Six Pack Bavamaridi Ft. Krish Health & Fitness || EP 18 || F2 || Funny Family || The Mix By Wirally

‘Hey, you! You’re still asleep?
You didn’t go to college yet?’ I’m in college, brother.
You got a doubt? Not now, bro. Ask the professor. My friend wants me to clarify a doubt.
– ‘Oh! So, you’re in the college?’ ‘I put Rs. 2,000 in the cupboard.
I thought you’d need it.’ – Really? There is nothing here. You wanted to cheat me?
– ‘You said you’re in the college.’ – You said you put 2K. ‘Shut up, idiot! It is 10 in the morning
and you’re still asleep? That is why I’m sending someone over.’ Who is that someone?
– ‘He is the personification of discipline.’ ‘He is like kindness walking around in a trouser and a shirt.’
– Won’t kindness wear underwear, brother? – ‘Shut up!’ ‘He is your sister-in-law’s aunt’s brother’s son.’
– Okay. So, he is my brother in relation. ‘He is your brother-in-law in relation, you idiot.
You don’t even know relationships.’ ‘He’ll stay with you for 4 days. Be a good host.’
– Yeah, fine. My brother said he is disciplined and kind.
That means he must be a skinny nerd. I was getting bored staying alone.
Now, I’ll play around with that nerd. It must be that nerd.
I’m coming. Maybe I became an overnight Tik-Tok star!
Here is my personal body guard. Your brother told me you look like a hero.
But you look like a joker. My brother told you?
Is he that nerd? Brother-in-law, come in! What for are you standing there? Come on.
– I can’t. I’ve become totally immobile. You seem so weak, brother-in-law.
Don’t worry. I’ll make you tough. So, this is your room?
– Yeah, and so is this bed. You sleep on the floor. Alright. Tell me about your daily schedule.
– Nothing much. I wake up early in the morning, around 10AM.
Then I have my breakfast and then eat some more. Since my brother and his wife
aren’t home, I’ll booze at home. If you keep eating and boozing,
your body will start bloating Since, I’m here, I’ll set you right.
You’ve no idea what is in store for you. I’ve heard many people say this.
– And I’ll do it and show this. ‘So, he arrived? He wants you to start gyming?
If you don’t do as he says, he’ll gym with your body.’ Wake up, brother-in-law. Good morning.
– I wished you a good night just a while ago. Wake up! It is 7AM. It is only 7AM. We’ll go jogging around 10AM.
– As it is day 1, I’m letting you wake up at 7AM. From tomorrow, we’ll go jogging by 5AM.
– Why? You want the stray dogs to run after you? Now get up already!
– Yeah, fine! Let’s go jogging. Why did you stop?
– We jogged for a kilometer. That’s a lot. Now let’s go. Let’s jog a little more.
– How much more? – Nine more kilometers. – What! I think we’re lost.
We should go home, but this is not home. No, we aren’t lost. Let’s gym.
– What about all that jogging? – That was warm up. Let’s pack up. – What do you mean?
– I’ll be dead if I gym now. There are tyres, but where is the tractor?
– For the time being, you are the tractor. Who lifts tyres?
– Come on! 50 more to go. Come on, Sunny!
You can do it! Faster. You think it is that easy to push you?
– Faster, Sunny. Come on. Guys, someone help me push him.
– Faster, Sunny. Where is this guy? Sunny!
– I’m right here. I like this swing. This is not a swing.
Turn around to use this equipment. If you do this well, it’ll help grow your abs.
Come on, keep your back straight. Watch and see how to do this. Now you do this. I’m not married yet, neither did I ever have a girlfriend.
Are you sure doing this won’t cause any problems? Don’t worry, I’m there for you!
– No! You shouldn’t be there for me. – Oh, shut up! I like that equipment.
Let me try that out. Someone, put that bottle in my hands.
– You’re so tired that you can’t even lift the bottle? Why did you want to booze all of a sudden?
Also, what happened to you? My brother-in-law is here.
– You guys are boozing without inviting me? What! You booze too? This is the only healthy thing
you’ve said since morning. Guys, give him a bottle too. No, thank you. I’ve got mine.
– When did you go to the liquor store? I’ve got my protein shake.
– I guessed it. I knew it. Since, when have you been boozing, bro?
– For about 5 years. How many times do you booze in a month?
– As many days that month has. Going by your body condition,
40% of your liver must’ve got damaged. Then what about me?
– You might get a cardiac arrest even today. What should I do then?
– First, you need to quit that. There are so many health and fitness related videos
in my channel. You can find all answers there. I need a broad chest.
– I need huge biceps. – And I need a sweet paan. I invited you guys to booze with me,
not to talk fitness, so better stick to that. Come to the gym with me.
I’ll train you guys personally. Bro, hereon, I’m quitting booze.
– What! – So am I! – You too, Brute? We need to go to gym early in the morning. So, bye!
– Guys! Please, you are my friends! Ever since my brother-in-law arrived,
my body is only aching. Wonder when he’ll leave. I’ve a bad news, brother-in-law.
– What is it? – I’ve got transferred to Bangalore. How can you leave me and go? With your help,
I though of getting six packs and cracking UPSC. Please, stay back. Please!
– I can understand you, but I need to leave. I’m leaving.
– Brother-in-law, I miss you! God, now I’m convinced you exist
for you drove him away in a day. That must be the chicken biryani I ordered. Did you forget your hanky or anything? No. I’ve been reassigned to Hyderabad.
So, I’ll help you realise your dream of having 6 packs. Not just you, I’ll even help your brother
get a 6 pack within 6 months. I hope you liked this video.
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