Should I Sacrifice Health for Short Term Work Objectives? – Jocko Willink

chucko prioritize and execute is it
wrong to sacrifice health in short-term to accomplish work objectives and how
would you make up the time lost so yeah absolutely sometimes you have to
sacrifice workouts for health and health for work objectives there’s no doubt
that’s life and work in many respects is life and that’s kind of another topic
but try and love what you’re doing try and enjoy your job if you don’t because
if you enjoy your job then work is life isn’t okay thing if you hate your job
then work is life is not it’s not a good situation to be in
so try and get into things and do something that you enjoy doing and if
you don’t enjoy it you know find some kind of an exit strategy but that’s
another topic going back to this topic is it okay or is it wrong to sacrifice
your health in the short term to accomplish long term work objectives and
yeah even in the SEAL Teams we did that all kinds of times a lot the weather was
in training or for mission where our priority or a mission or our training
takes priority over workouts and over eating healthy and over everything so
there’s times where that you’re just 100% focused on some kind of mission and
that’s what you’re gonna that’s what you’re gonna do and that’s okay that’s
what we did in the SEAL Teams and that’s what everyone does and it’s and when you
get done with that how do you make up for lost time you do some hard workouts
and maybe you go eat super clean or you fast for a little while or whatever it
is that gets you back on track you just get yourself back on track but you have
to watch out for is a pattern a long-term pattern where work takes
precedent over health for multiple weeks right multiple weeks in months right if
it’s if you’re talking about months we’re in a bad situation like if you go
week two weeks where you just were crazy and working was crazy and you you know
you know your health took a little to went down a couple notches on the
priority and a couple weeks goes by and you cook forward I’m glad I’ve got
through that and the the the hard seasons over or the whatever then you
know well you know you people in the finance
world and tax season they’re just busting their ass for two three four
straight weeks it’s really hard it’s understandable and you know retail
people around Christmastime they’re or you know that everyone’s got their
little cyclical things real estate people in the springtime and the summer
starts rolling around their work it’s it’s there’s cyclical things and that’s
cool you work hard for two three weeks where you just have to get after it but
when that starts turning into months in in multiple weeks and then months and
then radicular months of your health is taking the backseat we have an issue now
that being said there are not too many jobs that consume 23 and a half hours a
day of your time they’re just not that many jobs that do that now what in what
you might be facing here you might be blaming your job for you being lazy mmm
that that can be happening that’s a strong possibility actually because you
can make time for a 20 minute workout right 20 minute workout right 20 minute
workout like that if you get 20 minutes you’re getting to shake it out a little
bit and you do you know a couple hundred burpees go as hard as you can you just
got a workout that took you 10 15 20 minutes right well you know longer than
that for me but ya know you see what I’m saying though I do yes fully you do and
then if you can do that if you sprint if you do ten Sprint’s right doesn’t take
you much time you do go go and knock out three four or five sets of pull-ups go
knock out a couple hundred pull-ups how long does that take it doesn’t take that
long right take you 15 minutes you’re done so then maybe at night you just
roll up there you grab your cattle bone you knock out some swings it takes you
seven minutes we’re not talking about a bunch of times so are we being lazy cuz
we’re not carving out 15-20 minutes half an hour you know a lot of people ask me
about what the workouts I do when I’m on the road a lot of times when I’m on the
road I fly into a city I get there 11 o’clock at night the next time next day
I’m working with a company at 8 o’clock in the morning and so I my schedules
tight I’m the hotel room the hotel room gym sucks
for for one thing and I’m gonna bang something out quickly hmm you know it’s
