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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today I want to share a quick and easy self discovery exercise that you can use to learn more about yourself and uncover the potential that you have within. This is something that I did last night. I was re-inspired to share this exercise again. I shared another version of this exercise,
but I’ll talk about that later. This version is focusing on the people that you admire and love and respect, and analyzing why you love and respect them so much. What do you admire about these idols that you have in your life? It doesn’t have to be a famous person. It could be real people in your life. Just jotting down the name and break down
the characteristics and traits about why you love this person so much. You guys may know that recently I’ve been obsessed with watching Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast on Netflix. That’s like my favorite show right now, and it’s essentially about Kpop star Hyori who opens up her big island home to guests, sort of like an Airbnb. And she has a kitchen staff who’s also another Kpop star named IU. I’m still on season 1, so it’s IU. And I’ve just loved watching them for their personalities. That show’s really inspiring me creatively
and as an artist, just to observe other artists, listen to their conversations. So I’ve been binging the show, but also
watching their interviews just to get to know more about Hyori and IU. I just realize how much I love and respect them. I see so much of myself in them. The key with this exercise is: After you list
out all the people you admire and break down the traits of why you admire them, it’s time to look at what you wrote and realize
that everything you wrote down is something that you have within, whether it’s something that you’re practicing
now, something you value. Or it’s something that you have deep within
that wants to be brought out more, something that you want to live out in your real life. It’s pretty simple when you think about it,
because when there’s someone you admire, you admire them for their qualities and traits
and you admire those traits because those are the traits of your ideal person. You think ideal people should have those types of traits. You wouldn’t see it in them if you didn’t have it in yourself. So see this exercise as a way to find clues
in ways to bring out more of your true self and bring out more of your greatest potential, because you have the potential to be all of
these amazing things that you admire. It really is within you. So going back to my journaling session last
night, why I love and admire Hyori, I love her carefree spirit. I feel like she’s matured as an artist, to
the point where she stopped caring as much about material things and surface level stuff,
and she is more soulful. She does yoga. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s super confident. She knows what she wants. She’s a very strong personality, and yet she has a very joyful, fun, and funny
side to her, all of which I really admire and love. And so it gives me a clue that I can bring
out more of those sides of me. I can definitely bring out more confidence
and have more fun, and be more funny in life. Just little things like this, everything that you admire. It’s kind of funny because the other girl
on the show, IU, she’s kind of opposite of Hyori, and yet I really relate to her as well. I love her because she’s so sweet, she’s kind. She’s genuinely a nice person. And I like that she’s super humble. On the show, she’s so humble, so regular,
that I didn’t realize how big of a star she was. When you watch videos of her singing, she
turns into another goddess. And to me it’s really cool when someone’s
really humble and yet has so much talent and is a true artist, so I really respect that. At the same time, I love that IU has a quirky sense of fashion. There’s this funny episode where IU and Hyori are shopping. And IU is choosing all these ugly clothes,
these weird patterns and baggy t-shirts, just weird clothes that aren’t typically cute for girls in Korea. And Hyori’s making fun of her for choosing those clothes. But I just love that she’s so strong in her
sense of style, even though it’s so different from everyone else. She’s definitely original and she’s not afraid to be herself and pick the stuff that she likes. So now I encourage you all to try out this simple exercise. Just analyze why you admire the people you admire, and realize that you have those traits in yourself as well, and they’re just asking to be brought out even more. I’ve also shared a similar version of this exercise before. You can actually use this to apply to people that you envy. I know a lot of us sometimes have social media envy, where you’re seeing someone else’s life and you’re admiring their photos and their lifestyle. You can also do this with those people as well. Jot down why you feel gravitated and attracted
to these people, why you envy these people. It’s a way to turn a negative feeling into
something positive for your own life. Realize that whatever you’re attracted to,
it’s because you have that same thing in you. It’s just being reflected off someone else. (Very loud car.) Another fun thing you could do is create a
mind-map of your personal inspirations. Put yourself at the center and then draw out in little nodules all the people who have inspired you or influenced you in your life. And from there, you can draw out the people who inspire them to kind of expand it. I got this idea from something I did in the
past called the “Creative Family Tree”. It was when I was kind of trying to discover myself as a songwriter. I was creating a family tree of all the people
who creatively inspire me in music, all the songwriters and producers I want to sound like. “I want to be a blend of this person and this person and this person.” It’s just a fun, visual way to outline all
your inspirations and see how you are a blend of all of these different influences and how you kind of fit in, in this big creative map. So yeah, let me know if these exercises spark some inspiration in you. I’d love to hear your answers as well. So comment below with at least one person you’re inspired by or someone you admire and love, and then break down all the traits of why
you admire and love that person so much. And I will know that those are the traits that you have within yourself as well. By the way, I also have this worksheet on
journaling prompts for self discovery. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I’ll put the link in the description below, as well as links to more videos and playlists
related to these self discovery exercises. Alright, have a beautiful day. Love you so much. Bye!

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  1. Amy Winehouse! underneath all the drugs and alcohol there was a beautiful, caring, humble woman. I also look up to my step mom. 4 kids young & she's still at the top of her medical game!! ❤

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