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Donna: Is there anybody here who is kind of
skeptical and who needs to be shown? Carol: Me. Donna: Are you? Okay, come on up. We are so electromagnetic that I don’t need
a compass to find out which is the north and south side of a magnet. I can find it out on you. Carol: Okay. Donna: Okay? And you hold your arm real strong, real strong. What’s your name? Carol: Carol. Donna: Carol. Carol, okay, now you agree first? Yes, you’re strong. Carol: I’m strong. Donna: I’m gonna take this magnet. This is just a little RadioShack magnet. It’s not strong. It’s not a powerful magnet, but I love this
strength because it won’t hurt you. You know, every time you use a magnet, if
you use magnet for healing in any way, it moves your energy. So you don’t want anything super strong. You want something just enough to move your
energy. But I’m gonna put it above your ear there
and hold. That’s the north side of the magnet because
the north side pulls energy out of the extremities. I turn it over and there’s the south side,
and that’s human beings. I mean, that’s how we are. I just turned it over to the north side. Do you believe? Carol: I believe. Donna: Okay. I’ll do something more to you. Carol: Okay. Donna: Okay. But that’s a real valuable thing to get. That’s just how electromagnetic we are. I mean, it’s amazing. And… Man: You usually think of the body as being
mostly water and flesh and you don’t think of it…you know, magnets are for horseshoes,
not for bodies because the magnet won’t stick to your body, but you have so much. Every cell is a little battery. Every cell has a positive and negative side,
so that a magnet affects us and it actually sends energy through our electromagnetic pathway,
through our meridians to have a magnet. So that little exercise or demonstration is
very important for understanding how having the north side…what the north side does
is, it’s not that it was bad for you. It’s the side that made you weak. What it does is it pulls energy towards it. So it pulls energy out and there’s times when
that’s really valuable clinically. Like, when there’s pain, there’s too much
energy has accumulated. So you put the north side of the magnet there. It will take that energy away, reduce the
pain, and let the body heal. Whereas the south side disperses energy. So that’s why it made you strong. But there are times when you don’t want that. Like, if there is something wrong, like, if
someone has a tumor, you don’t want to give that tumor more energy. So there’s a science to how to use magnets. So that’s… Can I say one other thing? Donna: Oh, go ahead. Man: Which is that in the brain, there’s what
is called magnetite, which are these little molecule-size magnets essentially. And some animals have a higher concentration
than humans and it’s believed that is why they have better sense of direction. So guess what animal has the absolute highest
concentration of magnetite in their brain. Homing pigeons. Okay. That’s how they navigate through that. Some people have fairly good senses of directions
and the belief is that they have more magnetite. Some of us who wound up on the Pacific Ocean
and said the bait on that was good. Donna: He’s really bad at it. Okay, okay. Let me just look at you for a second. Okay. So you’ve got some really nice energy, but
I’m gonna show you something. You hold your arm real strong. She’s real strong in a whole lot of places. I can touch her here. She’s fine. I can touch her here. She’s fine. I can touch her here. You’re fine. Now, I’m gonna touch you some places and you
hold with all your might. You don’t let me do this. But I’m just gonna use one finger. Okay? Carol: Was that my thyroid? Donna: Well, as it moves back, the energy
from your thyroid moves over to there. Carol: Okay, okay. Donna: Yes. And then at your elbow, and at your wrist,
and at your waist, and at your knee, and at your ankle. Carol: Okay. Donna: Okay. Now, I promise you, there’s lots of places
you’re strong, but those places, they’re actually, most of them were near a joint or something,
something that would bend. And so what I was looking at just to see where
your energy was getting stuck. This is a great exercise just to let energy
go. And this is really a prevention for arthritis,
or if you’re just feeling stagnant and your energy isn’t flowing, this is really good. Or if you’re just starting to feel sick or
just starting to get the flu or just starting to get a cold, if you do this fast, you could
probably nip it in the bud and not get it at all because it makes the energy move out
of your body. So I’m gonna make everyone, or ask, I’m gonna
ask everyone to stand up. Okay. Okay. We’re gonna face them and you’re gonna lead
them. Okay? Carol: Okay. Donna: Rub your hands together and shake them
off. And put your hands on your thighs and take
a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now, have your arms come around like this
in a kind of prayerful position. Now you’re gonna stretch up to the heavens
and down to the earth with one arm up, one arm down, flatten them, look up, hold your
breath, go. And the other one down. The other one, yep. And then let your breath out and come back
down and up the other way. [00:06:10]
[Silence] [00:06:27] And this time, when you let your breath out,
you’re just going to bend over and hang and do two deep breaths here. And then just roll the energy all the way
up your body and reach up as high as you can, and then let your arms down slowly. Da-da [SP]. Okay, you guys can sit down and let me just
check you out now. So we’re gonna check those places that I touched
before where she lost energy. So now, next to your neck, and your elbow,
and your wrist, and your waist, and your knee, and your ankle, healed. So again, if you’ve got stagnant energy, if
you find that you just can’t get your energy moving, that’s a great one to do. Carol: Great. Donna: All right. Thank you.

34 thoughts on “Skeptical Of Energy Medicine? This May Change Your Mind | Donna Eden

  1. just watched the video and NOPE, still skeptical because they clearly look like a pair of dimwits who talk and talk with no proof. Just moving her arms and she tells "this is North?" what kind of crap was that!?
    I have deep respect for the exposees in this Academy, but this really was a SHAME!

  2. I am still awaiting Donna Eden and her husband to come to Oklahoma (or even to Arkansas for a workshop thats based in like a eureka springs/HotSprings area. What a wonderful time to learn in a place where we can learn grand scale hands on in a spa natural environment and possibly go dig for crystals or so much more (visit the elephants sanctuary in Oklahoma) all would be a compliment to the wisdom shared. I will be learning from you (I see it I feel it I know it to be true!)
    A fan of your wisdom love and in gratitude I say thank you for the work you do!
    Katie Jo Boydston

  3. This really worries me as I have been sleeping on a north facing powerful bed from Magnetico, which is supposed to be very healing for 10 years, while I have Cancer.

  4. You lot are fucking monsters offering placebic ideologies to people genuinely suffering from terminal illnesses and profound loss. You only need look into the dough eyed members of this or any other "energy" workshop to see the truth of my statement.

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  6. πŸ‘πŸŒΊπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œThe Problem,Dana was not very sure!!Way asking do you believe??Someone ho does not know!Most people don’t believe anything they can’t see!!Kinesiology works,we jest don’t understand it!!What a great Way to fix the Energy flow??Its also Qigong, Some 1000 off Years Old Wisdom.πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ™ Jest feel it and you know it works,if you feel better!

  7. Seriously…. Who swallows this horse shit? Snake oil salesmen preying on gullible people's fears and frailty. I'd love to see these two ass clowns on a debating panel with Christopher Hitchens or James Randi. Pish.

  8. These people are straight out quacks. That's not how magnets work, it's not how energy works, it's not how the brain works, it's not how cancer works. "Energy" cannot get "stuck" and illness has nothing to do with "energy" as they mean it. These people are liars and frauds who know they are peddling bullshit for profit.

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