not gonna be an hour workout no it’s gonna be like 20 minutes sometimes now
sometimes if I have a little extra time maybe I’m not meeting with the company
until lunch cool I’m gonna have a nice long workout of course but if it’s I’m
due to meet with the CEO for breakfast at 7 o’clock it’s gonna be a quick
hardcore 12 minute workout yeah and that’s cool so you got to carve
that out and this is so you you know make sure that it’s the job that’s doing
this to you and not you that’s doing this to you yeah so if it is your job
truly truly your job is the thing that’s making you unhealthy then you gotta fix
it now what you have going for you is that companies want you to be healthy
right companies understand the benefit of having healthy employees not just
from a Productivity standpoint but from like an insurance viewpoint we if we got
out you know we’ve got a health coverage for our employees and all of our
employees are are sick and lame and lazy and we’re having to pay their medical
bills and they can’t work it’s problematic so what you do is you step
up and you say hey you know what we don’t have a health and wellness program
I want to run it we need a little gym oh yeah it’s gonna cost money yes it’s
gonna cost money but I’m gonna save you money in productivity I’m gonna save you
money in insurance I’m gonna write a point paper on that I’m gonna win that
one all day long we’re gonna we’re gonna put a gym in the lounge and we’re gonna
put we’re gonna put some mats in the doughnut room you know what I’m sayin so
we’re gonna help we’re gonna do it well I think LinkedIn has a jiu-jitsu
room you mean like the headquarter I think I saw a picture of they have a
jiu-jitsu room good idea yeah you wouldn’t have to pay me to work there
you got to do some free members yeah so you get so go you know step up your
company I can not guarantee your company wants you to be healthy hmm
so step up maybe take leadership role in forming the health and wellness program
for your company get it when may my brother’s company you know
it rack mop yeah they don’t have a been on Matson
you know obviously in the office but yet yet yeah but um it’s funny though he’ll
like he’ll do this he’ll encourage people to go to jiu-jitsu you know yeah
to the point where they have rash guards even yeah we have a pretty good
representation from fragment about the gym yeah you know what I call everyone
from frack mom that trains you know and I’d nicknamed them want all of them
frack mop gym anymore no your name is Frank mop
yeah so but that’s good because it becomes this culture that kind of
catches on you know where and this is just jiu-jitsu it can be kind of
anything CrossFit or even spin I don’t know whatever but just is kind of good
because it’s one of those ones that you can kind of come and talk about it and
you know or choked you out or you choke me out kind of thing you can choke your
boss if he’s that you know it’s like that kind of so it’s real Schwann your
boss and they even have like rat like I said rash guards the rash guards like if
you work for a fragment it’ll say um staff on the back it’ll have like you
know you know they do like AI and yeah you know development stuff like that so
the the staff one will be um what does it have on the sleeves like digital
digital circuitry yeah and then the other one says will say security that’s
like you know friends of the friends or the forces between the hardware and the
software rash guard so the soffit guys who actually work for fragment have the
software a rash guards that as like circuitry on the design and then the
know the hardware oh sorry the software is that little zeros and ones yes the
code in the security guys who were anyway nonetheless that’s kind of that’s
like a good look cuz that’s not really an official program in fragment or see
in a company it’s just it’s kind of the influential element of the culture you
know where it’s like and you know my brother he he he pushed that you know
not kind of overtly I guess but it’s more it was like you guys have to do
this it’s kind of like hey you should come down I’ll give you a rash garden
okay cool and guys and it was funny there’s a time there’s a bunch of
fragment in there just going didn’t you think but yeah that helps that it does
not for sure now the thing is if none of that works if you give you calm
he’s just dragging you down and and you’ve checked and double-checked and
triple-checked your own discipline or lack of discipline mm-hmm and you
