3 thoughts on “SmartLink from Octane Fitness, Making Home Fitness Easier and More Effective

  1. Applify your next #workout with SmartLink! The app, which syncs to your xi console, provides personal fitness tracking, visual feedback and motivation; plus dynamic workouts and video-guided exercises. Check out the video & learn more at www.octanefitness.com/home/smartlink

  2. Applify your workouts with personal fitness tracking, 30- 60- and 90-day workout programs, video guided exercises, and more on the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness! #homeworkouts   #workouttips   #fitnesstips  

  3. I'm very interested in your elipticals and would like to buy one, but I don't understand for the life of me why you would support Apple and not Android. When are you going to get Android support? I keep seeing posts from 1, 2 or more years ago that say it will be in a few months, but I can't find support anywhere. Do you have a firm date or at least an approximation? I'm OK with missed deadlines. That happens, but some information on when it will likely be here with updates if there are delays would at least show commitment on your part. Common on Octane… Let us know please.

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