Sen Harris Struggles To Explain How To Pay For Her Government Takeover Of Health Care

I mean I'm not in support of middle-class families paying more taxes for it and that's what I actually was hoping to talk to you about you just said that that you were not in favor of a middle-class tax hike yes correct how do you propose to pay for your version of Medicare for all if it resembles what senator Sanders and I have to be about Wall Street paying more it's gonna have to be about looking at how we and what we tax in terms of financial services that's a part of it but the other part of it is to understand that this is about an investment which will reap a great return on the investment if we can't only look at this issue in terms of cost without thinking about benefit the benefit to the American public will be that people will have access to health care that right now they cannot afford and we are all paying a price for that well senator Sanders says that that is impossible to achieve without a middle class tax hike I'm not prepared to engage in a middle class tax hike but in many studies study after study shows it would cost approximately thirty million dollars over a decade to pay for this it's so taxing Wall Street will reap 30 trillion – in order to cover this what we're doing right now is unaffordable to so many American families and the idea that we're gonna go down and this this this level of analysis that suggests that status quo is okay is completely unacceptable so people who have private insurance would eventually have to get that up under your plan they would eventually be covered under Medicare for all and they would still see their doctor and that's what they want how long would this transition take the transition is going to have to take I mean the bill is four years I think is gonna have to take more than that baby to be honest with you and all this done without a middle-class tax hike without a middle-class tax yes every trillion over ten years there are ways to pay for it also understanding the investment that we are going to be making in a way that is going to reap great benefits in terms of other costs the investment where in American health and what we are otherwise paying as a cost for people not having access to health care and the burdens that places on systems across the board when people don't have access to health care and when you when people question that there is no formula for this that you are going to find money in magical ways is not realistic thinking how do you respond to that status quo is not enough so we have to be open to challenging status quo so that everyone has access to health care and price is not the bird we're not is not the barrier we have to agree that what's happening right now is not affordable to many many working families while Joe Biden says you

21 thoughts on “Sen Harris Struggles To Explain How To Pay For Her Government Takeover Of Health Care

  1. This woman is either a complete idiot or a total liar… I think it's the former but I know she engages in theatrics like with old Joe Biden…

  2. You're watching a woman who can't tell the truth, because doing so would cost her the majority of the votes in this country, so she flounders around in search for an answer that doesn't exist. Your typical lying politician.

  3. $35-40 Trillion! This woman actually flunked the bar & her career is entirely based on sexual favors in adulterous relationships with much older men

  4. I have no clue why she’s running for president other than that she wants the power associated with the position.

  5. the temperature was rising under her tuchus each second with the intelligent lady's grilling, surprisingly on cnn

  6. I must give it to Kamala 👍 .. She very eloquently and passionately explained that she has no clue as to what she's talking about .. Very appealing argument for the liberal mental abilities .. 👏👍😉

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