Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Scott from and we’re back with the only two exercises you need for muscle growth series And today we’re going to cover shoulders now if you missed any of my previous videos in this series just Download my app Muscular Strength and search only and all the articles complete with photos and videos will pop up. So shoulders, well Believe it or not guys, most lifters don’t really understand the anatomy and functions of their shoulder muscles and as a result They don’t understand how to properly target them for growth They pick way too many exercises for such a small muscle group and end up getting nowhere fast Also, keep in mind that with too many exercise variations You’ll end up frying your shoulders and reducing their Contribution to lift the max weight possible on your next chest back or arm days and the truth is you only need two exercises to train your delts properly and this isn’t Minimalistic training guys. This is training simple The first exercise is the barbell shoulder press and you’re gonna do six sets of six to eight repetitions And you’re only resting about 90 to 120 seconds in between each set And the reason why you’re doing a barbell Press rather than a dumbbell press is because you’ll be able to handle a lot more weight without having to worry about Balancing and stabilizing the weight. This will also allow us to take full advantage of mechanical tension And as you guys know you should always be pushing yourselves to lift more weight But there are some key components you need to focus on to ensure you’re doing the exercise properly Number one use a shoulder width grip you don’t need to go super wide with this guys Just grab the bar with a shoulder width grip or slightly wider and then you’re good to go this way You’ll be able to use more of your triceps without straining your wrists or even worse your shoulder joints number two Perform a full range of motion repetition and guys The range begins with the barbell touching your upper chest and it ends with your elbows locked out at the top Your shoulders are elevated and then you push through your arms with your head that’s proper full range of motion And number three do not bounce the weight on your chest instead guys briefly touch your chest and then explode up with maximum force and Repeat on all your repetitions and another great thing about the barbell Is that when you start to fatigue You can crank out a few more reps by utilizing a push press you will essentially be skipping the concentric phase of the movement But still focus on controlling the negative So don’t be afraid to add a bit more weight on your last set Just utilize the push press if you get stuck on rep six, but want to finish with the strong eight repetitions Now before we get to the next exercise if you’ve been enjoying this series, let me know by Smashing that like button and if you want to be sure not to miss any more content from me subscribe and click that notification bell alright So the second exercise is the dumbbell reverse fly and now you’re doing six to seven sets of 10 to 15 repetitions And you’re only taking about a 30 to 60 second rest in between each set now although the basic barbell Press will target all three deltoids front middle and rear you do want to add a bit more focus on the often neglected rear delts and with a shorter rest period we’ll be tapping into the muscle building mechanism Metabolic stress and here are some key components that you need to keep in mind while performing this movement number one Do not rush the repetitions unlike the barbell Press the reverse dumbbell fly is a precision movement If you simply rush through the reps, you will never feel your rear delts activate and all will be for nothing So pay attention to proper form number two focus on a brief hold at the top of the repetition And guys use a similar tempo as before start with the dumbbells hanging beneath your chest Explosively lift the dumbbells to your sides and then try to do a brief hold at the top and then slowly return to the starting Position and repeat and number three do not engage the upper traps Have someone film you while you do these guys If you’re raising your shoulders or shrugging while performing the reverse fly, then you’re activating too much of your upper traps Therefore the focus is deducted from the rear And displace onto the larger and more powerful Trap muscles a quick trick though that you can utilize to help you isolate Your rear delts more is to rest your forehead on a bench with your upper body almost parallel to the floor Once in place start performing reps still utilizing the three tips I just mentioned however the big difference this time is that you don’t have to worry so much about Core control and you can focus a bit more on the movement be sure to give this workout a try and if you want to combine it with back chest or arms that’d work out great and If your shoulders are a lagging body part you can even hit them one more time a week after a Hardcore leg day for a double weekly workout session guys when you train smart you will quickly see that you’ll have more options To switch up your workouts And if you’re in need of a new workout program Be sure to check out my program select a tool during the end screens and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys. Hey guys, if you missed the last video in this series, you can check out the entire playlist by clicking here But I definitely recommend downloading the Muscular Strength app for easier access to all my videos and programs But if you’re not sure which of my programs is best for you, just click on the program select a tool below. See ya

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  2. 0:01 that gorilla has the exact same face as armored gorilla from one punch man but with a brownish fur tone.

  3. Ugh thank u for making my life so easy! Rather than watching a milion videos these save so much time..
    Im trying the chest and shoulder workout of yours today

  4. Perhaps you could re-do a video on correct form for the OHP. You're not supposed to let the barbell move back past your centre of gravity (ie. arms past vertical)

  5. I miss the old Scott Herman who use to always wear his blue signature shorts and didn’t have that super fake

  6. Hey Scott,

    With the push press, are there any concerns for knee injuries there?

    Also, in your experience, is it more productive to start heavy and decrease as needed, or to start light and get heavier (assuming that the muscles are adequately warmed up)?

  7. Front Delts are hit by every pressing exercise (bench, incline ect) rear Delts are hit by pretty much every back exercise. So technically the only shoulder exercise you need is side laterals for your medial Delts, and you need plenty of them because they don't get hit very hard by pressing.

  8. I like dumbell or machine press way more than the barbel press for shoulders :/ Works a lot better for me also.

  9. guys dont copy his shoulder press form plz(look at him he looks like he's on cocaine). And dont do SIX sets if your a beginner 3-4 sets max.

