Shady implants – the ‘guinea pigs’ of the medical industry | DW Documentary

100 thoughts on “Shady implants – the ‘guinea pigs’ of the medical industry | DW Documentary

  1. The problem is the greed when something like (health) insurance presents a steady income with little to no advertising. Medical supplies, even weapons manufacturing are similarly lucrative. Sometimes the supplier is the only source and sometimes profits are outrageous but not regulated Greed and Capitalism are evil twins.

    Doctors spend too much time and effort to become a doctor to be the problem. We need to help them help us by being honest about the current methods and rethinking the issue in terms of health and good pay for caregivers. Profits but not outrageous profits ahould be for innovation and for reliable suppliers.

    Safety is a concern for everyone. Care must he taken to keep testing honest.. the best way is to tax and have that pay for independent testing, untouchable by political or business pressure. Perhaps 2 independent labs would have their results evaluated by a 3rd party and public oversight.

  2. The biggest modern day problem is people think expensive things need to be bought for pride sake. Like car to go to a neighborhood where you could walk. Walking is Heather and also not expensive.

  3. sometimes these doctors are not to be trusted I had only bacterial virginosis when I was pregnant and I really struggled to get the right medication they keep saying I have got thrush, it took them six months for them to take a swab to get the righ diagnosis. I couldn't believe how they dismissed something so small and common in pregnancies.

  4. Here's a fact I learned about just a few months ago from disc/spine/cervical problems. Only 10% of patients will have some sort of relief from any type of spine surgeries from the neck down! Only 10%!!!

  5. Only European journalists care to cover these issues.

    If it was in America, Tramp and the Alt-Reichs would have labeled a fake news.

  6. This is a clear manifestation that human lives are no longer valuable these days,it is money above all and whoever falls in line as the collateral damage nobody cares.The advancement of technology and the race as to who markets the product first hand makes the profit.Bottomline is,the appetite of making money big time is priority disregardless of the consequence it brings,even at the cost of human lives.It is the power of greed,nothing less.

  7. 1 Timothy 6:10
    10 For the love of money is the root of all evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

  8. Medical device manufacturers ought to be prosecuted along side device makers and doctors who implant defective devices. They are all conspirators. They ought to be criminally liable for their collective actions.

  9. This situation is not unique to the medical device industry, but also to the pharmacological industry: companies simply make money out of people's health and lives. Selling what's cheaper at a higher price.

  10. Wow, the German classroom really helped Max. In the US, I just don’t see that happening. It would have in Russia (in my old school) but American classrooms are too big and teachers would not really care or at least, be properly trained.

  11. I refuse to take pain killers. I’ll suffer first. Or use what I think is good and natural and my choice

  12. i am diabetic and i have to test my blood to know what my blood sugars are i had an awful experience where all of the test strips went faulty ,and they were giving hi results to me ,so i thought i had to inject more insulin t sort it i kept testing until i ran out of the strips i open a new tub of tester strips and tested 2.4 i was i such a state ,all 7 strips i had used from the old open box had been giving me massive high wrong readings ,,, so i was injecting when i was in low state and that is very dangerous .if i get a higher reading now i open a brand new bottle of testers and see that the tester strips are not faulty before i inject now ,, its bad very bad ,these things should be trustworthy ,when i told my dr he said that they had become damp and it happens ,no one ever told me that

  13. In the USA the process is slightly different but no more effective, thus five times more complications. In the USA, members of Congress go to Canada and pay cash for surgeries. Hospitals in the USA are very dangerous, and keep falsified records that even if you are dead will say you are fine.

  14. Having government being the one who approved it even worst. Just cant trust them. What we do is the best way is to investigate and monitored these organizations and especially the government

  15. If it costs a lifetime of wages to get a few extra hours? How is it sustainable in this Economic Reality?
    Who's being served in reality? Who's enjoying their efforts wasted but, well rewarded in reality?

  16. It’s to bad most humans are so greedy that they chose money over quality of life, these people need their lives destroyed to know what they have done to others sad very sad

  17. Finally, the original German speech volume is LOW enough so I can hear the English translation well. Thank you DW Documentary.

  18. Thank you for this truth! These companies will kill people with no remorse and justify their actions by declaring them for the GREATER GOOD with a "few" casualties. This documentary touches most of us in some way…even me.

