Separate Yourself With This Sexual Exercise πŸ‘€

– We all know of an ejaculation, but have you ever heard
of an injaculation? (smooth hip-hop music) What’s goin’ on everybody,
how y’all doin’ today? It’s Coach Reg back on deck with another one for y’all today. And before we get started, visit the website Thousands of reviews for great products. If you don’t believe me, go check out the reviews,
try it out for yourself. We also have an affiliate program goin’ on for anybody who wants to make some money. I talk about my Iowaska trip, and a lotta complaints that I heard is I don’t have the money. Well, don’t complain to me because now I’m giving you the opportunity to make some money for your Iowaska trip because I learned so much and I think that everybody should go through that experience because it’s a life-changing experience. Now, speaking of
life-changing experiences, I’ve been getting to several videos that have been breaking
different stuff down, in a way many people
haven’t heard about it. This one is from my Regeneration Program. Now, in my first one and my second, which is a very successful program, it was a bonus exercise in both of those. It was called an Injaculation. Now, the reason why I put it in there is because a lotta guys for that program were suffering with Libido Exit. With libido, erectile dysfunction, they just couldn’t get it
up, couldn’t stay long, you know, premature
ejaculation, all that stuff. And that was to help ’em out with that because when you ejaculate, you’ll be able to go a little bit longer and your orgasm will
be a lot more powerful. Now, here’s the thing. Let’s go a little bit deeper
into the injaculation. Injaculation is not just for going longer. It’s actually for
nourishment of your glands starting from your lower
gland to your upper gland, obviously your pineal gland. And think about your cups,
think about the cups, they’re a experiment I had before, and you have seven cups. When one cup is depleted, the other cup have to pour from it to actually nourish that last cup. Now, obviously down in
your adrenal glands, that’s the lowest part,
that’s your lowest cup. Now, every time you ejaculate, ejaculate ejaculate, ejaculate, you’re
taking from all your cups. Basically the one who
takes the biggest damage is your pineal gland, the top cup. Now I want you to understand this. Ejaculation is only achieved
by maximum discipline and control over yourself once you’re in that 99
to 100% orgasm range. Now, when you do have an injaculation, this is how you do it. Fellas, you know that spot in between your scrotum and your anus? That spot where you can flex. Say if you’re tryin’ to test like, “Well, what spot are you
talkin’ about, Coach Reg?” Well, this the spot I’m talkin’ ’bout. Act like you have to
push your sphincter in. Now, anybody who talks about this, please understand this
is an adult conversation and if you’re not able to
deal with the conversation to elevate and to ascend
your mind to new heights, then I suggest you click off this video ’cause this is very, very
valuable information. Now, check this. Act like you’re goin’ to the bathroom. Okay, act like if you have an erection and you flex your penis, like make it jump or whatever you want to call it. That’s the same muscle. That muscle is in between
your scrotum and your testes. All right, now, when you do this, this is your prostate flexing,
prostate flexing, okay? Now, if it’s weak right now,
that’s not a good thing! You need to strengthen your prostate up, you need to strengthen your glands up, you need to strengthen your body up. Now with this information, if you’re about to have an orgasm, and you feel it coming up, you press that point hard, lotta pressure. Not to the point where you’re hurtin’, but you press that point. Now, when you press that point, you’re going to literally
redirect your semen, okay, into it’s glands, and you’re going to nourish and
strengthen your other glands in your body. Now, this will, obviously, if you do this back to
back to back, to back, it has different benefits and I’m going to get into
one of my latest programs that I’m coming out with in
a very short period of time called The Sexual God Program. And this here is going to help you ascend and nourish your body because if you are
Healing, if you are Sick, if you are Stressed, you
should not be ejaculatin’! You are losing vital
nourishment from your body. Your body at this particular point needs itself to feed off of
and to nourish the other glands to give you more mental, physical, spiritual power. If you do this for a
several amount of times, a man can actually unlock
his inner psychic ability, all right, intuition, by redirecting and
feeding the other glands, all right, with your own semen. You can do this, it takes time. Now, men do ask, “Can I masturbate?” If you have to, you have to, all right? But it’s not recommended, all right? But we gonna have, you know the women they wanna
do this with, I got you. I had to practice on
this for at least a month before I got this down pat because when we’re gettin’ to that range, we really don’t understand how
much control over ourselves we really don’t have. So, you’re going to have
to stop at that point when you’re about to do it or you feel it. Stop! Push it! You’re gonna redirect it and you’re still going to have an orgasm. Now, fellas are like, “Well, what about if I just
wanted it to last longer”? If you wanna last longer,
you can last longer, and then when you actually do
release after holding back, and pushing and redirecting, your orgasm is gonna be like times 10. But it’s not the times 10
it could actually be at if you did it multiple times over and over and over and
over again in one session. How many times can you last, fellas? This some great information,
I hope that you liked it. If you liked any quality from this video, this video helped you out in your life, females, put your fellas on to this. If he has not been lasting
as long as you want ’em to, put ’em on to this! If you have not been having
an orgasm like you wanted to, ’cause most females only
achieve a level four orgasm, they don’t achieve a level
nine, all right, level 10. They don’t achieve that because the man cannot
go as long to satisfy her and there are ways that
I’m gonna be teaching you these things but, not right now. So, if you like this video, you like anything that I gave you, like, comment, subscribe, and if you wanna see more
videos like this, let me know, put it in the comments section. Besides that, I love y’all,
I’m a see y’all soon. Peace. (smooth hip-hop music)

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  1. Wow coach Regg you really elevated to a different level I'm a start with your regeneration program !! This is real Stuff I know I can tell the truth when I hear it Dayummmm son where you find this ha

  2. This Injaculation exercise is amazing. I see the benefits it gives you. Sheesh, not to mention lasting even longer is a PLUSSS!

  3. πŸ‘πŸΌ Extremely powerful information! I read about this when I was a young teen. When I found an ancient Chinese medicine, health and sexual exercise book for men that my father had. I really didn't fully understand what I was reading back then. But the funny thing is I did practice this. And I was able to successfully learn the exercise. I didn't fully realize the health benefits back then. Let's just say I guess I got a jump start being so young! πŸ’ͺ🏾 This video just brought back memories. That book had all sorts of information that I thought was really weird back then but I was also extremely interested and drawn to it at such a young age and I'm 40 now. I wish I remember the name of the book.. But anyways great video and topic. This is extremely valuable information for positive sexual performance and over all good health for men. Mentally and physically. Keep up the the excellent work Coach Regg. Peace and blessings to you and yours. πŸ’―

  4. I can clinch my prostate kinda like kegals but ? Does this spot vibrate when pressed or seems like a vibrate sensation also isn’t this our gspot

  5. Great information! I heard about this a while ago. But i really like how you explain it in this video. Also im diggin that beat that was playing in the background. Where can i find that instramental?

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