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Hi, I’m Lina and for the last 20 ish days, I’ve been really stressed Like pretty freaking darn stressed before I show you what I do to reduce my stress. Let me just break things down for you So you understand why I need this. so around halfway through last month. I had two neuroscience exams and I was studying so much I basically didn’t take care of my body. So on October 17th my immune system decides to shut down. at first It was just a really bad cold, but I wasn’t getting better as quickly as I usually do I thought my immune system was just being an ass and giving me the world’s worst cold But then on Otober 29 I coughed up some blood So Yeah, I figured I should go to the doctor I was diagnosed with pneumonia and was put on antibiotics and the next five days were pretty terrible. My lungs were filled with fluids So my body was making me cough a lot it literally hurt to breathe and I was sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day. I wish I was exaggerating but I’m Really not I wasn’t getting better. So on the fourth of November I had to go to the hospital to get some x-rays and blood work. enjoy some of the dumb pictures I took while waiting all so can we just laugh at how out of it I am in this picture. I mean What? Anyways, it was stressful I was kind of scared it was something more serious and even if it wasn’t I didn’t know if it was going to take longer To heal than I initially thought I’d already missed so many classes and auditions and I basically wasn’t doing anything except sleeping and feeling like I was dying Thankfully it wasn’t more serious The antibiotics were just taking longer to kick in and then four days after the hospital visit. I had another neuroscience exam I studied as much as I could under the circumstances But uh, it really sucked and finally just yesterday I got off my antibiotics and I’m in serious need of distressing activities So let me show you how to reduce my stress It usually helps and I hope that some of these are helpful to you as well So Teami sent me this face mask and I thought it was perfect for this because honestly I find face masks are like super relaxing Okay, I got the mask So it’s a detox mask with green tea blend matcha lemongrass and clay It said that’s perfect for all skin types, so I Mean that means it’s gonna be good for my skin type. Wow. That was just so smart. Oh That she smells so good the lemongrass amazing Wow, okay, this smells so good Also, if you want to check out this face mask I’m gonna leave the links down below to teenies Instagram and their website and all That good stuff. And thank you so very much for sending this. I’m actually loving the mask so far, okay This says it takes 10 to 15 minutes for it to dry So we’re just gonna wait and I’m gonna just sit and relax and reflect while I have it Also, you know that the same brand of teami has some teas tea-mi Um, I personally haven’t tried them out because I’m not really a tea person I don’t really drink tea, but maybe if it’s as good as their face mask, it’ll be great Alright, so as you can tell the skin mask is basically dry. So I’m gonna take it off with some nice refreshing cold water So I got the face mask off and honestly I’m actually amazed at how relaxing it was I think it was the smell of the lemongrass That just was really soothing also my skin feels like it’s kind of brand-new It felt like the mask had this nice cooling effect on my skin if that makes them which was super relaxing as well. Yeah on to the next step This is my cat Charlie and I find that spending time with him, whether that’s petting him or playing with him can really help reduce My stress if you have a pet I seriously recommend you spend time with them when you’re stressed out some studies support that being around your pet can help lower blood pressure make you feel less lonely increase self-esteem and They give you some pretty stupid things that make us laugh which reduces tension That’s right Coloring is not just for kids anymore. It’s cold All jokes aside. It’s actually a really calming activity for me I feel like I get into the sort of meditative mindful state and I like to put on some music while I do it usually Something uplifting that is kind of mellow or acoustic. I’ll insert some of my favorite songs to listen to you while I color here Writing about what I’m thankful for it can help put things into perspective Like sure an upcoming exam may be making me feel super stressed. But at least I have the opportunity to take an exam And yes, I don’t necessarily want to but I mean I’m getting a university education and yes, it comes with stress But it’s definitely something to be grateful for or even just thinking like yeah this exam could go badly But at the end of the day, there’s so much more to my life than this one source of stress also So for this next thing I don’t know about you guys but when I’m really stressed I get terrible neck pain and upper back slash shoulder pain So what I like to do to try and fix that is use these Muscle can’t relief patch things or heat wrap these of them I just like to put them on overnight and then leave them for the morning and then I wake up feeling a lot less tense And my muscles do feel a lot better Okay, I saw that piece of footage and I just I just had to do the side by side with Hannah, Montana anyways, if you play an instrument definitely give yourself some time to play it for me it shifts might focus away from the stressor and just Lets me focus on the music Or it helps me express myself and get my frustration off by playing fast-paced songs. I Also love to pick songs that either relate to my current situation Or songs that have positive lyrics and then look at the courts online and play along while I listen to it If you have any self-help books at home, I recommend that you reread your favorite chapters Especially if there’s one on stress and if you don’t already have some I recommend you go out and buy one This is one of my favorites it basically just motivates me to get my shit together. ok but does anyone actually read books like this? like people do it in the movies and I thought okay, maybe this this will be comfy but It’s not When we’re stressed out our brains tend to be thinking at a really quick pace or we’re only focusing on our source of stress and Nothing else. So it’s good to bring ourselves back to a more grounded state and meditation can be great for that I like to use the app headspace. They have a whole collection dedicated to stress and what’s great Is that it lets you choose how long you want the session to be so you can’t really make the excuse of not having time Because I’m sure you can spare 10 minutes for your mental health Also, this is advice that I don’t really take myself very often but talking to anybody just voicing your thoughts and what you’re stress about can actually be really helpful to just kind of Let go or just have someone listening for you so we’re gonna do a little test and we’re gonna call my boyfriend and see you know, We’re gonna we’re gonna talk to somebody I’m giving I’m you know, following my own advice. So, let’s see I’ve been journaling since I was a kid and I could probably make a whole nother video on that but just focusing on how it Helps with my stress instead of keeping everything bottled up letting it out by writing about it can be really helpful I find that by writing I discover things about the source of my stress or solutions that I hadn’t thought about yet Also if you don’t really want to talk to anyone This is a great alternative A piece of paper can’t judge you or feel bad for you or get angry with you or tell you you’re overreacting Or give you any other reaction that is potentially the reason why you’re avoiding talking about it. Someone a Family but useful thing to do is to just put on some happy uplifting music in your room and dance to it It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance I can’t dance to save my life I basically have two left feet, but it doesn’t matter cuz I’m in my room and nobody can see me Except you now because I’m putting this up on the Internet, but you know Whatever you can see my dorky dance moves. You can go ahead and do some of your own Another great thing to do is exercising and I know it’s kind of obvious. I think it’s still worth mentioning now I’m supposed to ease back into exercising after being sick. So I’m not gonna film any of that But my favorite stress reducing exercise is just running it really does help clear my head so for you just try and find that one exercise that fits really well with you whether that’s swimming or biking or hiking Or running like me and if you do like running, I really suggest that you download the Nike Run Club They have a whole bunch of guided runs. Some of them are voiced by professional athletes and some other ones are voiced with in collaboration with headspace Which is the meditation app that I talked about before and I really like those when I’m stressed because they’re really calming and encouraging Watching a movie can help you take a break from thinking about all the stressful thinks in your life I typically like to watch one of my favorite movies or an easy watch like a Pixar film or a comedy I would definitely try to stay away from intense stressful dramas or horror movies So I forgot to film an outro and it’s late now so this This is gonna be the outro if you did like the video make sure to give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button Turn on your bell Notifications and comment down below which of these tips is the most helpful to you and hopefully I’ll catch you in my next video

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  1. thanks so much for this video! i’ve been really stressed lately and all these things are so helpful. i hope you’re feeling better 🤗❤️

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    Love from Argentina!

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