Share Your VA Electronic Health Record

Hi! If you're a Veteran enrolled and receiving care at a VA Medical Center, you can connect your docs. Through the Veteran's Health
Information Exchange, (VHIE) program, also known as the Virtual Lifetime Electronic
Health Record (VLER) program. This program gives VA and your participating
community care providers secure access to certain parts of your electronic
health record. This access reduces the need for you and your family to request and
carry paper medical records from one health care provider to another. Sharing your health record with your VA and participating community
care providers will coordinate and improve your overall quality of care. VA health information shared with
community care providers includes: allergies, medications,
vital signs, immunizations, lab results discharge summaries, medical history, and
procedure results. We encourage you to sign up by visiting the ebenefits website at and click the share your VA
medical records link or visit your local release of information ROI office at your nearest VA
Medical Center. So sign up today so you can connect your Docs.

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