  10. Isnt locking out like that when doing the barbell shoulder press dangerous? Especially when getting to higher weights?

  11. The video is great but I'm not 100% sure about the second exercise. While it is a great exercise, I don't entirely agree that you need to do it. What I'm implying on, is that on your back day your rear delts get to do a lot of work. A quick modify on lat pull-downs would prove very effective for your rear delts. I'd definitely switch it to lateral raises in a shoulder workout, because your middle delts don't get that much stimulation from either your chest or back workout.

  12. Bruuuuuuh… us natty warriors need more focus on the medial deltoid to get that roided out capped look we all desire. Front delt gets enough love from bench press etc. I've recently been experimenting with the arnold shoulder press, that really sets the whole delt, especially the medial one, on fire.

  13. This is personal preference. I do dumbell shoulder press and lateral dumbell raises, and my my shoulders are by far my best developed muscle group.

  14. Guys I have a huge respect for this guy but don't do these exercises at least not the way he showes them. It is not safe and when you push all the way up you are basically taking away the muscle stress which leads to lower gains. Your goal is to have your muscles under the tention all the time and control the weight so stop right before your the very full extension while doing this movement.

  15. Hey Scott thanks for this video, please accept google play money as payment over your app so that we can buy your program, I'm unable to purchase it because in India most people don't use credit card. Hope you will do something about it.

  16. I have never …ever ..heard that you are suppose to LOCK OUT your elbows @2:03 are you sure?.. care to comment on that?

  17. Hi Scott, what about using machine shoulder press? You still need a little balance on a barbell. With machine, you can eliminate worries of balancing right?

  18. Dude! I don't know what you're barking about but I've seen guys at the gym with massive shoulders and the bar have never ever drop below the eyebrows…

  19. The best feeling ever = looking in the mirror after doing reverse flys and seeing two cannonballs attached to my torso

  20. I experience a little discomfort when I'm using a barbell for the overhead press, so ive shifted to using dumbbells where i feel much safer and have no pain.

  21. Dumbbell reverse Fly hey buddy those are outdated
    Face pulls over that shit you did
    And rears delta you actually want to pull yours away not flying to really activate another YOUTUBE coach 🙄

  22. great video but the problem with the barbell press is positioning of body when barbell to push to the top and the hands go behind your shoulders. this leads to extremem stress on lower spine and will inevitably lead to a slipped/herniated disc. at top of lift barbell should be slightly forward but almost straight up without arching your back. your initial technique forces too much strain on spine

  23. standing press is best, i do side lateral but not 6 sets that is too much, conscider if you do bench press, incline press etc shoulder get hit way too much

  24. If u want round and ripped shoulder like the size of Mia Khalifa titties. U need some juice man.

  25. Hi Scott! Maybe this is too late to comment and you've moved on to another video to answer but I can always try. I know you always say ''train smarter not harder'' or something like that, my memory sucks. I have a hard time with this. I'm at the gym for like 2 hours, especially on the day I do shoulders, triceps and chest. Any general tip? So these exercises hit all three heads of the shoulders? So if I do these two exercises, then it's the chest and then it's the triceps. You've definitely answered this but I just recently started working out so I've just started watching your vids ( love them btw) how many exercises is too much in one day? I guess since you do these vids, more than 6?

  26. But seriously, I'ma try that thing with the head resting on the bench. Quit doing reverse flyes long time ago due to the trap engagement ya covered.

    Thanks, Chief.

  27. If you incorporate this into push/pull/legs split? Would you still do this many sets? This question actually applies to your other "only two" videos as well? Love this series by the way.

  28. Your all a bunch fools, ohp will fuck your shoulders up, it's an unnatural movement and you guys want to load weight onto it, and even more of a fool to take advice from a guy who's shoulders look like shit,

  29. what about just shoulder presses and facepulls? and add some delt stretch exercises for that DEEEEEEEEPPPPPP STRETCHHHHH

  30. Nah. This dude is trying to keep y’all small don’t listen to him. You wanna fuckin destroy your front, side, and rear delts this dude doesn’t even have big shoulders lmao

  31. His shoulder press is exactly what I was taught not to do all.these years by multiple trainers. Bring it behind the head like that, shoulder injury eventually.will come

  32. I completely disagree with this. With all due respect, while this guy has a overall great body his shoulders are lacking and are not at all impressive, imo. Hell, i'm thinner than this guy but i have better looking and bigger shoulders than he does. If you want good boulder shoulders you need to be doing more than 2 exercises for them and be doing them with better form and more controlled.

  33. I personally found that doing a "row" like motion towards my chest (kinda like a facepull rather than to target the lats) I feel the rear delt more than the reverse fly idk just thought I'd put it here

  34. Love this thanks Scott, never sure what to do with shoulders. Would the rear delt fly machine work instead of dumbbells if you're more confident with that? I'm smashing this tomorrow with arms and 20 minutes of hiit on the treadmill!

  35. I can handle quite a bit more weight with seated dumbbell shoulder press…always been that way. I'm really tall with long limbs so I'm not crazy strong, but usually end up using the 90's for my working sets 8-12 rep range depending on how I'm feeling. That weight on a barbell feels insanely heavy for overhead press though. I'm sure it just comes down to a comfort kind of thing. Idk.

  36. Hi Scott, big fan! If I'm unable to use a barbell for shoulder press, can I use a machine similar to your Cybex video? Any major benefits lost?

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