Simple Weekly Meal Prep – 20 Plus Healthy Meals With Snacks

36 thoughts on “Simple Weekly Meal Prep – 20 Plus Healthy Meals With Snacks

  1. Just started watching….and have been binge watching! I have to say i love everything u do even if i dont like some of the food choices i am still into the videos lol u make the food look so good lol good job!

  2. I just started binge watching your videos. I love them!!!!! This week I'm going to start my journey of meal prep. Hopefully it goes well.. Looking forward to seeing more videos. 😃

  3. this much burned chicken you will be cancer also 100 gr chicken breast has 60 gr colestrol so after 40 you fucked

  4. just getting into this "meal prepping" as I don't have time to cook or eat healthy, it causes me to eat like a slob and I wish to stop that and start cutting off this weight, so far all of your videos are very informational and appreciated.

  5. A quick question, after cooking like your meets and normal food, if you are refrigerating wouldn't the food go off and soil surely if you are leaving for 5 days etc? how does freezing work etc

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