  19. A Medtronic sales-person caused all of the skin on my back to be peeled off after disregarding doctors' orders. My charts showed a severe allergy to adhesives (as in medical tapes) so the doctor used a minimum of tape for my surgery. The salesperson came to my bed while in recovery and plastered my back with tape. I had to go to the hospital emergency room to have the tape removed along with all of my skin on my back the next morning. Med-tronic used to push for a morphine pump surgically implanted along the spine; now, patients cannot get refills for the pumps and are stuck with them.

  20. We have freedom to choose, not to apeal to doctors, science advice. Stay home, never go to emergency, never take medication ….and see a "better" outcome .
    We NEED to cooperate for a fair, ethical, economical…application for health care system.

  21. It's time people in the western world stop thinking the government cares about them that it ensures their safety bcoz in the West, profit is before humanity

  22. I can't wrap my head around the European knee-jerk inclination to run to government for a solution and that somehow government can do a better job than the private sector, when that is disproven time and time and time again. Is there no civil liability system in Europe? Why are these people not suing the manufacturer into the ground for what is obvious fraud? Additional government regulation is not the answer. All that will do is increase the cost to market, the time to market, and put patients in danger who need these life saving devices.

  23. So sad. It seems people have shit job back surgeries have the same unhealthy look regardless where they are. I have seen someone (had several backbones fused) who looked almost exactly the same look like the man with that defective disc implant.

  24. please remember a doctor's degree is a licence to kill. Medical field number 4 killer after brain strokes. Cancer , Heart failure, brian strokes and Doctors, diabetes etc.

  25. Sue those medical companies producing those defective products. You are destroying life instead of preserving. You should be ashamed!!

  26. It makes me vomit when a former 25-year MEP dared to say she took her own responsibility for the failure of setting a German government Agency the role of which should have been to test each and every medical devices! IN 25 YEARS, A QUARTER OF A CENTURY, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AND ACHIEVED AS A MEP? NOTHING! I just googled about it! ALMOST NOTHING! NO SIGNIFICANT LAWS, NO SIGNIFICANT INCENTIVES! That Dagmar Roth-Behrendt is what Americans call CONMAN, or conwoman, a genuine IMPERSONATOR! SHAME ON YOU! Reminder: the SPD was and still is part of most merkel's coalition governments! ALL'S SAID! Geh weg!

  27. How do they expect those titanium parts to interact with wifi and emf radiation, like pulsed microwave radiation?

  28. The surgeries alone did me in when they pinned my femurs; some surgeons for some bizarre reason were still using the methods of WW2 and cutting massive incisions through all the overlying tissue including a massive band of collagen that webs the hip muscles and bone together. Meanwhile proper surgeons would cut a 2" incision and use real time radio-graphical imaging to perform the surgery with catheters and surgical rods. The result was next to no scar tissue.

    The long term result is 30 years later I still have an 8" strip of scar tissue in each leg in the connective tissue webbing the entire hip architecture together, in the muscle and in the skin that impedes my ability to maintain physical labor relative to say holding a full time job? Considering I was a child and unable to waive my rights there should be a recourse for me to sue the doctor for AT LEAST 10 million dollars since it more or less ruined my life.

  29. Our medical industry all over the world is in dissaray, it's all very consuming and of great concern.

    This surgeon working on the disintegrated disc is one of the most honest and extraordinary surgions in the world. We have a surgeon in Australia who can also do this work and repairs multiple disk's in one operation; Matthew Scott Young.

    Other surgeons will only do one day, as they make more money doing multiple surgeries per disk and they often don't get it right.

    I like this reporting but this production has too many rediculous advertisements.

  30. Not so fast with implants

    We don't trust other businesses as we rightly think that their owners and managers are out there simply to get our money and all

    And naively think that medical business is somehow an exception

    But that's never been the case

    In fact this is one of the most lucrative business out there, and just as it attracts some good folks, it is a mecca for some frighteningly cruel folks

    People are sucker for big titles and trust folks with hard-to-get licences a bit too much

  31. The man that used to do kick boxing. All he wanted was an acknowledgement of a mistake and couldn't even get that.

  32. Then patients need to care more about themselves then their selfish behavior. Then they will not need these devices for extra time or life. Human beings focus is pleasure and selfishness with their lives. Hence, bodies give out or get polluted.

