Signature Chidoriya Japanese Facial at Chi Yu Wellness Centre

Hello, I’m Mami Tsang, I’m the owner of
chi yu wellness centre and complementary therapy practitioner. In this video I am going to introduce Chidoriya Japanese Facial, which is our signature facial. Inspired by time-old geisha beauty ritual
this exclusive facial uses Chidoriya’s skin care range from Japan. It nourishes your skin, improves skin texture, minimises ageing process and promotes skin repair. Founded in Kyoto, Chidoriya products contains natural ingredients, such as camellia oil, green tea, rice bran and silk. These ingredients have been traditionally
used for skin care in Japan for centuries. This facial includes deeply relaxing acupressure massage and jade stones massage. We also uses a bespoke facial oil and a masque that are tailored to your skin type. Our original Chidoriya facial will last 60
minutes. If you have a specific concern for your skin, we recommend one of two specially tailored Chidoriya facials, which will last for 75 minutes or 90 minutes. For the combination to oily skin type, we
recommend Chidoriya Maiko Adzuki Bean Radiant Facial. For dry, sensitive or mature skin, Geiko pure silk cocoon and rice bran facial will be the perfect choice. If you would like to experience a unique and traditional Japanese facial, you will enjoy our Chidoriya facial!

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