

  5. I am not a huge fan of her singing, but I LOVE her personality and warm heart. She knows what she's talking about and is really down to earth. <3

  6. “ People can take something and turn it into something tragic but what I did is I turned it into money “ – Selena Gomez

  7. This is honestly one of my favorite interviews that Selena has done. Her answers are thought out and articulated so well. She seems so much more comfortable in herself now. And thank you, Zach. You always have the best interview questions and although you might have a list of questions, you always have follow up question or comment that makes the interview flow like a conversation. It's really refreshing. 🙂

  8. This man in black and cap is so rude and inconvenient. clearly he's trying to offend and put a downside to everything selena does. A asshole

    These words lye on her tongue if anyone asking what she means by the lyrics, Perfectly prepared, As of now used it in every single interview she's done 😂🤣

  10. 13:12 OMG! I almost thought he's gonna say "you trust Justin"….
    I was like yes!! Say it. Justin, and then auuu..😒 he's not talking about the beibs

  11. I'm only 3 mins from the video and I can tell Zach is in love lol. Wow !.. and I just noticed he wears his heart shirt for the occasion. I think he sends you a message Selena 😀

  12. Omg the guy with the hoodie !! Lol . I wanna slap the back of his head lol let it go ! Love how Selena still gives good answers to his inappropriate questions

  13. Her honesty, transparency & not trying to BS anything or beat around the bush LITERALLY touches my heart
    Like to the point I wanna cry
    I've never seen her be so vulnerable

  14. one of the profound and authentic human beings on earth. sel is far too brilliant and the definition of beautiful. a true talent and star who utilizes her platform for the greatest good, ugh she just deserves everything omg!!💘💘

  15. Zach you did a really great job with sensitive subjects. Also your interviews are so soothing and smooth compared to other interviewers.

  16. I love her ❤ thank you!! For the new music and for just being you! SG you're the realest out here right now! I can totally relate to everything you're saying in this interview 🥰

  17. Omg Selena!! I feel Like I'm talking to my bestfriend! Wow! Love everything you say! Thank youuuuuu! You're so amazing! I admire you so much!

  18. I get and feel her so much right now as I’m going through and feeling what she did years ago now and listening to her talking and how she explains the lyrics as stupid as it sound I can feel her saving and picking me up..
    I’ve grown up with her since Barney and followed her since and to see where she was to where she is now makes you believe it does get better and you can come out the other side.
    I have always loved this girl but my love for her now is so much more real and raw.
    I can’t wait to see what is next for her and to go through it all with her, Selena you’re so much more than you think and you have so much impact on you’re fans than you could ever know, keep going and thank you for being you.

  19. I'm also on a mental health journey! I absolutely adore how she advocates and pushes the conversation about mental health. She is glowing and the way she talks about things makes me feel like I'm on the right journey for myself. I've never related to someone so much at this very confusing but exhilarating part of my life!

  20. oh my goodness, when she talked about implementing conversation about mental health into schools is a conversation I had this summer with a friend! I started therapy over a year and a half ago and it's been the greatest and most vulnerable year and I've learned so much. Glad she is bringing more awareness to so many important subjects! Glad she has such a powerful voice 🙂

  21. she is so incredible. she's one of the only stars rn that is true to herself and speaks so honestly and kindly.

  22. I feel like he was trying to get her to talk about Bieber but she redirected her answers in such a clever and classy way.

  23. from 39:30 to 40:48 is something i will replay to myself for the rest of my life. she is so strong and empowering, im here for it

  24. This whole interview fed my soul in ways I didn’t even know I needed. Blessed to be in a time where Selena Gomez exist. ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Me in 2012 stunning Selena
    My mom:next year you’re gonna stop listening to her
    Me in 2019,7 years later: still stunning her

  26. That went by so frickin quickly… I'm loving her outlook on life. It gives so many people hope to overcome things that have encumbered parts of their life.

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