  33. Well documented and a good piece of action information for everyone watching. I really support this noble cause, against the healthcare lobby for their half researched (failed) products.

  34. The dangerous health business is a fascinating and poignant documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  35. Interesting how Americans praise the European system of healthcare. Obviously it's has its own problems.

  36. There is, no doubt, that some phisicians has missindicated or missplaced the implants too.

  37. Wheelchair or casket, they get paid the same. Ever wonder why doctors records are harder to get than nuclear weapons secrets?

  38. The medical “profession” number one cause of death in the USA. Cancer #3 heart #2 improper medical care #1

  39. just like car parts and toasters, its all got its built in obsolete ness, so that you have to pay and run around and suffer continuously from one thing to the next. as well just about everything made ends up in the trash after 1 year, you gotta love consumerism ? planet earth converted to planet hell next stop, hope you don't believe in re incarnation ?

  40. I can relate purely on this do to an injury that cause me to break my neck and back, I broke C1 through C7 vertebrates in my neck and had emergency surgery done they put in 2 15 inch titanium rods and screws in along the rods into my neck and back and the amount of pain I go through everyday in life is beyond words

  41. I am african and have Germany for so high standards. It is like a model to copy and paste. How could you go so blind and wrong?

  42. Germany and the European Union medicine has every technological Advanced method United States does they choose not to buy them because they're more expensive see I believe your governments have chosen to give your medical insurance plan I would say the entire country is under an HMO and there is no option for a PPO that's only in the US but you got to pay for it

  43. It would appear the Medical industry is really no better then the Big Agra industry Or the Chemical industry . They all cry about regulation they get insiders to check products that they supply the results for so they are really only looking for someone to sign off on fraudulent or "cooked" testing results .. They are Just as bad as say Monsanto or Bayer ..

  44. Spinal issues of any types? Go to a chiroprator who uses the ABC method, Advanced Biostructural Correction. You will probably avoid surgery and you will probably see an improvement in your ability to move without pain.

  45. Perhaps this filmaker would like to dig a bit deeper and do a documentary on WHY all of those, otherwise healthy-looking children, have diabetes, autoimmune disease. That's the big story and I know the answer. Expect for the onslaught of chronic autoimmune diseases to continue and destroy ever more lives until the public is willing to take a long hard objective and scientific look at the real cause and refuse to eagerly participate like they do now.

  46. A few years ago, I did a Research Study on 500 liberal women, over the age of 50 & who had voted for Hillary Clinton! I found that 50% of these women actually thought they had a Prostate problem. When I told them, "you do Not have a Prostate", they got angry with me & demanded I give them a 2nd Opinion & a 3rd. & a 4th. Etc. They just were Not going to take "No Prostate", for an answer & they were furious with me too!? Finally, after about the 7th check-up, one woman did complain to the N.I.H. The National Institute of Health & my funding was pulled… Then, I switched my effort to finding a Gnome for Diarrhea & used these same women, plus my Secretary, who suffered from digestive problems. So, with this same pool of 499 women + my Secretary, I got to work on my Research of a Gnome for Diarrhea & I found that again, 50% of these women had, had Diarrhea in their Genes at least once during the previous year of 2016. Qed. Now, I am Researching a Theory of why women don't get Prostate Cancer & men don't get Ovarian cancer?! If I can figure that out, I might find a cure for both!

  47. The name Rainyear does not suprise me as being a fraud. Seems to go along with the name. If people are going to be crooked,, the antidotial information from diverse individuals develops into a more accurate study. So much for tests and testing. A lot of "old wives tales" are not much worse than "science".

  48. I’m horrified by this. I’m a qualified nurse and I specialised in surgical. We had implants from many of these companies used in patients. We as nurses knew nothing about the lack of testing and issues. I feel disgusted not only with myself but with the NHS and private surgeons who installed these in patients. It’s totally criminal and these companies and testing facilities need to be closed down. We see the TUV logo and think everything is ok. How wrong is that. I’m especially surprised with Germany. They are the leaders in quality, longevity and I Thought quality control. This is totally inhumane

  49. Any steel metal plastic implants are going to break down inside the body and cause severe heath problems injuries damage slow death

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