realize that it’s the work that is bringing down your health in that case
you got to follow the procedure you got to find an exit strategy create an exit
strategy save up your money line things up get the ducks and roe and then
execute because your health is gonna be more important than everything else yeah
then everything else all that money you could possibly make if you got to
sacrifice a year and a half two years and you’ve got to grind it out like an
investment banker that shows up on Wall Street who’s gonna grind for two years
and their health is gonna suffer but they’ve got a goal at the end of that a
understood you sometimes you got to do but you gotta at the end that two three
years you know you’re not there and you’re not where you want to be and
you’re starting to decline in health they’re gonna get some stuff that you
won’t be able to recover from so make your make your decision then you come up
with an exit strategy and move on do something else
yeah and health health and even like fitness is is this thing it’s called
systemic versus direct you know as far as being beneficial so exercise is like
one of the few things in your little hierarchy of like needs or whatever that
affects everything else like if you if you’re an unhealthy person versus a
healthy person the healthy person will be better at everything else he’ll be
better at making money he’ll be better at them all relationships he’ll be
better obviously health-wise in and of yourself
I mean obviously if you’ve got some guy that’s brilliant and really out of shape
versus a guy that’s an idiot who’s in great shape the brilliant person is
probably gonna make more money and do better in the long run of me and we’re
talking you have to put them on a level intellectual playing yeah you’re talking
about the same person oh yeah then for sure for sure but healthier person was
gonna win but it so can compare that to the direct thing like will people be
like a making money’s important so it’s more important than health but here’s
think making money doesn’t improve your health
making money doesn’t necessarily improve friendship or romantic relationships
necessarily in fact a lot of times it damages them a lot of the times health
doesn’t damage any it improves everything there’s not
anything that I can think of anyway that health makes worse
yeah or being more fit makes worse get healthy stay healthy yeah stay on the
program you know what um and it’s one of those things to men
those like working out when you’re on the road that’s a big one right it’s
hard to like get a solid workout on the road because you’re busy or whatever but
there’s this is gonna sound crazy when you think about it’s not not crazy but
some kind of unrealistic where okay so this is what I’ve been doing recently
one of them when we went to New York for the muster and like all these are
something before I go I’ll research jiu-jitsu gyms and fitness gyms where I
can work out because like you said the hotel gym is like if you don’t have
anything else in here but you still have time okay good but I research where are
the gyms and prepare like okay how long is it gonna take me to get there work
out get back all this stuff and then you fit it in your schedule and here’s the
thing if you don’t wanna fit in your schedule then don’t work out then you’ve
been health is not for you then but if you’re like oh your ass is you know this
kind of question where you know is it wrong to sacrifice health and all this
stuff that means you’re concerned about health then be concerned about health
you can fit it in surprised what you can fit in just like you don’t have to get
that good of a workout but you’re fitting it in but here’s the thing you
can fit in a good workout you just gotta make yeah for that you gotta plan it’s a
psychological win to like I if I’m gonna speak somewhere he add a minimum I’ll do
a couple hundred burpees before when I wake up yes that just gets the blood
flowing you’re ready to rock and roll yeah but at the muster I there was no
break in the program I went to 24-hour fitness that I’ve rolled a hard one and
hanzo’s and then we rolled that at the muster which wasn’t hard necessarily but
there’s a lot of rolls in there and so man it was there was no break in the
program but the point is because I knew that that was I made time exactly right
it was important and I don’t say it’s important like it’s the number one
priority I’m saying it’s part of the the whole what I’m doing it’s not part of
