Shiva – Full Episode 53 – The Medicine

Grandpa, give grandma this
injection before sunset. Okay. I’ll get it at once. Shiva, get it from the
medical store. You can’t find it in a medical store. I asked, before I came here. I have been treating grandma
for so many days. I know, what she needs. What do we do, now? I have to go to Venus city
and get this medicine. Before sunset. Or grandma can be saved only by God. That won’t happen, doctor. I will get the medicine. Shiva, did you hear? In Vedas city… Wake up, if you want
to live in peace. Vedas city is being thrashed
by a storm. The landslides have jammed
the roads. The railway tracks are jammed. All links to other cities… …have been blocked. Vedas city has become an island. Now, only air travel is possible. Besides this there
is no other way out. The medical stores in the city… …are running short of medicines. The shops are running
out of groceries. What is going to
happen to Vedas city? Watch this special report at 8pm. Shiva, how will you go so far away? If there is no other way… …I will take my cycle. I will get the medicines by evening. But first, I’ll take
Laddu Singh’s help. Shiva! I am very sorry… …that, I can’t help you. The Vedas news channel helicopter
is also being repaired now. But Shiva, I can do this much. I can have you sit in my
jeep and go there, quickly. To the point where the
road is jammed, okay? Thank you, sir. It
will save some time. Beyond that, I will handle it. Okay. Okay. Sorry, Shiva. The jeep can’t
go beyond this point. But, I will see. If there is any way beyond this… …perhaps, you can get a
lift in a bus or truck. There is a huge jam here. Sorry, Shiva. There is a
tight jam on that side. Shiva! Hey! Why is it dark? Where am I? Where have I come? I’ve fallen into a cave! I am in a tunnel! Nothing is wrong. You are safe. Listen, Shiva. Take your cycle in helicopter mode. That runs on battery, Rewa. It’s battery is quite tiny. It can’t take a big battery. It’s just for emergencies. It can fly only a few kilometers. It won’t work beyond that. – But, let me see. Bye.
– Okay. All the best, Shiva! If I ride the bike on
the railway track… …it will move faster. I will get there, faster. I’ve gone into glue tyre mode. This can stick to the tracks
and move. What’s coming along? Wait! I see! You are a good cyclist. Where are you going? To Venus city. Can you reach Venus city by cycle? Yes. This cycle has many qualities. It can fly. It can speed. It’s got many gadgets in it. Yes, that I can see. Now, do one thing. Leave this behind. No. I have to go and get
my grandma’s medicine. I don’t care about that. Leave your cycle here. Give me all your money. You’re going to buy medicine. You must have money. Give it, at once. What if I don’t give it? Then, you see this stick, kid? Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Shiva. The name is Shiva. Hello? Hello! Nandu! Soham, Moti, Billu!
– Yes, boss. A boss is coming through the tunnel. Stop him and take his cycle. He hit me. – He should not escape.
– Okay, boss. – What is it? Did you catch him?
– No. No, boss. He has beaten us to a pulp. Hello, Shankara. Cheat! Let him come. Let me go! Come on. Hey! What’s that? Don’t hit me! Don’t hurt me. Here, take this. Take your purse. Take your cycle from the jeep, too. Let me go! You guys… …seem to get it, only once I get
mean! Right? Why did you send my Shiva? How will he go so
far, to Venus city… …and get there? Nothing will happen to him. Don’t worry. If the helicopter is repaired
soon enough… …we will go and fetch him. He hit me! He hit my men, too! This boy can’t make it
to Venus city, now. My reputation is at stake. I don’t want that
cycle and the money. But, I want the boy. At any cost. I will never give up! Hello, Shambhu. A boy is racing
that way on a bicycle. – Don’t let him go.
– Okay, boss. It seems, the man has
arranged for my welcome. Rewa, I’ve come to Venus city. Oh, yes! Grandpa! Shiva is at Venus city! See? He will be here,
before the sun sets! Yes. I’m not well today. Once I went out of the village
to get my grandma’s medicine. I had to go 100 kilometers away. I raced my bike… …and raced it, and raced it… Stop lying, faker! I know how you rode that bicycle. What is it? Why are you panting? Did you come here running?
– Yes, sir. I came from Vedas city. I came on my bicycle. What? From Vedas city? On a cycle? The roads are jammed, the
railway track is jammed. Then, how did you get here? Sir, I will tell you
about that, later. First, give me this injection
and these medicines. I have to get back before evening. Okay. Are you the engine driver… …whose engine brakes failed? Yes, that’s me. Are you Shiva? – Yes, uncle.
– Thank you, Shiva. You saved my life. I wasn’t able to meet you. But, I heard about you on the news. I wanted to meet you. I’m glad, we’ve met here today. Wait, uncle. I’m going to leave, now. My grandma is really ill. I’ve to take this medicine
and get to Vedas city. Before the sun sets. Okay, let’s go. Let me
drop you in my train. I’ll take you till the spot
where the track isn’t jammed. You will save some time, right?
Okay. Let’s go. My friend, that kid is on the train. Where can he go, now? Follow him. I’ll be there. What is that? Why are
they chasing me, again? Let me help in the good deed, Shiva. I will hit them, too! Hey, let me aim, too. You take this catapult. Uncle. I’m not going to hurl eggs
and tomatoes at you. What? Really? It’s better to hurl eggs! It’s almost evening. Shiva hasn’t sent any word yet. Yes, he’s on the way.
He’ll be here. Uncle, what do we do, now? The track is jammed here. Nothing can be done, Shiva. Today, no power in the world
can stop me. Yahoo! I won’t spare you! I never learnt to give up! I am sorry, Shiva. The train can’t go beyond this point. Thank you, Sir. It’s okay.
I’ll leave. I’ve saved a lot of
time, thanks to you. Now, we have no time. Only 10 minutes left. If Shiva doesn’t come
within ten minutes… …I can’t do anything. Shiva is here! Grandpa, here are the injections. Shiva! Where are you? I’m with you, grandma!
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