State Health Department: Unlike restaurants, farms not required to have basic sanitation equipment

YOU MAY HAVE A HARDER TIME FINDING “OGO” AND STOP SELLING ITS PRODUCTS BECAUSE OF A SALMONELLA OUTBREAK. ALSO KNOWN AS OLA-KAI HAWAII — FOUND SALMONELLA BACTERIA IN THE FARM’S PACKING AND — BUT AFTER THESE NEW FINDINGS — THE FARM WAS OVERSEEING THE SANITATION AT FARMS. JOE, BECAUSE OF THE PUBLIC TO STEP IN. CONTROLS SANITATION ON FARMS IN THE STATE OF HAWAII. by salmonella. in food safety system farms like this one or lettuce farmers any type of produce or fruit farmers they typically do not require permits from DOH to operate Unlike restaurants, the health department says farms on the they’re not required to have these things so theres nothing to dock them for nothing we can fine them for cause theres no rules or regulations that farmers must have hand sinks thats not required at any farm interacting with the food product. if you’re eating something that’s raw it’s very very 2:31 short of cooking if you have an infected product it’s really difficult to find the transmission2:39 The department of health made recommendations to the to make changes. And even then, it’s all about finding the source. And until that time, none of the farms products SO FAR, 14 PEOPLE ON OAHU GOT SICK WITH 11 AND WASHINGTON STATE. IT IS CLEARED OF SALMONELLA AND FREE TO RE OPEN. ALEXANDER ZANNES KHON 2 NEWS.

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