Speaking about physical appearance in English – Spoken English Lesson

Hi friends! Welcome back and thanks for clicking.
Well, I am Niharika and I have a great news for you. My cousin is getting married! She
called me last night and she said that she has found her prince charming and she’s
getting married, so I was like Wow! Could you send me a picture and she said sorry I
don’t have a picture. So I was like, how does he look like? And she’s like, well
she had no words. So that brings me here to do a lesson. Well, in English we have lot
of words to describe physical appearances of people. And that’s what we are gonna
look at, so this lesson is for my cousin and of course for all my students out there. Now the very first thing that we noticed is of course the physical appearance of a person.
And if we have to describe it to someone, How are we gonna do that? Well, let’s begin
with the height. Now you’re gonna tell someone you know that, how tall he is or how short
he is , so you’re gonna have three words, if he’s short then you’re gonna say, he’s
really short and average. Average can be used for someone, who has medium height. Medium
height or he’s just normal, not too short, not very tall. So either you can use, he’s
average or you can say medium height, and then you have tall, he’s really tall. So
if you’re describing someone and that person is really tall, just use the word tall. Then
we talk about the build. Now build is basically you talk about the body weight. So now what
are the words that you’re gonna use? Well, for the girls. If the girl is extremely thin,
you’re gonna say she’s very skinny. Now skinny is a negative word. The girls are not
gonna like it, if you are gonna say skinny, so that’s a negative term. You can say you
look thin or you are slim, slim is like okay the girl has nice perfect figure. So you can
use the word slim or slender. So three words skinny a little more negative, slim and slender
are just perfect words for the girls who are thin. And what about the people who are a
little fat? What are the words that you can use? You can use the word plump, she’s a
little plump or he’s a little plump, chubby, if you are fat then you have fat everywhere,
so you are chubby, like your face is really full and you can say chubby. Obese is a term
used for very fat people, so that’s obese and then you have stout. Now stout is used
for someone who is short and fat. So if i have to describe someone, who is a little
short and fat, I’m gonna say, Oh he’s a little stout. That’s the word that you
can use, just write it for you, short and fat. So you can use the words plump, chubby,
obese, but don’t just directly say he’s fat, he’s really fat. That’s gonna be
mean, so don’t use that word. Now let’s move to the complexion, now of course when
you’re describing peoples appearances, you are gonna talk about the complexion as well.
So whitish, well I am whitish. Well, most of the Asians are whitish, so whitish is a
better word for brown, like usually people say she’s a brown or he’s a brown. But
a better word is whitish. Tanned, now tanned can be color of your skin, when you get tanned,
when you go out in the sun, you get tanned or if you are using the tanning machine then
you get tanned. So that’s tanned. Dark skinned is when you’re a little black, but do not
use the word black that’s mean. It’s not the right word to use, so you can use the
word, he’s a little dark skinned or he’s white. So most of the Americans, Europeans
are whites. So you can use the word white. Then let’s move to hair. Now how do you
describe someone’s hair? We have three categories under that, you talk about the length, you
talk about the style and you talk about the color. So let’s look at the words that you
can use. Someone who has no hair, he’s a baldy. Baldy is a slang term, but you can
use the word bald. So he’s bald because he or she has no hair. The next one short,
now if someone has really short hair, then you’re gonna say that she has short hair.
Shoulder length, so shoulder length is medium length, so mine is kind of shoulder length
hair. And then its long, well she’s got real long hair. So long is when you have like
real pretty long hair. I wish I had long hair, unfortunately I don’t, but yes this is one
of the type of hair. Now in English please make sure you just say hair. Many people make
a mistake by saying hairs, that’s completely incorrect. It’s just gonna be hair. Now
let’s look at the style, so some girls or even men, they have straight hair. Which are
like straight, like mine are straight, mine are little wavy and straight. Then wavy is
you know something like mine. Well, I’m sorry, I’m confused. Well, mine are kind
of straight and wavy. So wavy are not tight curls, but you know loose curls, that’s
wavy and curly is you know someone who has real tight curly hair, that’s the style
of hair. And then the color of hair, now blonde one of the color type. There are number of
hair colors, but I’ve just taken the most common ones here. We have blonde, we have
red head,so red head is a term used for women, who have red color hair, she’s a redhead.
Grey is you know the salt pepper look or someone whose aging, they have grey hair. And then
you’ve got brunette, she’s a brunette or he’s a brunette. Brunette is a term used
for someone who has brown hair. So that’s the term that you can use rather than just
saying the color of her hair is brown. You can say she is brunette. So these are some
words that will help you to describe the physical appearance of a person. And now let’s have
a look at some more words. Now let’s have a look at eyes. Well, how would you describe
someone’s eyes? Of course you’re gonna talk about the color. Now color we have people
who have blue colored eyes, people who have grey colored eyes, brown and even green. That’s
a beautiful color; I wish I had green colored eyes. And I think women who have green or
blue color eyes, they look so pretty. So you can talk about the color of the eyes, now
do not say she has a black eye. Black eye is an expression that is used, when someone
is punched in his eye, so your eye turns black. It’s like a wound on your eye, so that’s
a punched eye. Well, that punched eye is called as a black eye. So don’t say she has a black
eye, just say the color of her eyes are black, you can use that , so talk about the color,
then talk about whether they are big, they are small or they are tiny, you can talk about
the size of the eyes. And then we have a term called squint, so squint is used for a person
whose eyes are not aligned. So basically they do not look at the same direction. So one
eye would be over here and the other eye, the direction of the eye would be here. So
it doesn’t go in the same direction, people who have these kind of eyes, well they are
squint. Then we have facial features, so we spoke about eyes, we spoke about height, built
and everything. Now let’s look at facial features. So for men if they have beard, that’s
their facial hair. Then it’s called as beard, we have mustache. Now mustache is facial hair
above your lip, that’s mustache. Then we have pimples. Well, pimples are those ugly
red marks, they just pop out of nowhere. Even men have pimples and even women. And especially
for teenagers it’s a big problem. So that woman has too many pimples on her face, so
pimples are those red pop ups on your face. Now we have mole, mole is a black mark. Well,
many people call it as a beauty mark as well, but the right term is the mole. Mole is like
a black mark, you can get anywhere in the body, not necessarily on the face, but yes
that black mark is called a mole. And then you have dimples. Well, dimples I think it
looks really cute, especially on women. Now dimples is a small depression in the flesh.
Many people have it either on the cheek or on the chin, and as I said, I think that it
kind of looks really cute. So these are the words that you can use to describe a person’s
physical appearance. The next time you are trying to do that, I hope you will not fall
short of words. Hope this lesson is helpful to you; I’ll be back with a new lesson.
Till then take care.

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