what you’re doing then don’t be healthy then don’t make it part of what you’re
doing I vote against you on that one I say make time be healthy yeah I think
so too that’s my opinion but I’m saying help no I know exactly like you’re
saying my job is so whatever if you straight-up
don’t have time then you don’t have time health is not for you you chose
everything else we’re helping and that’s up to you
I’m gonna go ahead going on a limb here that most people you can make time
that’s the point that’s my Waco a half hour earlier yeah
cuz you know you know when you really don’t have time yeah yeah yeah like one
time Viner of two or three months ago we were we came in and we skipped jiu-jitsu
to record the podcast right and I was like man we skip jiu-jitsu to record the
primaries good we had no choice but it was like we didn’t do that we weren’t
about the guy to flight in the afternoon and we just had to do it yes and so yeah
occasionally that those things happen yes so consider that all right so it’s
either skip jujitsu one day and get the podcasts out or don’t we could ease we
could have chosen trained jiu-jitsu don’t do the podcast but at that point
given all the circumstances the podcast that one day it’s keeping Giselle one
day is more important for that one day because it’s not like we’re giving up
jiu-jitsu completely for this but it’s not not actually holding the line with
the podcast exactly right and that was important that day because we’re kind of
faced with that thing what do you give up so what that’s the question what do
you give up do you give up watching a you know a
movie and room service do you give that up give that give that up
like I said hey you don’t have yes we don’t I go to hotels I don’t even turn
on the TV yeah Ben I don’t pretend to you because I don’t have TV at home and
so I don’t know a year or two ago I I went to some hotel and I turned on the
TV and next thing I know you know an hour and a half went by and I was
watching some movie from 1986 zulan going you’ve got to be kidding me
turn it off you know what I always do I hang my chalk bag on the TV that’s my
standard operator I hang my job because you know they’re all the thin TVs well
when you travel when I travel so you bring your chocolate yes I brought back
I bring sweatbands for my rest cause I sweat I bring a choc back I bring my
little notebook time grains gum a mobility wad ball to do some mobility
work and I bring some one inch tubular nylon that I used to stretch bring your
good delusionally like when we went to the monster I brought
with me yes so that good cuz I knew I was gonna be on a tight timeline anu is
gonna have to you know get some workouts done and I travelled a little bit
heavier yeah cuz I normally travel really light but I had an extra bag so
then no rings a mint no factor you were there for a while – yeah a couple weeks
yeah I was in Austria and then came back to New York and then from New York to
Texas so there’s a road trip yeah dang see and you made it happen and
you’re busier than the normal person in my opinion kind of busy in from yeah
but again man I I think you know how that old saying I think I don’t know you
might have said might have been the Henry I don’t know where I saw it but
it’s like there is no free time or spare time or you know work that there’s just
time you know it’s it’s one of those who do lifetime that is Rollins that’s a run
yeah yeah so it’s like time so there’s no spare time there’s no free time
there’s just like just the time yes you better just get on it so unless you’re
like Peter at II remember when he was talking about what Peter Thiel was
talking about like there is no time you’re just working the whole time like
you can’t even use it med school yeah yeah yeah so if you’re in that situation
then that may be like hey I’m not doing this part of the program you pull down
the side of the road to a park to fall asleep hour because yeah it’s not the
nine days yeah so there are exceptions for sure but again like if you’re into
doing room service or you’re you know you’re watching the game or you stopping
at the bar or doing anything I’m not even saying necessarily destructive
things I’m just saying things that don’t aren’t conducive to your quote unquote
work that’s keeping you so busy or whatever that are essential if you’re
doing these other things then there’s where you can make time how can one ever
have time if you don’t take time I like it

100 thoughts on “Should I Sacrifice Health for Short Term Work Objectives? – Jocko Willink

  1. You can do juijitsu and podcast at the same time. I love Lord of the Rings!.. I draw… And read and go online…. If there's a good movie I watch it.. uh… These are tools so utilize them for your time. … They aren't demons! ….

  2. I don't have a life. I have no place to live…. I have nothing. I have been wearing the same clothes everyday. I'm dependent on others for rides…. I am treated like a criminal outcast…. What did I do so terrible?

  3. No, ask any 80 year old millionaire. They'd give up all their money to be 20 again. Your health is priority numero uno.

  4. That is a very good point by Echo about how health is priority over money for a relationship. So many people say, – "Gotta have money to have a chick", well yeah if that's the kinda chick you want. If you have a healthy connection. Key word healthy – then things will align. There's a balance in everything but in this sense I agree about health as priority over anything. Health aligns the rest of the ducks anyway, money, time, connections, etc.

  5. Start out with 20-25 reps with 4 sets.You can easily hit 100-300 push-ups a day.Youll be sore but it’s a good soreness & remember PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING YOUR BODY & PAIN LETS YOU KNOW YOUR STILL ALIVE!!

  6. Our busy season has turned into months, my brain can’t get a rest, my shoulders/ neck are fucked up, my eyes feel like they’re gonna melt off. I’m an accountant. Man I regret picking this career even though the money is decent.

  7. First minute in and Jocko n Echo nailed it. This is Exactly what is difficult for me all the time. You gotta put in the work.

  8. Meh, depends on who you are. Say yoi have mental health issues, anxiety or depression. Lack of sleep and exercise could put you in a bad spot. Apparently thats what happened to Anthony Bourdain; he had everything relatively under control but was severely sleep deprived and exhausted and it put him back in a hole…you know the rest of thr story.

  9. Skipping workouts is not the only sacrifice. Time away from family, lost sleep, and stress during long work hours build up over time and may not be within your immediate control. Maintaining a healthy diet and not skipping workouts CAN help. However, to the question submitters point, sacrifices can also be deeper.

  10. Jocko what’s your opinion on steroids?i mean taking steroids not to look like a mr Olympia contender, but just to achieve a nice physique like David laid a little faster💉

  11. I'm an ICU doc and I agree with most of what he says. before I started into private practice I was a lean mean fighting machine. I love being in the ICU. When you are new to practice you are eager to prove yourself and I honestly lost myself in my work. Now I am a husband and a father of two busy girls and still work in an extremely busy practice. I pull down 100+ hour weeks as a routine and I am on call for very long hours and have taken up a number of leadership and administrative duties along the way. Now at age 47 and 15 years of practice, I still love taking care of the sickest of the sick. But I completely neglected myself. I am now 40lbs overweight and chronically tired. No excuses, this was my choice. And I am now taking steps to change it.
    What I don't necessarily agree with is that CEO's and corporations want people to be healthy. My industry, Healthcare, is very volatile right now on many levels and most docs nowadays are employed. And although some institutions market as having health conscious programs, the overwhelming emphasis is on seeing as many patients as possible while maintaining absolute perfection at all times. This is why the physician burnout rate has approached 50% and much higher in some disciplines. In addition, there are a number of genetic and health issues that genuinely do impact health that cannot necessarily be controlled by an individual.
    So my advice for any new college graduate breaking into their industry, please try to make a conscious effort to make your health and wellbeing an absolute priority. You only get one body. You can always find new work. However, when you are working, work hard and with intention and purpose. There are awesome rewards to being of service to something greater than yourself.

  12. I just left news after working in it for 10 years. What broke me and made me leave was health and family time. I'm a dad of two. I lost my first son to an accident at his daycare. After that deviation I retool who I was. A light went off in my head that this job was not doing what I wanted anymore. So it took over 2 years but I finally made it out and into a roll where my family and my health take priority. I was the biggest I ever have been in my life at 325 and now I'm down to 306 but every night my wife and I do a 30 min workout together. Trying to empower each other to get better.

    So much of the last 10 years was spent on the road driving to stories and making bad food choices that it took a toll. That was my choice to move up. In hindsight I tell anyone getting into news take time to take care of yourself. You are more important than any story or any station.

  13. Well it’s the life I’m destined for so f*kk my mental and physical state I guess. Been like this since a kid so fkkk my life

  14. I disagree with this. Your health can plummet fairly quick. Especially if you have some health issue you’re not aware of. Or you’re trying to power through an injury. Also, you need to take into consideration mental health.

  15. As a traumatic brain injury survivor, I have learned that if I neglect my health, I get lost/lose control of my thoughts and my coordination is off, and I get confused alot more. Especially under pressure

  16. Saw your new PSE ntn on dudley's channel , that thing is super cool. Wish that color option was available to the public haha.

  17. In my case, I really regret sacrificing health for work. Can't change what is done, but I sure as hell won't repeat that mistake.

  18. If we don't have any WAR!!!!! THAT S.E.A.L'S. WORK AT A SUPERMARKET OR FAST FOOD PLACE!!!!! NO!!!!! I END UP IN THE HOSPITAL 4 THAT!!!!!!!😫😫!!!!!😫😫😓!!!!!!😓😫😫!!!!!!-!

  19. I wonder if a hotel custodian has ever walked up to Jockos door at rep 197 of burpees and went in to clean when she was stopped in her tracks by hearing:
    heavy breathing
    “Get Some”
    heavy breathing
    “GET some”
    *heavier breathing*
    “GET SOME!”

  20. Spent last summer crossing the country with semi truck drivers for a series of articles for a gun magazine. The truck stop food and endless sitting was brutal. Just now digging myself out of that hole…

  21. Ugh Sacrifice workouts really. Truth in this for me going through pain and injuries. Sucks mentally. Not disabled but not fully healthy in my lower back. Really really sucks

  22. Part of my job is unhealthy no matter what you do, over exposure to sunlight, absestos and silica dust, strenuous heavy lifting, bent over most the day, up high off the ground. From dusk to dawn. It never ends. But it's fun.

  23. I’m #777 like and just a quick street style Kung Fu work out during this pod cast before I hit my (must exit) shitty job.

    Baby sweat is better than no sweat. A baby sweat is a great longevity toner.

    Pair with contrast shower and cold rinse and your off to a good health-multi-level pop up.

  24. Bad advice this time. The question was sacrifice health for short term work objectives, not sacrifice workouts. No job is worth your health. If you have to sacrifice like that for your job, its time to leave.

  25. I work retail and due to short staffing. My go hard days have to be year round. I gotta move the whole 8 hours and work fast to fulfill the companies impossible expectations. I barely get time to scratch my ass

  26. In order for me to make a difference in my community and for my country I actually have to have the education required to be in the positions I need to be in to make a difference so short term suffering justifies the end. What keeps me from going insane from chronic pain and health issues is that I know everything will be alright and that every time and every day I get some small step accomplished towards my degrees is important.

  27. "Sacrifice health for short term objectives…"

    First off, if you do that for the short term, your boss expects and even starts to DEMAND it. I've never known this to not be the case.

    Second, put this in a workout perspective:

    If you push too hard and injure yourself, you're set back as long as it takes to recover, so not only did you not gain progress, you LOST progress.

    Another way to put it: a lot of video games have units in them that you can do an "overcharge" with that let's you get an additional 30% performance out of them for a short time…and for four times that long you get a 50% DECREASE in performance while the unit recovers.

    That's kinda how people work too. People can only take so much burden.

    That being said…almost everyone underperforms what their own personal level of sustainable excellence is.

  28. Im a mechanical engineering student and let me tell you; I know what its like to not have a life for a semester… It's insane, un-natural, and rigorous. Ive heard engineering or nursing programs should be master programs because of all the necessary plan of study pertaining to your degree, which youll eventually get a certification for( P.E., RN ) (unlike say sociology or communications or business etc.), but they haven't yet been established, so I have to go with whats in front of me. I remember every single guy that pledged a fraternity and was also in my freshman year engineering classes, they dropped like flies. Not a single one made it through due to time constraints. I didnt pledge (mixed feelings) but Im farther ahead then they are now but I still think Im not doing it right.
    My mentality was this: Id always say "When I'm finished I'll recover…" or "I'll take care of myself once I graduate." Meals would always be eaten in front of my computer, shits would be taken while at the same time on my phone watching something on youtube on how to do something I was learning. Such pathetic excuses to treat myself like shit when I could have been getting more sleep and living healthier.

  29. I feel a little tinge of pride that I figured out everything that was discussed on my own, took awhile but it means I'm learning on my own.

  30. Science says any night shifts are definitely bad for your health…not cyclical but ongoing…I wish Jocko would get tested more…


  32. There’s a great book literally called “Make Time” by Jake Knapp, definitely worth reading if you feel like you need help with this

  33. I have a 10 month old. Right now she is priority. It's hard to get the runs in but I've recommitted to running 2 miles a day for 5 days a week minimum. It's easy to fall off the wagon but you gotta get the workout in.

  34. This is why I'm about to leave truck driving. After 4 years in I've gained around 20-30lbs. Before that I was a solid 200lbs (at 6'1") and in shape. This shit is going to be a problem later if no action is taken.

    Bout to move outta town and change careers (electrician) this summer. About 2 weeks into the zone diet. I'll be slimmed up by then and ready for the bike n weights. I miss how good it felt to be fit. It's like a glow..

  35. Anyone who says they don't have time to hit the gym is lying to themselves.

    To apply context and backstory, I am a process server and private investigator, in the state of Nevada, also a full time father of two 10 and 12 year old girls (one of whom is deaf/blind). I am in the Process of building a company of my own as well as starting a nonprofit in the Service of Process industry, so needless to say I am a very busy man working 7 days a week (over 9000 man hours in 30 months) and being a full time, single father.

    When I first started this career path a little over two and a half years ago, I was in the middle of beginning my fitness journey. I was an extremely overweight early thirties male. Having already lost 70 lb and seeing great results so far I was determined not to give up on my journey to Becoming healthy. Now fast forward to today, I've lost 170 lbs, put on roughly 25 pounds of lean muscle and I'm healthier now than I have ever been in my life. I've also doubled my income.

    At no point in time, did I sacrifice my health to become successful, nor did I sacrifice time with my children. What I gave up are the things that dont matter, late nights out with my friends, tv, video games and drinking. I focused all of my time on bettering my life and the lives of my children.

    There is always time, the question you have to ask yourself is, what is your priority in life? If all that other b******t is even remotely close to a priority for you, then you need to look in the mirror and reassess your priorities and figure out what actually is important in life.

  36. I've been in the martial arts for a very long time. I've seen some people that are so obsessed with training that they have taken a lot of injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives. and have required surgeries just to help them function at a reasonable level. Nowhere near normal. Hips, shoulders, neck, back, knees, spinal cord, etc. I've had a few broken bones and plenty of superficial scars. Nose, ribs, cheek.shoulder. But that's all healed good enough. I don't consider those bad compared to what I've seen others have. Being a trauma surgeon has been very useful in treating myself at home, lol.

  37. Finally a masculine podcast. Thank God this came to my recommendation. It's like these two guys are my friends.

    Awesome. And i can subscribe them to my Google podcast on the go.

  38. I speak to all the OVER 50's out there! I started in Law Enforcement May 2016 at 50 yrs of age and I will be 54 this March. I have never stepped foot in to a Gym before 2016. I work 12hr shift work and have a 7yr old daughter. I was 5'11" and 165lbs. when I entered the Academy in 2016. I, of course, sustained a couple injuries such as cracked shin bone, pulled hamstring, shoulder and tendon injuries. Pain is part of the process, but determination, education, and diet are of the utmost importance. I have spent a minimum of 300 days a year in the gym since 2017. I am here to tell you that YOU can do this, if I can, I know you can! I am at 195 lbs with a body fat of 12% and feel better than ever. Jocko and Echo, Thank you for what you do, you men are life changers, true, transparent, positive and realistic and literally doing a great service to all of us who listen and apply the knowledge that you share!

  39. Fuck that. Those assholes won’t give a fuck when you get hurt. I injured my finger at work and it works fine it just doesn’t feel like it used to.

  40. I am a student physical therapist and am trying to get after it. I Sacrifice health eg an hour or 2 sleep to get in extra studying. I sleep at 11 and wake up at 5. Any solutions to further getting after it?

  41. There’s a difference between long work hours-not enough time for fitness goals and neglect or laziness obviously
    At the end of the day we are all equal
    Lol everyone has 24 hours in a day
    No excuses 👍

  42. I feel that often short term work objectives and health are a result of poor time management. Though, I've never been busy like Jocko or Echo.

  43. Our workplace has a couple periods where the workforce does a few stretching routines, one in the morning and one after "lunch". It's quite necessary; stacking boxes at a warehouse is a fast job and often deals with heavy containers, so pulling a muscle or two would otherwise be a very present issue.

  44. I heard that the SEAL Teams is training like UFC fighters in the last couple of years. Im just wondering how many hours they train per day or per week.

  45. I had a drill instructor demonstrating the obstacle course hurt his rotator cuff on the first obstacle. He finished the course but had to gimp his way through it and blew out his shoulder in the process but he finished it. His arm was in a sling for about 80 percent of our platoon's 13 week training. He later gave us the PSA on the difference between being hard and stupid. There is a delicate balance between mission accomplishment and troop welfare. The mission has priority, but future missions must be considered. Pyrrhic victories are not victories.

  46. When it comes to workplace injuries it’s never worth it!!These injuries will follow you for the rest of your life depending upon the injury.Ive been there as a Union Ironworker guys trying to be MACHO MAN because they’ve never BEEN THERE OR DONE SHIT except jointing a trade Union.Guys will injure their back,Tear rotator cuffs,get bicep tears,or worse lose a finger!!Its never worth Getting injured in a workplace environment EVER because they don’t & NEVER WILL GIVE 2 FUCKS ABOUT YOU!!!!!

  47. This video by de Botton on London Real, regarding the toxicity of chasing the American dream is relevant.

  48. I can’t be the only one here who would buy a training guidebook developed by Jocko. How valuable Jocko’s experience is. War stories mixed with tough ass characters and how tried – tested and true training methods have been successfully applied or methods of training while nursing an injury. I can go on and on.

  49. Hey Jocko, I know exactly what you need. X3 Bar Portable Gym. Your workout life will never be the same. You would love this setup! You can do bicep curls, squats, deadlifts, chest press, etc IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM(anywhere you are to be accurate).

  50. Almost every place I have ever worked labor will then expect that, work you to "death", then say, "There's the door. We have a stack of people to fill your position."

    In general, yes, full agree. In practice, these businesses shoot themselves in the foot, out of basic human complacency, all the time.

  51. Dont sacrifice for a boss or company though, especially a bad or narcissistic boss or company that expects your health for a job, especially if youre doing it for a narcissists or sociopaths promise for advancement, i feel that jocko underestimates the damage that sociopath and narcissists can do in upper and mid level management and he does this consistently, i would have no issue with anything he says if he prefixed all he said with assuming a healthy workplace with a good boss, but theres a reason like 40 odd percent of people in englands workforce are suffering from mental illness. Prefixes jocko, personal responsibility fair, but prefixes and assumptions.

  52. I have sacrificed my health thousands of times in construction, paint and glue fumes, have inhaled buckets of concrete dust, asbestos, insulation, sheetrock dust, heavy hard labor, etc. I don't have many "things" to show for it, but its very rewarding to know what I've helped build. And it's a miracle I'm still healthy.

  53. Holy misinterpretations ladies and gentlemen. Go read his book "The Dichotomy of Leadership" to learn that there is a balance to all this. You get hurt, take ownership – it was your decision to keep pushing.

    About halfway through, he mentions a good time to call it quits.

  54. I like your example of the investment banker who has to sacrifice for a known goal. Along with that should be this: if you face a situation where you have to sacrifice your physical or mental health, you should ask yourself if it's worth it. If the payoff isn't worth the price, you should look for an exit strategy.

  55. Nutrition over EVERYTHING ! Without that piece nothing makes progress!
    Health is a very broad word . It’s going to be a different outcome for a Person who eats and stays hydrated properly as opposed to eating processed foods , even performing tasks and following the same schedule. Also a person who finds time for exercise 20 mins three days a week is always gonna out perform everybody even when sleep lacks and tasks are extremely hard ! It’s ALL A “CHOICE “

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